Small lump behind ear near neck

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Avatar n tn I have a small lump growing behind my ear. I have to say Im a bit concerned. Its bigger than a pea and smaller than a walnut, maybe the size of a small marble. Its feels rather sore and warm which makes me think its some type of pus filled internal skin infection. Well, I hope its not a tumor. The problem here is I have no health insurance and practically no money. So Im not really sure what to do.
Avatar n tn Two days ago she experienced a sharp pain in her neck and felt another lump near the jugular area . They are not painful but they're worrying her. Could someone tell me if it may be something serious like cancer??
Avatar n tn I will not be able to give you any advice but I know there are a lot of different kinds of lumps behind the ear and very different causes. So, now that we know the exact location... it would be good to know the size and what it feels like. Having had a hard "lump behind my ear", same location, all my life, I was wondering whether you may have had that lump for a long time and only discovered it now due to the sinus infection pains?
Avatar n tn i too have had a small pea sized lump on my ear at the back, just near to the crease. (if you put your finger just behind the lobe and rest it in the soft part, it is just above there) it is tender to touch and has been there for nearly 3 months. i dont think it has changed in size and it isnt a different colour so you wouldnt see it there until you feel it. i have not had the chance to go and see the doctor mainly because im not that worried about it but im curious to know what it could be.
Avatar m tn The last three days I have had a pee sized lump behind my ear. It is very painfull and its causing my neck to cramp up and the pain stretches to the back of my head. It is worst when Im lying down. If I toutch it the pain is extrem. There is no skin visible change in color other than a very small lump. If the pain was not so bad I would not be soo worried, but it really hurts. Anyone have an idea of what it is.
Avatar n tn I have a small lump behind my right ear, not exactly behind but almost on my head alittle down where the hair line ends, its a hard lump, it doesnt move. What should I do?
Avatar n tn Hello my name is Angie and i am 18 years old, and I too got a pain similar, it was really sharp behind my right ear and it went down to behind my neck. It was really random when i got it too, i was as sleep and out of no where i woke up to this sharp pain. The pain i would describe as a big cramp like the ones you get on your calf of your leg but behind my head.
Avatar m tn I have a small lump on my neck, it is on the right side about halfway up. It is quite small, probably not much bigger than a pea and it feels like it is located on the neck muscle (of course I suppose it could be behind it and pushing the muscle, I am not qualified to say but I don’t think so). I have played sport before and it feels to me exactly like the kind of scar tissue you can get after a pulled muscle.
Avatar n tn I found a lump on my neck under my jaw line but near my ear about 3 months ago it is about little smaller than a inch. And a small lump about a finger tip from my ear just a little bigger than a pea they cause a little pain and I can shift them a little but they cause pain I wan't to know If that is serious, or nothing at all ?
Avatar n tn I have something that sounds like the same thing... deepish in the neck behind my ear... however it's about 3-4 finger widths behind my ear.... too far back to be lymph nodes I thought. It is very tender and hurts however (at first I thought it was just a neck ache) and it only just started this morning. It hurts when i touch it or turn my head.
Avatar n tn I noticed small lump on the back on my neck behind my right ear, it appeared after I got a bad cold and sinus infection. it is painful when pressed. thanks to everyone who posted here. the symptoms does seem to be linked to the sinus issue.
210459 tn?1197085792 two days ago I found a small lump on the left upper side of my neck close to the top when I touch it it hurts and when I move my neck some times. When I swallow it does not hurt. I am only 15, 16 in December can you help me ?
Avatar n tn That could explain the intermittent nature of the lump behind your ear. Though I do suggest consult with your doctor for proper evaluation. It is very hard to tell what exactly you are having without the benefit of a good physical examination. Good luck.
Avatar n tn The lump on my neck isn't behind my ear - but below my ear at the base of my neck. And I've had it for about three years - it started small and grew to its current size, then stopped growing. I'm doubt that changes your suggestions, but just in case... And to answer your questions - I would say that it is firm and definitely fixed. I can move the skin over it, but not the actual lump. Thanks for your thoughts.
Avatar n tn i have also been getting small bumps on the back of my neck near the hairline. Also many other weird symptoms like affected hearing in my right ear and my eye feels very weird, these symptoms are minor so i dont know if im just imagining them. It is very frustrating as a 17 year old to have to deal with chronic back and neck pain every day and i know i didnt just sleep on it wrong.
