Smoking vicodin with weed

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4241272 tn?1357571660 I've been there, a long time ago before my relationship became normal You need to let him know that you are okay with him smoking. But lets get real, this has alot more to it then just smoking. For him to text any girl for any reason at midnight is not right. Even if he says its just to buy weed, I'm sure their is many other people he could get it from. And he enjoys seeing and smoking with her at the very least.
Avatar f tn Even used in the child birthing process to help ease pain (back centuries ago before modern medicine came out with a stronger drug). ALL natural weed, with NO additives, has been found to do little to no harm to babies. It's when you go out to a dealer and buy stuff that has god knows what in it that harms the baby. It's the stuff people put in weed that causes harm.
Avatar f tn so not really gonna matter if she sits by people who smoke weed. Honestly shed be better off smoking weed herself rather them cigarettes.
Avatar f tn I have been smoking weed since i was 15, i am now 24. I have been taking vicodin for at least 4 years but not fully addicted until the last year and a half. I want to stop!! I want to be a different person!! I have been this person for so long i hae know idea how to become a good person. My fiance does none of the above and he has no idea about the vicodin jut the pot. I can't tell him or my family they will be to dissappointed!! I don't even have my High School diploma!
Avatar m tn No i dont think you should smoke weed. I think you should go to E R unless your friend is a doctor, witch if he told ya to smoke weed i dont think he is.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Vicodin, Vicodin ES, Norcos for about 12 years, with the exception of two previous times I was able to quit, once quit for 4 months and once for 3 months. I was taking on average 4-10 pills a day (towards the larger end in recent years and less earlier on), mixture of Norco and Vicodin 7.5/500. I find it amazing that I never really took more than that, especially after reading the posts out here, considering I was taking them for so long.
Avatar n tn okay well one time when i was smoking weed i reacted to it wicked funny. Like everything around me started to go in slow motionn. i couldnt walk rightt and when people would speakk i couldnt understand them, and it was almost like things where like strechingg. i didnt like it AT all and it would last like 2/3 days. I thought that maybe the weed was laced but i did like 4 times and everytime it happend. it was different weed from different people too. Is this normal? is it bad?
Avatar f tn yes, you have to quit the weed, absolutely! living with BP is hard enough without adding to the problem with weed or other types of drugs. You must take your BP medicine as prescribed, and nothing else. unfortunately I have no advice on how to quit the weed as I have never done that stuff, just hang in there and be tough. wishing you all the best.
Avatar n tn I smoked weed with my first, but cut back to once or twice a week and only a hit or two and she came out perfectly healthy, very smart, no side effects. I did stop before my 3rd trimester because I was afraid of drug testing. This time I am doing the same thing but haven't stopped in the 3rd trimester because I have been very sick and still working up to 36 weeks which has cause siatic (spelling?) Nerve pains in my back daily. I try taking Tylenol but it doesn't do enough.
Avatar f tn So I quit smoking cold turkey... Cigs and weed. I have been smoking for seven years straight.... Pack a day and a lot of weed..... but now Im reading my baby can die from withdrawl? Lol I haven't smoked for two weeks straight. Is it seriously a problem ? I am 8 weeks.
Avatar m tn And after three months of urine tests they popped up randomly and caught this girl smoking weed in the house with the baby in the same room and STILL DIDN'T TAKE THE BABY. They made her do therapy and more random drug tests. I would assume three times is the charm and if it happened again then they would place the child. Just stop smoking weed......period. Whether it causes issues or not none of finding out.
Avatar n tn Ok I just found out I am 5 weeks and ive been smoking weed pretty heavy this past month. Will my baby be okay if I stop now?
Avatar n tn And of course i do at times get anxious or nervous when i smoke weed, but that comes with the territory of doing drugs. But that is easily controlled once i get a grip and it lasts for a few minutes or so. I have to problem with anxiousness or nervousness. It isnt a choking feeling either and like i said my breathing is normal.
Avatar f tn How do you get your baby daddy to stop smoking weed while.
Avatar f tn People have many different opinions but there are no studys that find anything wrong with it unless you are smoking blunts which have tobacco in it or smoking a large amount daily i have also have drs say it would be ok to take a hit if it helps you eat and stops the nausea
Avatar m tn Yeah weed gives me the "smokies" the way it gives people the munchies. I don't know if it actually makes me crave a cigarette because of the weed smoke creating an "itch" in my lungs, or if when I'm high I just get the screw-it sort of attitude and lose my willpower. Also when I quit smoking I got really anxious and that didn't mix well with weed as it made me really paranoid. I think drinking and smoking weed are pretty big triggers for a lot of people.
1011285 tn?1302116858 (lets pray that they dont lol) I have been working out every day for about a week now and man I feel sooooooo much healthier. I have also cut down on smoking so much weed from about 5 times a day to once and on new years I am just cutting it off. I am just sick and tired of any drugs in my life, and for the first time i can say that I am sick of smoking weed.
767237 tn?1332640177 m getting off Vicodin which I know now is much harder then the weed. I wish I was getting off weed again. I smoked weed from 14 till I was 30 and from about 25 to 30 it was every single day of my life. I'm so glad I quit smoking weed and I have on occasion smoked and when I do it's such a **** high that I don't do it for another year. It wasn't that bad for me coming off physically it was more of a mental thing. Always loving that blunt in the morning or at night.
Avatar f tn Dont panic though just work really hard on quitting. Weed has no proven effect on baby and is prescibed to women with really bad morning in alot of places. So if you want to truely know my opinion...
Avatar f tn So all this talk about weed and pregnancy made me dream that I was smoking weed just for the fun of it... I felt horrible in my dream (and after) but I just couldnt stop smoking.. idk if this is how these women feel but its not a good feeling. I guess now I understand these women a little better but ivstill wouldnt actually do it for myself.
1435342 tn?1283614910 My husband likes smoking weed occasionally. He just quit cigarettes yesterday, because I quit with him, but since you don't smoke, (which is good) I suppose that doesn't help. However, I sympathize with you. When My husband smokes weed, it teaches him that boredom is ok and being lazy can be fun, which to me isn't so great. I also get sick when i smell weed so it drives me nuts. My suggestion is to find out why he smokes. (weed +cigs) what taught him that it was a good thing?
Avatar m tn Hello, can someone please read my question, and answer it. I've smoke marijuana a few times. I know its not for me, because I'm not a smoker. However, I was with my co worker best friend one night and I dont know anything about her. He asked me if i smoked, and i told her sometimes, and I was hesitated to tell her because I was afraid. We were riding on the road and she asked me if I could break down weed, and I told her "no" I've never done it.
Avatar n tn I don't smoke cigarettes at all but was wondering has any one else smoked weed while prego?
Avatar f tn I Been Smoking Weed Not EveryDay But When I Do I Get Two Mess Up On Weed What Can That Do To My Baby ???!
Avatar f tn I quit Vicodin 60 days ago then quit smoking weed 28 days ago I have not had a solid nights sleep in 2 months I am drained and very exhausted been taking zee quill nite time med but it's not doing a thing, I'm thinking I need to see a doctor real soon.
Avatar f tn I feel you I quit smoking weed, but I sometimes want to smoke so bad and my bf still does it and I can't help but get a little jealous lol Just hang in there, I just think that I wouldn't want to take a chance on something happening to my baby and it shouldn't be much longer