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Avatar f tn Even used in the child birthing process to help ease pain (back centuries ago before modern medicine came out with a stronger drug). ALL natural weed, with NO additives, has been found to do little to no harm to babies. It's when you go out to a dealer and buy stuff that has god knows what in it that harms the baby. It's the stuff people put in weed that causes harm.
Avatar f tn no problem with smoking pot either if I did not get drug tested at work! Not a pot smoker/was in my younger days/ but agree...
Avatar n tn Why would you even posting on the addiction forums after using Vicodin for so short a time? There must be some underlying issues here other than Vicodin abuse/withdrawal problems. Perhaps you could elaborate? J.B.
Avatar n tn There are all kinds of prescriptions that can help with quiting both smoking and the addiction to vicodin. You really should talk to your doctor and work out a plan to quit. It may take a while. I have come up with a plan and been working with my doctor for a few weeks now and still am smoking, so yeah it takes a while to quit completely but that would be the first step.
Avatar m tn I shared a joint (weed + tabac) with a few friends about 2/3 weeks ago (my first time), and I'm scared because my body just doesn't feel right ever since. Becasue I do have OCD and anxiety problems, the immediete hours following the smoke I just couldnt relax and paranoia began to hit me. I had a bit of a panic attack, during which I was disturbed to notice these tiny flashes or floaters in my vision and a slight loss of concentration in 1 eye.
Avatar n tn Just had a thought -- since you have access to weed, could that possibly help you through the few days of Lorcet withdrawal? Someone else on the forum would know the answer better than I, but since weed helps with nausea and relaxes you, it might be worth a shot?
Avatar m tn I have a history of addiction. Grew up doing acid, smoking weed, a little coke, ketamine, etc. but then had a long break from it all. The pain pills caught me by surprise as I had never really messed with opiates and felt that euphoria.
Avatar n tn Wellbutrin is marketed for depression, Zyban is marketed to assist with quiting smoking. I have heard it works pretty good with cutting down on the cravings for narcotics. Its worth a try. Or another anti-depressant like effexor. Michael might have some suggestions on meds that will help with the cravings as well. Good luck. You are almost over the hump. Day 4 is usually one of the harder days. After day 5, I usually feel a LOT better and pretty much home free.
Avatar n tn Dear Sue, My name is Chantelle & I was so touched by what you wrote. I am 26 years old & I was addicted to Vicodin, Lorcet,& Fiorinal with Codiene. I would take anything that was Codiene based. I also have been doing this for 5 years. My son was born in 93 & I began to have headaches. I started with Vicodin & everything progressed. I was taking 10 to 12 a day just to get through the day.
Avatar n tn but it might be the nicotine in the pot that you miss more than the actual drug......aside from the ill effects of actually smoking weed I think the drog is relatively harmless.....and you talking to someone who has smoked weed since the early 70's.......and still will on occasion ( like tonight)........sounds like you're giving up alot of other things relax.....and smoke a little if you have too........just remember......smoking isn't healthy......Pot's illegal.......
163305 tn?1333672171 Happy 4/20 day~ from the L.A.
Avatar m tn I'm considering just smoking some weed does anyone know if weed would help? I have another post but no ones up so I started a new one.someone be up!!!!
610505 tn?1329607323 Also smoking a bit of weed is allso god for nausea, but I guess that depends on where you live (legal issues, etc.) Besides, you don't want to substitute one substance for another. Sugared ginger is available on the net.
Avatar n tn since i stared up with vicodin again no headaches.... i was smoking little bit of weed during afternoons, and drinking a martini cocktail, nd a cold beeer every nite (never more 2 drinks) also i take xanax .5mg morn......1mg before bed cld those headaches be attributed to some type of endorphin problem with my brain? even after almost 90 days of headache-free sobriety?
Avatar f tn I have worked at a child welfare agency and there are alot of cases where children remain in the home and evenually are not involved with Child welfare even with smoking pot still going on because substance use does not necessary mean the child is at risk in all cases.. i am not an expert and every case is different and yes it could result in someone losing their child permenantly. With that said, I would never do anything that would put my child at risk while pregnant.
Avatar n tn I saw my OB today and he put me back on Norco (vicodin with less tylenol). Just wondering how everything went!