Avatar n tn My 7 yr old daughter developed a lump in her neck just behind her scm on the left side of her neck. Four months ago I took her to the pediatrician about it and he told me it was nothing kids have lumps. I took her to a different pediatrician last week and he said it needed to be checked immediately as it has hardened and it not painfull at all to my daughter. We seen a ear, nose and throat specialist on friday and he told me that it needs to come out asap.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 cervical fushions and believe that my ear pain comes from my neck injury. I hurt in my ear behind my ear and in my face....I also have severe head aches that are one sided....Good luck to you...
Avatar f tn which I've figured out from searching online is a brain aneurysm behind my right eye near the optical nerve. It's unruptured, and small so the likelihood of it rupturing anytime soon is small, but I don't know if it might be causing symptoms. A neurologist I saw on Friday seems to think that the aneurysm might not even be there, because the lump is at a spot where a blood vessel branches off from the artery, so it might be nothing.
Avatar n tn A number of days later the lumps seemed to gradually disappear but on the left side of my head near towards the neck behind my ear a lump started to form. It didn't really bother me until it grow a wider 5cm round. I got really worried. It was sort've sort and hard at the same time, when I got it checked by my family doctor he said it seemed abit squeezy.
Avatar n tn I also have to constantly clear my throat during the day, which also helps the lump feeling. I have also had some discomfort under my jaw on that side. It feels like there is something in my neck and if I massage it it feels better. My gp says I have oral thrush and gave my a gel but it hasn't improved. I don't know how he could have diagnosed this when I have just slight white patches on the tonsil. Could thrush cause all these symptoms? And on just one side of my throat?
Avatar f tn When I swallow feels like something is sticking in that area. I have ear pain, jaw pain, temple pain, and a swollen lymph node in neck. I have noticed a small hard knot in front of my ear right in the TMJ joint. I have seen 2 gp, 4 ent, 2 oral surgeons, 1 neurologist, and a regular surgeon. No one can give me anything but a MAYBE neuralgia, acid reflux, tmj disorder, and muscular issue due to bad posture. They just want to put me on gabapantin without a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I noticed a small lump right below my sternum, about the size of a chestnut.... Went to the doctor and he seemed concerned since it was tender to the touch... Had a CT scan done (which cost me $948.00) and nothing! Just part of the xiphoid process like all those that have already posted here! He said that mine was the largest one he has ever seen and thinks it is inflamed due to the way I sit in my chair at the computer all day. So don't fret if you have this too... completely normal.
Avatar n tn Ok, so I've been putting up with on again, off again itching for months on my labia, near my vaginal opening. Never "diagnosed" with HPV but I did get rid of a suspected wart this past year. Can you have a bacterial infection without discharge? It drives me CRAZY sometimes, the only thing that calms it is gold bond ointment, which is minty and refreshing but I'd like no itch. No "rash" that I can see, unless I give in and scratch.
Avatar f tn I would ask/demand if you have to that another ultrasound be done on your neck..if you can't find a good/willing endocrinologist, then maybe a good ear, nose, and throat specialist can help find the problem. My thyroid issues were discovered by my GYN, but I was only going to her and no one else at the time.
Avatar n tn However, it is close to the lump we found on the back of my neck. I don't know how long I had the lump on the back of my neck. It could have been a very long time or something that has developed in the past 1/2 year or so (that's when we found it). The neck pain I have had has been years and I always just thought it was a stiff neck, but, now wonder if it was this "lump" all along.
290592 tn?1205775276 Which would make 3 total bulging discs in my neck currently. I had a small bulging disc at C2- C3 before surgery that my doctor left alone. It seems like my doctor is blowing me off and doesn't believe I am in this much pain still. I also have problems in my lumbar spine a hernated disc and an annular tear. I have had scatica from it. I had epidural steriod shots earlier this year and got the problem in control. However that has suddenly returned as well.
Avatar n tn I just noticed lump on the back of my head just left of my right ear, about two inches up from my hair line. I haven't bumped into to anything. It feels like a hard similar to the way your elbow feels. I just noticed it today.
Avatar n tn I don't necessarily have ear fullness, but the area behind my ears near the jaw feels odd inside. Almost like they are swollen. It is hard to explain. I am at a loss of what do do next.
Avatar n tn He thought that it might be calcifications in her main artery that goes up behind her ear, or in her ear (somewhere close). So, he put her on some medicine for it and it stopped. So, you might want to get that checked out.