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Avatar n tn Over a period of 3 hours, my lips had gone from having 2 small patches of barely visible bumps on my upper lip, to having both lips rather swollen and covered with what appeared to be small blisters. Anyway, my doctor said that what I have appears to be some sort of combination between a viral infection, a bacterial infection, and an allergic reaction. It was all likely caused when my lips got very chapped one night last week, they started cracking and apparently got infected.
Avatar n tn About a week ago i noticed a patch of non-itchy fine bumps on the right side of my neck. Shortly after i got small itchy bumps on my lips, i thought i was getting a cold sore because i have had a few outbreaks before. i apply acyclovir cream and cymex on it but these did not help much.
Avatar f tn Today has made 2 days since I had sex and I used a condom every time me and my boyfriend were active. It was a little rough and two days later I wake up with a itch on my vagina lips with small red bumps. I looked inside and seen something small at the bottom. I need help and wanna make sure this isn't herpes help please!!!
Avatar f tn The bumps on the lips look like a lump that is under the skin. In fact, they're kind of hard to even see except that they are making the lips droop and crinkle in a weird way. When I run my finger down the lips, I feel them easily, and they are painful when I press on them (and painful when I don't now too). They look most like a large pimple that is under the skin. I forgot to mention that when I went to the doctor on Sept. 7, I only had 2 bumps on my vaginal lips.
Avatar m tn She had a bad pap after about a year together and tested positive for High Risk HPV, we think her ex boyfriend passed it to her. I have tiny white dots on my lips from the day after we were first together, people call them fordyces, I know they are from the HPV due to having bad canker sores, sore lips with a breakout and then left with white lip dots after.
Avatar m tn She had a bad pap after about a year together and tested positive for High Risk HPV, we think her ex boyfriend passed it to her. I have tiny white dots on my lips from the day after we were first together, people call them fordyces, I know they are from the HPV due to having bad canker sores, sore lips with a breakout and then left with white lip dots after.
Avatar n tn Over the past almost two weeks now I have developed a number of other bumps, all on my lips, but none of them have burst, grown particularly large, or scabbed over, as I have read cold sores do. My lips still feel rough from all the bumps and itch, though the itch is temporarily subdued if I use vaseline lip balm on it. I was also recently on antibiotics for a sinus infection. These symptoms appeared as I was completing the antibiotics course. Could there be a correlation between the two?
Avatar f tn Ok so I got foydes spots I no but on the top of my lip therea patch of cut/rough skin and in the inside are like 3 small then foydes spots bumps and I went down on a girl and think it could be something
Avatar f tn what is the cause of these small bumps on my upper lip they don't hurt but if i pick them something always comes out than blood and than it turns into a coldsore on my lip or i don't pick them they stay there for a long time , what should i do , my top lip is also dry at times making it look rough i use blistex and sometimes abrva
Avatar n tn For the last 20 years I have gotten small red bumps on the sides of my fingers. They don't blister. They start out as one or two and then I might get a few more and they seem to cluster up on only the sides of my fingers. They are not itchy but they are sore to the touch when you run your finger over them. It feels like you have a splinter. They are slightly raised and red in color. They will stay for varying lengths of time and then dry up and go away.
Avatar n tn I have these little white bumps on my upper lip, and i think i got them from using chapstick, maybe an allergic reaction? Nobody has used my chapstick at all, just me. Homecoming is this saturday and i want to know what the white bumps are. I applied chapstick almost every hour to hour and a half today, and i circled my lips with the chapstick about two times, maybe more. The bumps are very small, they can only be seen if i look carefully in the mirror.
Avatar n tn I also noticed that it seems to cut down on the red bumps I get on my thighs once in a while. The bumps on my thighs are something I have had ever since I was a kid (on and off). They are different than the bumps on my eyes however. The little bumps on my thighs are more like pimples and come and go. Anyway, it seems like when I take the Oil of Oregano, my skin is much better looking as a whole and those go away.
Avatar m tn Hello, The bump on lips can be due to folliculitis or boil but for the bumps on penis, warts should be ruled out. Warts are small painless growth on skin caused by Human Papilloma Virus. These can be light or dark. They are usually oval in growth and raised forming rough surface in the skin. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn But after our fourth time together my lips got really swollen especially on the right side and burns wehn i pee,i bleed a lil ,and it hurts aloT! i ahve no cottage cheese looking discharge or distinct smell.and that was about seven months ago. Since then it has been happening i thought i might be alergic to condoms,but it happens even when we dont use one. Thought it might be intercourse but it happens even with just touching .
