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Avatar n tn my viginal area gets sweaty realy fast & i get smelly discharge. could you let me know what this could be caused by..this is something that has just started recently. And my armpits get sweaty & smelly few hours after coming out the shower aswell. please tell me what the problem could be!
Avatar m tn my cat all of the sudden became sick, clear secretions on the floor, yellowish smelly discharge from the anus, not moving around the house. when i ped her she meows me, i know she is not feeling well. what do you think it could be, i have never seen her like this before. she eats the same food 5-6 yrs ago fancy feast w/ salmon, or with chicken and turkey, drinks lots of water from the bathroom sink.
Avatar n tn For quite a few months now I have been experiencing discharge and burning coming from my navel and it smells really bad, it's usually like a brownish whitesh color. I had hoped that this would go away, I've tried salt water and drying it after showers but still nothing.Also when i clean it off a rash occurs around the area.
Avatar n tn I got this from a web site DIFFERNT TYPES OF DISCHARGE White: Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching. If itching is present, thick white discharge can indicate a yeast infection. Clear and stretchy: This is "fertile" mucous and means you are ovulating. Clear and watery: This occurs at different times of your cycle and can be particularly heavy after exercising.
Avatar n tn Hi I been having a lot of yellowish and white-ish discharge with a fishy smelly odar coming from virgina, and I notice it 2 years ago I thought it was from having sex a lot because people have discharge after having sex but even when I don't have sex I still have yellowish and white-ish discharge and smelly fishy odar everyday and I haven't been looked for the time yet until Thursday and I still be having sex while going thru this I want to know what it could be..
Avatar n tn I just came back from the walk-in clinic about the same watery yellow discharge from my left nostril. I had it two days and only at home. The doc prescribed an eye drop and about a wk of antibiotic to take. He also recommended a humidifier and drink lots of water. Stay away from cold medicines like tylenol, he says it makes the infections last longer. Hope this helps, I was so scared when this happened to me cause it's my first time.
Avatar n tn sometimes its brown for a few days until it goes back to the normal whitish/clear discharge. from what i gather the brown blood is old blood and that part is normal. however, you seem to have that dark brown as your period so i am really not sure. maybe someone else can answer that for you but there is just no getting around this. you need to make an appt. to clear this up. you will be happy you went and your hubby will be too! take care and call!
Avatar n tn If you are eating beef and pork on the regular, it always stays in your system (your body has a hard time digesting) and the old remnants are rotting away which produces bad smells, gas, and smelly bowel from your rectum. Soon the smell will seep through your skin, armpits, etc. (4) Drink detox tea or take detox pills. Our systems over time accumulate junk it can't easily rid of and end up storing it in places throughout our body. A detox will cleanse the whole body.
797873 tn?1265740119 Mine is little different because where ever I am at this smell stays in, my room , at work and in my car.. and the smell changes all the time it depends what I eat. I also get thursty If I dont drink water. I start to get a dry throat and mouth... If i drink anything else that is not water my breath gets worse.. please help!
Avatar n tn Well this one you are best to chat with your doc about. If the discharge is smelly that is a red flag for me of some sort of infection. Considering that you had surgery this is definately something to get checked out. You may need some antibiotics. Remember that post op pain can last quite a while, especially with such an intrusive surgery. But if your still oozing smelly bloody discharge... I would have it checked out.
Avatar n tn Lately I've had some blood discharge but before the blood discharge I'll occasionally blow out huge chunks of mucus (dry and smelly). What can I have done to get rid of this? Can I possibly have surgury to remove the infected part of my sinuses? Please help.
Avatar n tn i remove them with tweezers and i have very thick smelly discharge which smells like an infection. This is so embarassing! I am so glad I was able, with the help of AA, to quit this awful addiction. Any idea what is causing this?
976897 tn?1379171202 It started off a few weeks ago when I noticed discharge from her tear ducts and her left cheek was really swollen. She was not eating, flinching like she was in pain. The following morning I got her straight to the VET who said... "It's not her teeth, but she has an abcess in her cheek, probably from fighting" He lanced it and squeezed out the most horribly smelly substance I've ever known. I had to give her antibiotics twice a day, hidden in chicken roll.
Avatar n tn 1) Your symptoms do not sound like trichomonas, which typically causes smelly yellow or brownish discharge--not vulvar irritation with scant, thick discharge. This isn't hard and fast, however. Also, wet mount picks up only 50-60% of trichomonas cases. You might ask your NP about doing a culture, not just a wet mount.
Avatar n tn This has happened once before and I didn't really thing anything of it, (happened maybe a year ago or so) Earlier this week there was a smelly puss coming from my bellybutton. And today it's a pink liquid. (I'm assuming blood) No odor at all. It just leaks and leaks. The area around my belly button hurts to touch. Not sure if I should make an appointment to see the doctor or not. Just curiouse as to what this might be? What's causing it?
Avatar f tn For nearly 5 years I have had a very bad abdominal discharge, yellowish brown and very smelly, so night and day I have to wear pads. I measure 46 inches round the waist, I look as though I am 9 months pregnant, the swelling starts right under my bust and it is hard like a rock. It is affecting my breathing now as it is pressing on my lungs, and I am constantly exhausted. I come home from work and put on my nightclothes as that is the only time I am slightly comfortable.