Avatar n tn Never been a big drinker, quit smoking weed a while back, but he pills gave me that morning motivation and tingly feeling that is hard to beat. Glad i never tried heroin or oxycontin - i'd probably be hooked in no time. So please wish me luck, and if anybody has any tips on how to manage the detox, let me know please... i've heard vitamins, something for the runs, and like i said - i intend to use those last few xanax bars to help with the sleep and try to wean off of them.
Avatar n tn To come to body's defense vicodin withrawl is not life threatening like benzo's and other drugs, dangerous is a sticky word but to set the record straight unless you are a sick person to begin with, vicodin withdrawl is not dangerous and not life threatening, people detox cold turkey every day and live to tell about it. yea it sucks but will not kill you.
Avatar m tn I just quit smoking weed two weeks ago, cold turkey with no side effects, well cept i smoke more ciggs now but only compensating for weed. I suspect the weed ihave been smoking might have been laced with something other than pot to make such reactions happen. ifear my "Guy" has been adding **** to his weed and trying to get people hook. do you think my suspicion could be correct. anyways I am quitting smoking weed until january of 2014.
Avatar f tn i only take 1-2 vicodin 10/325. i started out with only half of one but it has progressed to 1 sometimes 2 a day. i think i am getting addicted to them because i know i shouldnt be taking them but i cannot resist the urge. i have bad hip and back pain but even on days when its not that bad and i could do without i still take them. i am really ashamed and have alot of guilt from it. i dont tell anyone iam taking them everyday. my fiance knows i take them every once in a while, but not everyday.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I was up to 4-5 a day for two weeks (not a lot for some) and now I am cutting down, but I feel as though I am either fighting a flu bug (cold sweats, hot skin, goose bumps, head aches with brain fog and I haven't even cut the vicodin out, just tapering off. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or perhaps I an coincidentally sick. Anyway, I need to get off of this stuff no matter how much pain I'm in, as I want to feel free again and not agitated or moody when I'm coming off.
Avatar f tn One more thing, by maintaining my cigarette habit/addiction does anyone think this wouldn't keep the addict mind alive or would I be a ticking time bomb by keeping this tobacco habit? I don't want to give up tobacco I didn't want to with weed but I did just to get that need of high feeling away.
Avatar n tn Most people come home after work and have a drink, which is very very bad for diabetics. Sure smoking weed isn't the best thing either but their are upsides to the actual THC, just wikipedia THC. If anything, without munching out, it has lowered my blood sugar after smoking somewhat. Not greatly but enough to know that it did. Also my blood flow in my legs improved and nerval pain was reduced. Also, being diabetic and having a great set of parents made me grow up a little faster.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if smoking pot can lead to death after long term use? Also, is it as bad as smoking cigarettes?
Avatar n tn and I occassionally still take the oxycotin when I have no more vicodin. has any one had any experience with oxy. and vicodin while pregnant. or even if you have some supportive advice. I have been to this site before and met some really great people that gave me great support and helped me to get clean and I stayed clean for 3 months I really need support. I carry around alot of guilt for what I migh have done to my unborn child. but I also have alot of faith in God.
Avatar n tn I have been in AA for 7 years (clean and sober) until my recent encounter with Vicodin. I recently had surgery and the doctor prescribed these pills. In the past, I listened to people in meetings share about their Vicodin addiction and I always said to myself, "now there is a 'yet' for me..." Well guess what? I have discovered for the first time in my life that after taking these "magical" little pills that I am able to finally relax my normally anxious bi-polor self.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed vicodin when I got into a hospital with a kidney stone and VERY unpleasant symptoms. I immediately realized how effective vicodin is in relieving my migraines. I felt as though I was saved! I found the miracle cure! I was once again able to function, despite constant migraines. And so it went on for a number of months, until I quit smoking and changed my diet. Then I decided to try and stop vike's, to see whether I still get the headaches, or whether I can manage them.
Avatar m tn What ARE the problems associated with Vicodin addiction if I don't stay off that you are talking about?
Avatar m tn My older brother and mom do heroin as well and I am living with them both. So even if I was to go to treatment again, I would come back to them smoking in front of me and smelling it in the other room when they are trying to be secretive about it. I really want to get clean, I hate being so pale and skinny. I used to be in shape, play sports and be an active person.. For how often I smoke in one day it's going to be so difficult to just get through the day without loading a tray and smoking.