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Avatar f tn Science was a whole lot different for our parent's generation, scientist know so much more about the dangers of smoking than before. I just couldn't see myself taking chances like that knowing as many negative stories about it.
Avatar f tn I have been practising Bikram yoga for 2 years and never dreamed that if I was to become pregnant, it would be dangerous for the baby. I went to my doc today and she explained to me the dangers of excessive heat and birth defects. I had NEVER heard of this until now. Believe me, I will not walk back into that room until the birth of this child, but could the damage already be done!?! I can not get a straight answer anywhere and now I'm very worried.
Avatar f tn Not only is the action of smoking itself is detrimental to the health of the baby, but we do not know how cannabis intake can affect the developing brain.I understand that smoking is extremely addictive, but there are certain things we do for our kid that are very hard, and one of them is being pregnant, taking care of our bodies while pregnant and nursing (and I am not even talking about giving birth!). That is only the start of a difficult life of a parent.
Avatar f tn 1) He quit smoking. However , he was smoking for 2 years. Will That have any impact? How can we cure or prevent and implications? 2) He continues to drink, What kind of drinks or alcohol can type2 diabetic intake. He often takes Whiskey, Scotch, beer, vodka and few others too... He almost take 10-15 large quantity of variety of alcohol in a month. in a week, 3-5 glasses. This scares me. Is it good to drink, bad , What should be done? what drinks can be taken to what extent?
Avatar f tn People take drugs including alchohol,smoke cigs,over eat,speed in there cars and a whole lot of other things that endanger there life and there life expectancy. You can give someone all the negatives of doing these things but it will always come down to that persons choice.I"m sure your friend knows the dangers of smoking as theres warnings on every pack but again its a personal choice.
Avatar m tn so, i've heard lots of things about diabete's with marijuana or alcohol, so now i want some facts. i've heard that alcohol can make your blood sugar go low but i thought it turned into sugar very fast so it would make my blood sugar high? i've allso heard of people going low while smoking marijuana, which could be because they have had a over dose. or is the weed causing this? this information would be helpfull before i try marijuana for safety resons.
Avatar f tn its not addictive, although the smoking with tobacco is, i think its education thats the key.most young people experiment with drink or something, its good you know and can talk to him , communication is very important.
Avatar f tn My goodness, I think this speaks volumes about the dangers of smoking pot. Obviously it impares short term memory for the person who keeps asking this question must forget their username and the fact they asked this question last week, the week before, and the week before that. But they do seem to remember they are from somewhere in Colorado.
Avatar n tn I had a phase of pot-smoking when I was young... on and off for a few years. I was never 'hooked', and eventually just got bored with it and quit. I am sure that as a good, concerned mom, you have taught him all you can about the dangers of drugs and the possible legal consequences should he be caught. I remember how rebellious I was at that age. I did every single thing my mom told me not to.
Avatar n tn Your body is telling you something. When I was young, the dangers of smoking were not known, but I never smoked. My husband was a smoker unti 20 years ago. Now that he is older, the results of his smoking have come to haunt him. Once you quit smoking, your lungs immediately start repairing themselves, but the damage done to your cardio-vascular system is forever!
Avatar f tn If you dont want to use it your self why would anyone want it legalised, what reason could there be, I actually do believe its more harmful than alcohol, ..and what, about the smoking part so then its okay to smoke, I thought the left wanted to be rid of smoking the kids of cigs& pot smoking parents will then for sure copy them ..Sorry but I just dont get it... ...
Avatar n tn Smoking weed will definately impair your body's ability to heal itself. It could also irritate the injury and cause an infection which could lead to an even bigger breathing problem. Your breathing is already hindered by your injury...don't risk it.
1550149 tn?1340004330 Every year in the US, over 250,000 people are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Women are 2.7 times more likely to develop an autoimmune disease than men, and 1 in 20 are currently diagnosed with 1 of 40 separate autoimmune diseases. Health organizations estimate that anywhere from 8.5 to 13 million people in this country live with an autoimmune disease. When grouped into a single category, autoimmune diseases are one of the 10 leading causes of death among women under the age of 65.
Avatar f tn And I was warned about the dangers of taking narcotic medications for medical reasons, even under doctors guidance. And look what happened. I slid into the grasp of addiction. It is not even that bad yet so I feel like I have an opportunity here to get out of it but I am struggling, going round in circles, like you said. I started doing some step work on it and I don't know why this has happened, not so far anyway.
