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Avatar n tn If I had to guess, one would be safer to smoke pot with their meds than to drink alcohol with them. If your Depression and anxiety were Very Severe, then Pot may not be a good idea. I know when my depression gets really bad that pot makes it worse. For people with mild depression.... They find it theraputic sometimes.
Avatar n tn I recently discovered that my 49 year old wife has been taking my sons adderall for a year. She has been taking 20mg. per day. She also takes celexa for depression. I am concerned that she is addicted and will have withdrawal problems. I have hidden the adderall from her and she no longer has it available. She relizes that she has a problem and has commited to quit. What are the withdrawal symptoms, how soon after she has quit to they show, how long to they last and how can I help.
Avatar n tn I believe while there's a great euphoria and perceived elevation early on with combined adderall and weed, there is a severe penalty for this in the long-run.......and it ends in "vegetable state-of-mind". I believe the weed was the key issue with my final condition, the symptoms I describe above are very much weed-centric, but the adderall combined absolutely intensified and excellerated the weed symptoms to such a degree that I honestly thought I was losing it...
403399 tn?1201836695 i have taken addy for months at a time and when i got off it was simply being aggrevated, somewhat depressed and tired with no ambition. But it was done an over with in 2-3 days for me then back to normal. I would be ALOT more worried about the vicoden and benzos your for the wouldnt worry about that. Drop that last since it will keep you calm during all this and help you sleep at night.
Avatar n tn when I can't eat food while on adderrall I get mentally super tired...I know this is way late but for anyone else who cares...I smoke weed...helps with eating and sleeping and the occasional minor anxiety from my...but I only smoke at night when im settlin down so in the morning I like to use "Cyto-sport Cyto-gainer" I make it with milk, yogurt, a banana, assorted fruits, peanut butter lol and pretty much anything I can find in the kitchen thatll taste ok...
Avatar m tn It got my mind off of it for a few hours, then I would just smoke some weed at night to keep my mind off of it until the next morning. Sure its not the healthest but you cant get addicted to weed, at least I never have. I just need to get outside help to truly get off everything, taking the adderall in the morning makes up for the dopamine I am missing out from the tramadol.
Avatar n tn I know someone that I care about dearly who takes 25 mg of Adderall a day for ADD. The other night she was taking pills like candy and going insane with them and just swallowing them. She took about 280 -300 mg of adderall all in less than a couple of hours was basically like on speed. She is 120 pounds, 16 years old and is about 5'4''. She couldnt eat and was having panic attacks, and puked, but refused to get help. She wouldnt let me help her and i was afraid of her.
Avatar m tn I'm a 24 years old male, which had a very severe OCD (intrusive thoughts) in the past, controlled very well recently by self-medicating with weed (indica, sativa did the opposite). Iv'e smoked socially every night for like 2 months, and felt awsome! like all of my childhood tics and OCD tendencies was cured and under control. Iv'e became more active and light-headed, laughed more and was less inside my head.
Avatar n tn I decided to keep smoking weed and stop with the other drugs. recently i did a tiny line of speed. i have been smoking weed daily and in the morning im starting to feel weird, but its different this time. I am still a bit high from my last session and am wondering if this will go away when i stop smoking for a bit. I love smoking weed and am worried that i might be like this for the whole summer. is there any way i can continue smoking weed almost daily and not feel so weird all the time.
6484018 tn?1381723861 I'm sorry you have a lot of other issues, anxiety, depression and insomnia they can't be good things to live with, I too struggled with sleep problems for years, without diagnosis, I chose to self medicate with Valium, well I sold them to fund everything else, heroin, crack, (speedballs), weed and anything else on offer, food at times too, lol.
Avatar f tn It seemed to progress with age with me as well. Diagnosed firmly at age 38. I just went downhill like **** on a hot tin roof! One day I seemed to have it together and then the next BOOM - fallin' apart. That isn't really the case - I fell apart slowly and progressively- but still - all the books I've read talk about the disorder getting worse as we age or if it has been left untreated due to something called "kindling". Look it up - research it.
Avatar n tn Im not saying smoke pot, but take it from me a little weed here and there is a good mix with anti-depressants and Adderall.
Avatar m tn Adderall makes me smoke all the time too! I have had pretty severe ADD probably my whole life, and I have been a smoker since I was in middle school, mainly cigarettes but sometimes pot. Ive been on Adderall for like 8 years, and it makes me chain smoke cigarettes all the time like nothing else does. Like, I literally can smoke three to four packs a day when Im on Adderall if Im not paying attention!
Avatar n tn I'm pretty sure I don't have that as I'm 18, and generally am in good health. I used to smoke weed in high school, for a week during the 11th grade I constantly coughed and puked yellowish phlegm. I haven't been able to take big bong hits since. When I jog i get some phlegm building up, so I don't do cardio. All of which are signs of a smoker that lost lung capacity. any suggestions on what it may be?
Avatar f tn My son became addicted to this drug - if he was stressed, he would smoke,. Had a bad day at school, he would smoke. Mom told him to do homework, he would smoke. Soon, my honor student son is failing every class. I take the weed away and his allowance away. I am not stupid - I know he can buy it for somewhere so he is not going to get the money form me to support his habit. I ground him with the condition that he turns in all of his homework, he can have outside the house privileges.
