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Avatar n tn I have had myself tested for std's nothing came out...I do have these bumps on my penis itself and under my glans which is normal. My urologist gave me meds for urethral irritation and some soap... [IMG]
Avatar n tn After internet research (which as overwhelmingly increased my anxiety), have have not been able identifiy what this might be.It seems it could be any of the typical bumps. Is the glans to be smooth or are there skin varients and such like this that are common, or could these be very small warts?I will see a doc again if my anxiety continues, however I hope they can see them. Thx again.
Avatar n tn Right now I have 5 of them that are noticable in different areas of the glans. They don't itch or hurt and seem to be just under the small layer covering the glans. Sometimes these seem to go away for a few days and come back and sometimes they stay for a while. For example, I have had one that has been there for 3 weeks. I have tried hydrocortisone cream which doesn't seem to always work. A few times it seems to make them better but won't work on all spots.
Avatar m tn ) are not infectious and require no treatment. Very small shiny pink bumps on the glans may be lichen planus. Sometimes the papules have fine scales and sometimes they are smooth. They often appear in a ring or in a line. They may or may not be itchy. Similar lesions may appear on other areas of the body, especially the wrists and shins. Lichen planus is not infectious or harmful, but it does respond to medical treatment. Most cases self resolve within a year.
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently had protected sex (unprotected oral sex though) about 15 days ago and about 3 days ago noticed small red painless bumps on the head of my penis and under the foreskin. It seems to me like the spots mirror each other from the foreskin to the head of the penis. They range in size from very small pin sized to the size of a normal pimple. I've been reading up on all the symptoms of herpes and see that some people can have no symptoms or very light ones, and am pretty freaked out.
Avatar m tn I have recently had unprotected sex with a girl I barely know, although she said she was clean. About a week later, a noticed a small raised area of flesh colored bumps on the right side of my glans penis near the entrance of the urethra. The bumps are almost the exact same color as my skin, but its a noticieably raised line of several flesh colored bumps.
Avatar m tn Right after (same day) a bought of very brief (10 seconds) unprotected vaginal sex (I'm the guy) before putting a condom on to finish the job I was examining my penis and I discovered some small bumps under my penis head. some of them look like the "pearl" condition I've read about, but there are several (2 or 3) small clusters of bumps under my penis head and I don't know what they are.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor Rockoff, About three months ago I noticed these white raised areas under my foreskin. I have pearly papules on my glans, but these bumps are a bit lower. Because the skin folds in this location, they stand out better when the skin is stretched. I went to a STD clinic to have these examined and the nurse said she didn't see anything other than normal skin. Under the bright light, the bumps themselves should have been visable.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago after having protected sex with my girlfriend these small red bumps appeared on the glans of my penis. They were sore for like a day then after that they started drying up and just becoming dry spots and then went away and about three more just appeared and I cant figure out what it is. From pictures of std's it does not look like any of them it is not clustered just three random bumps. I can provide pictures if necessary. Please help!
7916902 tn?1395353703 About 2 months ago under the glans of my penis there appeared two blood-filled bladders (or bumps, or papules... I don't know which word should I use to describe them...) that seem to be located on two small veins running there. They become visible only after erection and it looks like the blood was gathering there like it couldn't make a clear way through the veins, like something was blocking its flow. At least that's how it appears to me...
Avatar n tn It was 24 hours, the morning after. I hadnt washed my penis until then. The tiny bumps have changed a bit. now some have a small white dot of fluid in them, could this be a normal progression of a blister, from the friction or could this indicate balamitis because my partners vaginal secretions staying on me for too long. Im relieved either way. I will post this question tommorow, as i said, i dont know if docotors reply to comments or just questions.
Avatar m tn i have these skin colour bumps all around my penis under the head. they dont itch or hurt!
Avatar n tn Hi, I have like reddish bumps right under the head of my penis, and near the elbow. They turn clear when i squeeze them and someone told me already on here that it is probably hives. But they haven't gone away in a while, and ive had them for quite some time now, so i am wondering if there is any thing i can do with them.
Avatar n tn I have noticed a series of red dots (pin head size) on my penis glans that are under the skin. They do not form bumps or lumps and when I stretch the skin, they are not as visible. No pain or itching associated with these bumps. They never appear to surface and are not filled with fluid. I also cannot notice them unless the penis is flaccid and the glans is pale.
