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Avatar n tn Husband was brought to the ER with a suspected TIA (sudden blurred spotty vision, weakness (bilaterally), slurred speech). They did blood work and a CT scan (which was normal) in the ER and released him with a referral to the Stroke Clinic. April 8th I took him back to the ER because he experience sudden (15-30 second) weakness in one hand and had an ongoing feeling of motion / slow vision like he was “on a boat”.
667445 tn?1230754138 And as Speech and Language Therapy etc all costs money, you can bet your life that as soon as they think he doesn't need it they will pull out that support. There is no way that speech therapy can slow down or be detrimental to his speech development. So if he does end up speaking normally then you haven't lost anything. If you refuse and your child does not have speech therapy until they are 6+, then, by that age, he will be much further behind.
Avatar n tn IN ADDITION TO to the medical referrals have you considered a referral to a Speech Pathologist (SLP). Speech difficulties present differently for various neurological diagnosis, for example people with ALS typically have difficulty with maintaining speech for the duration of a longer sentence or conversation where as persons who are post stroke or injury to the motor areas may have difficulty throughout the conversation but it doesn't necessarily become harder as the conversation continues.
Avatar f tn Recently (about three months ago) I began experiencing slurred speech and am often at a loss of words (which is a problem since I am an English teacher). This seems to be increasing in occurrence recently. I am very active and healthy (128lbs, 5' 6''). I exercise regularly and eat pretty well. I do not drink alcohol, smoke, or partake in any other illegal substances. I do not drink coffee, but I do drink caffeinated diet pop (between 12-24 oz. a day). I am not on any medications.
Avatar f tn 8 weeks ago I had a sudden onset of heavy coordination and slurred, very slow speech. I was hospitalized as they thought I had a stroke. My hands curled towards me and my legs dragged as I walked into the ER. They did a CT scan, MRI, MRA, chest X-ray and blood work. The speech therapist said that it seemed as though my problem was coming from 2 parts of my brain, lower and higher in the brain. My eyes wanted to fix in a daze and I seemed distant although I knew everything going on around me.
167 tn?1374177417 My son is 14 months old. He has no speech whatsoever. He says not one word. He understands few. He understands when we say dance (he loves to dance and loves music!), milk, and book. He knows who we are talking about when we say a name of one of his siblings or Mommy and Daddy. He also knows pat a cake and peekaboo and knows he needs to hold a phone near his ear to hear someone. Think I should I be concerned? For those of you that have children near the same age, what are your children doing?
Avatar f tn He hates being alone, apears to look to others for ques how to act at all times, has very poor social skills, takes things very literal, and has clear speech but it is still hard to understand what he is trying to say because of the content of his sentences. He also gets concusions from simple falls that would not affect other people the way they do him. I have been trying to get him help since he was very young (2) but still do not feel he has been properly diagnosed.
Avatar f tn I have an 8 year old duaghter that was recently diagnosed as Aspergers, but as I research the disorder I am not certain the diagnosis is accurate. She doesn't have any problems with ey contact or being socially withdrawn, more than anything she is overly social to the point of inappropriate.
Avatar m tn The symptoms continued for about 4 1/2 months during which time I developed new symptoms including numbness in my face/head/extremities, slurred speech, sleeplessness, and severe fatigue. I also lost my job as I was unable to perform. Fortunately, I was still employed at the end of the year and qualified for the ACA. By the time I got to see the Neurologist, the symptoms had stopped entirely. He was still very concerned and said he wanted to do some tests.
911669 tn?1294102788 Good morning everyone, I just went and saw a speech pathologist yesterday for my swallowing issues. It was very informative for me. She gave me a number of tongue and swallowing exercises to increase strength at the base of my tongue. She also is suggesting to my neuro a modified barium swallow to see where things stand. I go back to my neuro next month for followup.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to our little MS community, To be honest, there isn't anything that you've mentioned that is highly suggestive of MS in general, and for there to be the potential of it being a neurological condition like MS, you need to have some clinical signs of neurological abnormality (found in your neurological exam) and objective test evidence eg MRI, LP, VEP etc that is suggestive or consistent with a diagnosis (dx) of MS.
Avatar f tn he needed some help with handwriting early on and things like that though. Speech can be very frustrating for a little one. Now, we did a speech evaluation at 3 years old here. not sure when they did them there. One thing that helped before that was a cd I got called "Speechercize". I got ours on ebay. It is mouth exercises for kids that is set to music and kids think is fun. It works it's way into making sounds.
Avatar n tn He also has a lowered body temperature, rapid pulse rate, and slow/slurred speech. He has seen neurologists and ENTs and has tried acupuncture and chiropractic care. He has had a CT for his Sinuses, MRI on his, Inner Ear Testing ,Allergy Testing, an X-Ray on his Neck, an EEG, and has had an EKG, Sleep Study, Spinal Tap, and Neuro Psych Testing, as well as many blood and urine tests. He has been diagnosed with anxiety and it seems many of the doctors want to attribute all of this to anxiety.
Avatar n tn Delayed speech with heaviness and numbness in the tongue can all lead to slurred speech or dysarthria. Dysarthria refers to slow and distorted speech, such as slurring. It results from the inability to control or coordinate the muscles used in speaking. It could be caused due to traumatic head injury, stroke, bell’s palsy, degenerative diseases of the brain etc. I think in your mother’s case it could most probably be stroke or bell’s palsy.