Avatar n tn Now I'm wondering if at the core of all of this is ADD, because I've read that it's common for those suffering ADD to develop mood disorders. My parents and doctors think I smoke too much pot, but it balances everything else, and I know this static and disorganization is in my head, it's not pot. I really don't smoke that much. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I hope we figure out what's wrong, but I really don't want to have to quit smoking if I'm going on even more meds.
Avatar n tn For Sure, I take adderall and I get mad anxiety for no reason, sometimes it just hits me like a brick and sinks into my stomach dragging me down into a terrible feeling. It used to be so bad that I would smoke weed all the time cuz that was all that would help. It also made me quit my meds lots of times always with bad results. Nowadays I get xanax, but I really don't want to take a xanax everytime I feel that way. Now, I just take a deep breth, and for a moment try to step out side myself.
Avatar n tn You're right in recent research we have found that the use of pot does no permanent damage to the brain ( I didn't mention anything about the lungs) What happens when you smoke weed is the nerve cells in your brain gain a thicker and thicker myelin coating around them, causing your neurotransmitters to not be able to communicate with each other as well.
684676 tn?1503190263 First kid Dead by so called choking game karate kimono around neck in same room as my son in group home, at age of 13, 5 years later my sons best friend death by hanging dog leash in his room on door, (Valium alcohol) , 6 years later this past November my youngest son 24 dead after a few nights of very heavy drinking belt around neck, now after talking to alot of ppl surrounding this tragedy it seems he was despondent about not being able to get meth that night and couldn't smoke weed cuz was
Avatar f tn I appreciate the comment. I don't have issues with people who smoke pot; that's a personal choice. I personally choose not to for various reasons. I can't agree to marry someone who does. I can't see having children and telling them not to do it "when Daddy does it". In his case I also feel that he has drug problems. I have to keep his Adderall because he takes alot more than the prescribed dosage when he has it himself and he smokes alot of pot.
Avatar f tn (I took matters into my own hand and went to a health center back at school and had the tests and lab work done and thankfully, I am healthy - my heart was just a little fast and irregular but the doctor said it was nothing at all considering some people have worse problems naturally and I was on Adderall at the time) Well, I smoke weed all the time, whenever I can get my hands on it really.
Avatar f tn I'm on lamictal, seroquel, wellbutrin, cymbalta, and adderall. I don't know what happened. It wasn't laced or else everyone would have gotten sick. My meds haven't changed so they should not have reacted differently. Everyone that smoked it said that it was awesome pot. I've always been really sensitive to it and have always gotten high really easily. Could it just be that I couldn't tolerate the potency? I've stopped smoking for the time being.
Avatar n tn NOt only am i addicted to adderall ive tried curing it with smoking weed. At night i needed a quick fix to go to bed and relax my nerves and body and thats what weed did, but when my adderall dose got higher so did my THC tolerence. i need to fix my body and head. I need advice on the most safe way to quit this drug without a form of rehab facility. That for of treatment is just not an option for me.
Avatar f tn We had far more problems with people getting out of control and violent with alcohol. With weed, we had about a dozen heavy smokers and they were just basically worthless. However, both population dealt with the damaging effects of both substances; particularly the depression caused by smoking weed. But, I had several friends that had terrible drinking issues and should've been in a treatment center for alcohol abuse.
Avatar n tn I am constantly having to find something to do, I can't sit for very long at all, and get ansy really fast. I did smoke weed for about 2 years, everyday. It seemed like I was in control and I could really focus on what I wanted to do. I have been clean for almost 2 years and have the ansy feeling everyday. I'm not promoting weed, but I felt calmer when I had it.
Avatar n tn But as it goes on they stayed there and I was gettin bad self esteem from it. I stopped smoking weed due to gettin a job and passin the interview but now that I have started again, the little red dots are coming back. Its really starting to scare me cuz I have no idea wat it is. Could I be allergic to marijuana? Is this a similiar thing that happens during a normal allergic reaction? It really sucks now because its summer and I have bad self esteem to be goin to the lake and everyone seein it.
Avatar n tn I am 22years old fem,ale, I have got a huge anxiety afraid to die and to bee sick for two years I am always on panic, I used to smoke weed for half a year , not everyday but sometimes, I do not smoke weed already for two years or so, I used ectasy pills, amfetamines I stoped and do not use them for as long as 1.5 years. I can tell You, mate, stop smoking weed and You will be ok, If You will not , You will end up in psychiatry clinic beeing mad! stop it.
Avatar n tn Bipolar Dr prescribed cymbalta, topomax, zyprexa, lorazpham, adderall and smake marijuana is this right??
Avatar f tn but that's not true really. I quit basically so I could party, drink, and smoke weed and other bad stuff like that. Also, I work out after school just so my mom doesn't get suspicious. I've actually tried to quit all that stuff just basically so this girl Ashley wouldn't hate me, because she hates drugs. But I ended up only quitting for like a month before I concluded that my life is just more fun while I do that stuff.