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Avatar n tn sometimes when you sneeze you accidently spray some out and that goes into the air. after few seconds you'll be able to smell something smelly. I've experienced that when i sneezed in the car and lots of droplets from my sneeze went everywhere inside the car.
Avatar n tn when ever I sneeze bad smell come out of my nose.Even my mucuse is also have bad smell(smell like puss) I have swelling in my eyes and also have infection in my eyes.
4430052 tn?1355006842 Almost every time I sneeze I leak out very white goo from my vagina, and its not just a little but a lot. On top of that when this happens, my sides hurt and my cervix feels like its being poke with needles. Its just when I sneeze. I know some discharge is normal, however I'm wondering if being that there is often a lot and it hurts if that's normal. If I don't sneeze, there is no discharge, and I don't hurt. Also there is a mild smell to it.
Avatar m tn After i sneeze, there is a musty smell. My wife can also smell it. I've read that it could be a yeast infection. If it is a yeast infection could that also be the root cause of some muscle cramping i've been experiensing in my knees and ankles/feet.
Avatar n tn It's definitely not environmental. I thought that was it at first, but it has since happened at times when it wouldn't make any sense to be environmental.
Avatar f tn The only thing that really works is a FlipTurn Sinus Flush, but there's no way I'd recommend it this soon after surgery. The smell will probably go away on its own, keep in touch with your doctor.
Avatar n tn I do have red eyes when I can't sneeze. One of my nostrils is irritated has been irritated for few weeks after sneezing so many times and I can see the red veins. Is my the bad smell coming from my nose an effect of tonsilitis or is it sinus problems and nose infection?
Avatar m tn But when I smell myself, honestly all I smell is the deodorant that I put on, I don't smell anything foul or offensive on me I also smelled my cloths after I come home from work and they smell fine, usually a faint fabric softener smell, or the armpits area smell like deodorant. I mention this because I've seen posts by other people where they themselves actually smelled the offensive odor on themselves, but I don't which leaves me even more confused to what gong on.
Avatar n tn I have a moth ball type smell in my nose when I bend over. Especially when I raise up after bending over.
Avatar n tn For some reason if I sneeze hard the smell and tastecomes and it doesn't go away till I go to sleep and wake up in the morning. Sometimes all it take is about 1 hour of sleep to make it go away. I also get stuffy at night and in the morning. It's the same fowl odor and taste. It like everyone's description or sometimes it smells like tilex in a shower. I can't drink coffee at all when this happens as it taste like chemicals.
Avatar m tn Every so often, usually after a sneeze or a sniff, I get a foul smell in my nose that only I can smell. It's hard to describe. It's a combination of many bad smells put together. It makes me not want to eat, because it's not even worth eating anything for the enjoyment of food. (It would probably be good for someone trying to lose weight). :-) I tried to pinpoint the cause, but I haven't been successful. It's usually gone after a night's sleep. A nap doesn't always do the trick.
Avatar n tn A little over year ago I started developing a bad smell/taste in my mouth that was induced my snorting (when my throat and nose was itchy) wouldnt last very long. but I noticed that after about a few months later I would get them randomly like if i sneezed or breathed in/out really hard. it would last for hours or unless I lied down on my right side (the affecting nose was my right nose). however, my left side also has had the same occurences. This occured a few times a month.
Avatar f tn I explain below why I think this makes us smell. People smell like us after they have eaten too much gas causing food like beans or sprouts. Having too much air in your digestive tract is causing excessive fermentation\digestion of the faecal matter and you begin to give off an odour. You smell all the time but are not farting all the time. If you've ever smelt rotten egg gas you would know you only need a tiny bit and it stinks.
407149 tn?1211736107 I am pretty healthy, not on any medications, although have had gum surgery about a month ago. Shortly after the surgery, I noticed the smell. I took 1-1/2 Vicadin the day after the surgery, but that is it. Not sure if that is related. I smell this sickening gasoline odor everywhere, when I breathe in,'s in my throat and gives me a constant low-grade headache as well as a slight constant stomach ache that just doesn't seem to go away; No one else smells it except me.