923105 tn?1341831249 Every time I call them they have been smoking MJ or they are seriously drunk. They take DMD's but they don't seem to care - they are both house bound and start drinking beer or whatever after lunch. I spoke with them yesterday and they were so drunk I could barely understand them. They told me that their Neuro said it was OK (somehow I don't believe them) , but I have known them for such a long time I just wanted to find out if they are harming themselves by doing this.
Avatar f tn It takes a couple of years for your body to clear the virus. If you work on your immunity by very healthy diet, not smoking, plenty of exercise and moderate drinking, the virus might never come out of it's dormancy the rest of your life, and you have another 50 or 60 great years ahead of you! On the other hand, if you do break up, your next partner might not have the strain you had.
Avatar n tn Now, this in no way means that getting hammered is a good idea. We're all aware of the dangers of fetal alcohol syndrome. But one small glass of wine once or twice a week isn't at all the same thing. The smart thing to do is to talk to your doctor or midwife. It seems there's a pretty solid consensus that avoiding alcohol entirely during the first trimester is a good idea because of the massive amount of brain and organ development.
Avatar m tn Its totally understandable that you feel stressed and depressed as this is a distressing thing to have, but once you learn about the facts you come to realise HPV isn't all that bad especially low risk as it dosen't have any health dangers, its just mainly about unpleasant symptoms ie. warts. You have to stay strong and tell yourself you will overcome this hurdle, it will probably make you a better and more open minded person.
Avatar m tn My son's school still pushes the DARE anti-drug classes. He is 13 in the 7th grade. He has one class a day that focuses on drugs this semester.. but honestly I am extremely disappointed so far with the cirriculum.. They PUSH really hard on the anti-smoking agenda.. and not so much on anything else. So far this semester they spent WEEKS discussing the dangers of cigarettes, ONE week discussing the dangers of alcohol and ONE DAY discussing the dangers of..."AND OTHERS"....
Avatar f tn I'm just sick and tired of hearing about the supposed dangers of this very helpful supplement. Judge for yourselves, folks, but please check out these websites first.
Avatar f tn I will not deny that but I do not smoke around my baby and take all precautions like smoking out side, wearing a smoking jacket with a hat and washing my hands and face before holding or being around my baby. That is also my point you said smoking can increase the risk of sids. They do not know for sure that is even the case it is THOUGHT to increase the risk. They have no clue what causes sids the precautions they give are things they THINK you can do to decrease the risk.
Avatar m tn There is a lot of sensationalism on the web about HPV and its dangers. In most cases it goes away with time, particularly if you do not smoke, drink moderately or not at all, have no serious immune depressing disease, and take care of your body. I have been celibate for two years and although I think I have been exposed to HPV due to lots of partners, I have no visible signs.
Avatar n tn Why do people like this have successful pregnancies??!!?? I could not have done more right things in my short pregnancy, and there I was on an operating table at 6.5 weeks, depressed out of my mind! I just don't get it. I hope, for the babies sake, everything is fine. But people need to read a book, and listen to their Doctor!!!
Avatar n tn If you ACTUALLY HAD A RISK, get tested at 6 and 12 weeks and be done with it. If you didn't have a risk, don't try to convince youself that the facts are wrong or that you will be the first person in human history to get HIV from mutual masturbation.
568873 tn?1216834593 Look it up for yourselves. Consumers for Dental Choice is an organization that has tons of info on the dangers of mercury poisoning, try googling them.
Avatar n tn I'm just wondering here and maybe everyone can reply to see if we could get some facts here but...alot of people after starting tx have mentioned that their next biopsy had improved somewhat. Now I realize the let up of hep c on liver would help but wondering if these people were drinking maybe daily or several times a week and then of course starting alcohol. That would definitely help also. I hope there is some write ins on this one because I would be interested.
29837 tn?1414538248 Has anybody ever run a google on coffee? Just out of curiosity, run a google search with this in the header, "dangers of coffee" You'll be amazed at the results. Don't go reaching for that cup too quick!
Avatar m tn That's right, you have to get your facts straight. The laws are so confusing. It's not illegal to own spice, it sells for $3 in a gas station I know about. If they are caught with it, then what. They will know to be more sneaky. Your best bet is watch for neglect and report that. It's hard to actually busy someone for spice. I'm sure other drugs are involved, but you need to be sure. They are already cautious of you for mentioning it.
Avatar n tn Sex is not a common form of transmission and I take issue with scaring people with paranoid rhetoric. We need to educate people about HCV. Tell them the facts and give them the tools to make good decisions. Scaring them silly isn't going to achieve those things. Some of these posts about transmission would have people scared to get their hair cut. Maybe we should be. I dunno but I'm not gonna live my life worrying.