Avatar n tn My 3 year old son has white/light yellow bumps under the skin of his penis head. They are ranging from the size of a pea to the size of a small bean. They do not seem to bother him and can only be seen when the foreskin is retracted. They are soft, they move a little but are fixed in place. There is no scaring. The bumps are fully under the skin circling the penis head ridge where the head joins the shaft. There are about 4-5 of these bumps. Does anyone know what these could be?
Avatar n tn They are barely detectable, noticeable only under direct light and when I stretch out my glans. In more detail, this small cluster of tiny bumps are the same color as my glans. When stretched out, they appear slightly lighter in color. When rubbing it, it does not give the feeling of having water/pus/liquid etc. underneath it. These bumps are around or less than a millimeter wide. They have never ulcerated or caused any breaking of the skin.
Avatar m tn Hi 4 months ago i had some kind of bacterial/fungus infection which caused frequent urination & burning sensation and there were small raised red bumps on my glans and also there was very bad smell ( i am not circumsizedd by the way). I went to Dermatologist and they prescribed me antibiotics for 10 days ( i think it was cipra 500) and also suggested to use Ketokanazole shampoo on my glans for 10 days.
Avatar n tn It has been about six months and my glans under my foreskin seems to be shedding a lot. I can rub my thumb over it and it seems the skin comes off. I also had a few white looking bumps that when rubbed they seemed to rub off and leave a red dot which left small crater. I am terrified because I don't have any pain or itching or pain urinating. I have had no discharge and this started a couple of months after I had that sexual encounter with that girl.
Avatar n tn For the last 10 years I have had a number of small white growths on the base of my glans penis under the foreskin. I went to the doctor and he described them as nothing to worry about and called them hopertrophy of palilea or hirsuit folicularis. I presume these are protruding hair folicles or something like that. They are sensitive and I would like to have them removed or treated as they are usightly. Do you know of any treatments or where I can get further information on the subject.
Avatar n tn i have this small open cut under my penis (head) . i notice it after a night of sex. in witch my girl dryed out and i still kept on. a few day later one morning i awoke with an erection. and my penis rubed the bed. that is when i felt the pain. its been 4 days and i have been putting neosporn on it. i have not really seen a sign of healing. if any one has gone through this and has any tips on healing. please respond as soon as you see this ..
Avatar n tn So, this started several months ago, under the glans, neck of glans, there is a line of probably 4-5 small circular spots, probably an inch all together, each one VERY small that are whitish in color and are very hard to see. At first glance i thought they were something of herpes, but they are not blisters at all. and when you rub them its almost like its dead skin. Problem is, when i have sex, this line of bumps opens and stings just like a cut.
Avatar m tn Hi 4 months ago i had some kind of bacterial/fungus infection which caused frequent urination & burning sensation and there were small raised red bumps on my glans and also there was very bad smell ( i am not circumsizedd by the way). I went to Dermatologist and they prescribed me antibiotics for 10 days ( i think it was cipra 500) and also suggested to use Ketokanazole shampoo on my glans for 10 days.
Avatar m tn plus i'm just really freaked out by the whole thing. first for the last 4 years i've had a slight discoloration and some small bumps on the head of my penis. i am circumsized. it feels maybe a tiny bit more sensitive than the rest of the head of the penis, but i feel like maybe it's just psychological. second on either side of the penis, on the foreskin there is persistent dryness. there are lines that look like dryness.
Avatar m tn About two days later after masturbating in the shower, I noticed a small sore on the left side of my penis head (glans) that really freaked me out, but after two days the store was completely gone with no noticeable remnants. January 2007: while at work waiting tables (I never wore underwear), my penis head started to become very irritated and sore from rubbing the inside of my pants while I walked.
Avatar m tn Two weeks after intercourse, I noticed a couple of tiny bumps on both sides of the frenulum between the glans and foreskin. They are red and, upon closer exmaination, seem to have some whiteness in a couple of them. I have read as much as I can online and have looked at pictures of mild & severe cases. Nothing seems to come close to my bumps except maybe the very early stages of tiny herpes bumps.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been experiencing two small patches of bumps under the foreskin of my penis for the last month and a half. They are about dime sized in area, with the bumps being tiny but varying in size. The bumps are slightly redder than my skin tone, but do not stand out significantly. Several times the head of my penis has been slightly redder and looked a little puffy while feeling sensitive, but it has always disapppeared a few hours after washing/drying.
Avatar m tn Other possibility is Fordyce’s spots which are small bright red papules appearing on the glans, shaft or scrotum.They are painless nonitchy.They are abnormally dilated blood vessels covered by thickened skin. Other possibility is hair follicles and sweat glands. It will be best to seek the opinion of a urologist and get reassured. I hope you find this information useful. Kind regards!