Avatar n tn The next day it looked like the small cuts became white heads and some sores were on the inside of the inner lips of my vagina. I laid in a hot bath and used antibacterial soap then put baby powder on it and went to bed. I haven't been wearing any tight clothing and try to lay in bed a much as possible so nothing irritates it any more. After reading alot on the Internet, I daignosed myself with a yeast infection. I've had uti's before but this fealt different.
Avatar m tn org/posts/Dermatology/tiny-bumps-on-lips/show/719029?personal_page_id=1675562#post_5959889 The only problem is, I tried several of the things recommended on that question, I put Blixtex on, I cleaned my lips with alcohol, I put on antibiotic ointment and nothing helped. Then, this morning over a period of about 3 hours, the 2 small patches gone away but in their place these larger red bumps about 1-2mm in size appeared all over my upper lip and in some places on my lower lip.
Avatar n tn I applied acyclovir ointment and they subsided, but since then my upper lip has been incredibly itchy and burning, with a strange chapped quality similar what normally happens when I apply H-bomb ointment to my lips (small, itchy, rough dots), which I haven't done. Chapstick only aggravates my symptoms and I stopped applying acyclovir after the first night. Any idea what this could be and what I should do about it? I have no health insurance at the moment. I'm 24, female, smoker.
Avatar n tn I still have a cracked tooth but my dentist said that it is very small and if it doesn't bother me too much, to leave it for now. I've had these little white bumps under my tongue, on the roof of my mouth towards the back and on the inside of my lower lip for about a year and a half. They do not hurt. They are uncomfortable as my mouth feels rough using my tongue. They just appeared one day.
Avatar n tn When the bumps appear, it is usually two at a time sometimes even three (two on the left and one on the right or vise versa). The bumps first swell, the skin on the bump then turns into a pinkish-red color; the bumps sometimes itch as well as become sore. They become soft, and eventually cause a white or yellowish discharge if I mess with them. Then, after two to three weeks they curst over and disappear (then come again a month or two later).
Avatar n tn last nite i had sex with my girlfriend, she was really wet and we had unprotected sex, shes on the pill, we like it rough, really rough, and i happnd 2 look @ my penis and noticed it was blood, i thought @ 1st that it was from her but upon further investigation i realized it was from me, im uncircumsized and tha head is very tender, i noticed i hav a cut on tha inside part of my foreskin. Should i be worried or will it heal over time? should i go see a dr? or should i juss go get circumsized?
Avatar n tn From the description of the condition of your daughter, it seems she might have been diagnosed with scabies, which is a common childhood skin infection that causes small itchy bumps and blisters on the skin. The causative organism is a mite, which burrows into the skin. The lesions can appear around the hands and feet (including elbows, wrists and between the fingers) and also genitals, navel, and buttocks.
Avatar n tn I started having this colourless small dots on my lip(the upper part) two days ago. It feels like it's dry and somewhat burnt like your sides of the mouth is starting to crack that kind of feeling. However when i waited for it to crack it did not happen. So i thought maybe it's allergic to something. The day before i had them i was using this lip gloss that i just bought but nothing happened on the bottom of my lip just the upper one.
Avatar n tn I have noticed some small (soft, not rough or hard) bumps on the outside of my vagina and was a little worried. They seem to flatten out at different times, which is strange, because they re-appear. My husband and I have never been intimate with anyone else, so I'm not worried about disease. I'm thinking it might be some sort of fungus or yeast reaction? I am very prone to UTI's, but haven't had any since I've been pregnant (due to all the yogurt, cottage cheese, and vitamins I've been taking).
Avatar n tn The problem with me is worse though. He gets cold sores on his lips sometimes.. Well, I have 3 small bumps on different parts of my vagina, somewhere in between painful and itchy. Thing that ***** most? I have a UTI so it burns like fu*k when I pee, plus if the pee touches any of the bumps it burns even more. I ahve no idea what the bumps are, but I'm hoping to go to a doctor ASAP. I'm only 27. So the only reason I haven't gone yet is because I'm embarrassed to tell my mom.
Avatar n tn what are tiny white bumps on upper lip none painful comes and goes? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Recurring White Bumps on Lips</a>.
Avatar n tn I get the little bumps on my hands (palms mostly but sometimes up on my fingers depending on the severity of the "break out") and on my feet (much rarer). I went to the doctor for it as a child eveytime it happened and after years of lotions, creams and steroids it still is hasn't gone away, although I've started to note patterns of break outs and they've gotten less frequent and severe. I've found at least 3 seperate triggers that cause break outs for me. The first is stress.