Avatar n tn Hi, Do you mean to say that there is no possibility of smoke after smell in the AC or blowers in the car and at home? There is a possibility that the smoke is already present there. Then there is perhaps the need to get the AC cleaned out in both of these places.
Avatar n tn I smelled burning wood, but sometimes it smelled musty like some kind of mold (not mildew), and I noticed it more after it rained. After a few months of this, I finally typed "burning smell" in Google and sure was surprised to find this forum! Several months ago, I was as surprised to find a forum where people were talking about gnats flying up their noses. I think both problems are related and have to do with some kind of decay stuck in the sinuses.
Avatar f tn The smell worsens after eating and if I drink anything other than water. After brushing my teeth my mouth feel fresh for 10 minutes at most until the taste returns. it also gets bad when I have to do anything physical that makes me breath heavy. My hygiene is good I floss daily and brush after every meal. I have been to an ENT who said that everything was fine. He even took x-Rays and put a camera down my nose.
Avatar n tn When I exercise I get very sweaty very quickly and there is a foul smell that comes off me. Even if I wash the smell does not go away. People around me tend to cough and sneeze and sometimes give me dirty looks. The smell gets worse indoors. I have tried deoderant and perfume and washing but it doesn't help. The smell is worse after exercise. My family can't smelly anything but they do cough a lot. And I don't want to tell me doctor yet in case he thinks I'm insane.
Avatar n tn You can get them from any pharmacy without a prescription and they are cheap. The smell went after 3-4 days. Six months passed before the problem resurfaced. This time I did not use any antibiotics - just the saline solution. I put four to five drops in each nostril at least six times a day. It took 2-3 days and the smell disappeared. Well it has worked for me, I hope it works for you. Good luck and if it works for you let others know.
Avatar n tn I did want to add, I do smell a faint smell of oranges of anything I eat or try to smell, even my own cologne. They have been giving me Cipro for bacterial problems, I was wondering if they might be missing a viral without a culture?
Avatar f tn I used to have the same problem but I think I fixed it. Basically I got sick in addition to this problem and had to take 500 mg of antibiotic for 21 days. I noticed a week after I completed the dose, the smell was gone and it hasn't come back since. I think the problem may be constipation and bad gut bacteria. If you can fix your constipation and get rid of the bad bacteria and replace it with good bacteria, then I think your condition will improve! Don't give up!
Avatar f tn Since I'm taking oregano oil pills I sometimes notice a weird smell in my bathroom after I've showered and walk in there again after a few minutes (hard to describe, maybe similar to bread with a little bit of fart but not exactly, however it's not an human like odor) Sadly I can't tell if it definitly comes from me or from somewhere else and if it's just my exhaled breath or every pore.
Avatar n tn If I sneeze, blow my nose, or sometime move to fast I become hypersensitive to smell and taste. Things you normal don't smell become apparent, clothing, water, breath... things that taste good become horrible... coffee, chocolate, etc... One it starts, it doesn't go away until I do one of the solutions I've listed below. I've noticed it happens more in high allergy season and rainy weather, but it can happen anytime really.
Avatar n tn I would ask around and no one would smell it. Soon after the smell I woud get a migrane. That smell went away and now I have been smelling smoke and at times my eyes would burn. This has gotten worse in the last 2 weeks and now it is almost constant. This last week I went around the house checking all electrical outlets thinking that there was a slow fire inside the walls. I knew this was ridicilous. I started having the smell outside the house.No one else smells it.
Avatar n tn I've been experiencing little solid lumps with a very offensive smell forming in the back of my throat. When I cough or sneeze, they are often forced out. What is the cause of this?
541150 tn?1306037443 I do not feel pain WHILE urinating..........but after. No bleeding. My urine looks normal and it does not smell. I don't know exactly where it hurts but it hurts somewhere down there and it isn't fun. Shoud I call my OB, Primary Physician or should I just do nothing about it? More Info: I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant, first pregnancy, and I'm carrying baby boy prefers to be down low pressing on my bladder. When I sneeze, cough or laugh too hard it gets messy lol....