Avatar f tn I am still wearing a pad for I guess discharge from surgery so I can't tell if there is blood in there from an infection or surgery? Sorry to be gross!! It is nice to pee and feel that relief these days...I'd only trickle before. Also, did it hurt getting staples out? I get mine out tomorrow. I read in here getting waxed is worse but I only get my eyebrows done LOL! and that kills me. I am very fair so I don't do it much...and never down there LOL! I am nervouse but anxious...
Avatar n tn It could be possibly from a sexual transmitted disease, if you have a watery discharge (maybe the reason your underwear is damp) could mean genital herpes, often herpes is not visable in women and only the change is discharge is noticed. Atrophic vaginitis also has a watery discharge but usally occurs in women who are post-menopausal or have had their ovaries removed. Or it could be Bacterial vaginosis which has a strong odor but usually has white or grey watery discharge.
Avatar n tn Had sex for the first time last week, after discharge stopped and it was fine, apart from when we tried a deep penetrative position, which felt like I was being stabbed. Won't be doing that one again any time soon! Us poor women do have to put up with a lot don't we!!!! Will blog again in a few months when I have given it more time. Good luck girls who are having it done and don't be nervous as the procedure is fine, just some women have worse side affects than others.
Avatar f tn its located where the top curve meets the side of my head and its about as big as an ear piercing... maybe just a tad bigger. my left ear doesnt have the hole or the bump, it smoothly transitions from the top curve of my ear to the side of my head. sometimes this area would itch and many times this cloudy white/yellow/funny smelling liquid is excreted from the hole.
Avatar m tn A food allergy can also cause this condition. The discharge that results from this is usually clear or whitish. • A fungus, including mold, can settle in the nose and cause chronic sinusitis. The name of this specific reaction is called “allergic fungal sinusitis”. Researchers at the Mayo clinic found that 96% of chronic sinusitis sufferers had a fungus in the nose. • Nasal polyps can grow inside your nose from years of allergic reactions or infections.
Avatar f tn The vet said approximately 12 hrs, but that is obviously not the case. Also, since this morning he is having unusual smelly penile discharge, but he is still urinating fine. Has anyone experienced this? Is this a something to worry about? Also, I really do not like the effects of phenobarb and am talking to my vet about Zonasimide or possibly Felbamate. Does anyone have experience with these? Lastly, has any one else had a dog in a similar situation (brain tumor and seizures) ?
Avatar n tn I sometime have a discharge, {when I sneeze,cough or gargle in the shower }from my sinuses at the back of my throat, that is white/tan in color and it is small peices that have the consistency of Tofu!!!!! and it has the most horrible odor! I am wondering if this is caused from the mucus being too thick as a result of too many decongestants and not enough water ? Anyway, I seem to have the odor more often than not these days with no idea what to do about it.
Avatar n tn i have exactly the same problem i suffer from severe abdominal pains almost everyday and then when my period comes my blood is black but then by the end is red. i have been to the doctor many times and they say there is nothing wrong with me and that i must put up with the pain until it goes. however i am certain that this is not normal especially with the blood from my periods.if you here anything let me know. but you are not alone many people suffer the same problem and are unsure why.
Avatar f tn Yesterday was my 4th week post op and although the smelly discharge is getting less I am still bleeding, and was told this can go on for 6 weeks..........on the other have I gained 2 many apples?
Avatar n tn I'm still trying to figure out where the smell is coming from, but I believe it is now coming from my nose or mouth from my insides. I can't describe the smell, but it is strong and kind of mentholated. I am a former smoker and believe the damage I've done during my smoking days could be the culprit however, it is quite alarming for me as I feel like people at my job smell it and it is loud and offensive.
Avatar n tn I can understand the embarrassment you face. I've been having gas discharge from the vagina for the past 3 years, without the ability to control it or predict it. I have not yet been tested for a fistula between the vagina and colon, however, the physicians say that it's highly unlikely as I have not given birth yet. I am 27 years old, and have been very concerned with this issue, as it can happen as frequently as everyday, and can be loud, and long.
Avatar n tn i have been experiencing sore breasts and they feel very heavy, some headaches that come and go, a lot of clear non smelly or itchy discharge which i find unusual, some light cramping very tired all last weekend i just slept and did not want to do anything else and if i did get up thinking i had energy i was just exhausted again and i didnt know why lol, 2 weeks ago i had very light brown spotting only when i wiped for a couple of days, and just the other day starting to feel nausaeu and it wou
Avatar n tn If my waistband touches my navel, or if I brush against it by accident, it hurts. There is no discharge or bad smell coming from my abdomen. I'm pretty sure it's not appendicitis (since I've had this for weeks now with no severe complications). However, when I try to look inside my navel (I have an innie), it appears to be swollen in the lower part of the navel. I pressed on it yesterday and it was firm (not rock hard) and caused discomfort. Does anyone have any idea of what this may be?