5153554 tn?1365434305 I take two medications for Bipolar Disorder - Gabapentin (300mg twice a day) & Klonopin 0.5 twice a day). Sometimes my speech is slower, especially if I'm in a depressive phase, which I seem to be in now. Although slower speech (not slurred) had been observed prior to medication, along with confusion & memory loss before my diagnosis. I am getting out of a manic stage, where my speech was rapid. (No sleep, agitation, spending sprees, etc).
Avatar n tn Recently he was diagnosed with a speech disorder. What does this really mean? Is he slow? Will he learn to speak? We have been working with him on sign language and he has really picked up on it quick, but is this teaching him not to talk? Right now he has a vocabulary of 17 words, most of them he says pretty clear, but he has not been progressing with more words, is there still a chance that he will just start talking and catch up to the "normal 50 word vocabulary" for 2 year olds?
Avatar n tn He was evaluated (in our small town) at 18 months, and there was no real diagnosis; his parents were just given suggestions to improve speech skills. They are not educated and now that he's talking at all--they feel like everything is fine! Whereas I believe there's a severe problem here that needs early intervention (far sooner than now, actually). They did apply for Head Start but were told that they make too much money.
Avatar m tn she then had very slow response time when answering questions and her speech became very slow and jerked as she would try get the words out. her legs felt heavy and she could not walk. after 2 hours at the hospital she said she felt like a small child in the mind and her speech remained very slow and jerked and she could not walk unassistaed with very little control of her legs.
Avatar f tn He is now age 8 and he has weekly speech therapy from a speech therapist which is practised daily in school with a TA. Although my son is on the autistic spectrum, he is quite mildly affected in some of the more typically autistic traits eg. he does want to play with other children, but is just learning how to initiate play.
168006 tn?1241016561 The speech therapy seemed struggling/slow at first, when he was 3 he had the speech level of a 15 month old and I was still devastated. By the time he was about 3 1/2 or 4 (he is 9 now) he finally picked up and started speaking a lot more. His speech is fine now but I cannot te you the amount of sleep I lost and concern I had over it for YEARS. If your insurance covers it, it doesnt hurt to get a speech eval or speech therapy - we went through Easter Seals so didnt have to pay anything.
1493284 tn?1294879312 I was alert and sober every time it happened, and each time it shocked me, because mushy speech was just not what I was expecting to come out of my mouth-- Basically I end up replacing "S" with "Sh" so "noodles" becomes "noodlesh." Neuro has referred me for a swallow study and visit with a speech pathologist--- was just wondering what others' experiences have been? If there was a specific lesion causing something, why would it just be every now and then?
Avatar f tn A few weeks into it he started having horrific headaches coupled with numbness in his hands and slurred speech. I immediately took our primary and she sent him to a neurologist. They did an MRI of the head and that is how it was discovered. His herniation is 8mm bilaterally whatever that means. We are going for a spinal MRI to check for the "pockets" of spinal fluid. We live in NY so I am thinking of using a neurosurgeon at Columbia Presbyterian hospital in the city.
Avatar f tn A month after his third birthday he was actually diagnosed with ADHD. I understand this diagnosis its rarely given before 5 due to"toddler symptoms" being similar. So I hope that gives you some idea of how severe this is. The neurologist that diagnosed him said it was the worst case he had seen in his 20 years. He also held off on actually giving us a diagnosis so he could be e evaluated for other conditions and disabilities without the ADHD diagnosis influencing their determination.
Avatar n tn Fetal alcohol syndrome is a diagnosis. However she should also be seen by a speech and language therapist to assess her own speech abilities and her ability to follow language (as you say she appears to forget familiar words, doesn't respond to directions/questions etc). The speech therapist should also assess her working memory, auditory memory, social skills etc. A clinical psychologist should assess her emotional responses and understanding, her cognitive ability, her bonding issues etc.
Avatar f tn On the way to hospital everything slowed down in my mind and speech. I still have slurred, slow, jerky speech and twitching in my upper back when i walk. MRI, CT, blood tests, EEG all clear to rule out stroke or tumour or lesions. I was released with the neurologists saying it'll just go away in a few weeks. Even suggested psych review which again cleared me for any psychological issues. They said they have no explanation but are so confident it will go away. It's very frustrating.....
Avatar n tn It is possible that stress has had an impact on your son's speech and the stress may well have pre-dated his official diagnosis, where it may've been brought on by not feeling well, not being able to express what felt wrong, and/or detecting stress reactions in family members responding to his needs. You're all very new in managing diabetes, and it's quite common that families need some extra support.
379971 tn?1232385410 So, where in the world do you go to finally get a diagnosis? As we watched TV this week there was a man that had lost the feeling in his right arm and he was no longer able to play the piano. 20 years later they gave him a diagnosis and some botox and he is playing again. Do I have to wait 20 years?
Avatar m tn During this time it's hard to use this hand for much of anything. When this is going on, he also seems to slow/slur his speech, or be at a loss for words (takes a while to get out what he's trying to say), and says he isn't feeling quite right. His head might also be slightly shaking, but it could be from the hand/arm movement. These episodes last anywhere from just a few minutes to an hour or more. Then, he's back to normal.
Avatar m tn Ongoing Lethargy and fatigue Migraine with and without Aura diagnosed in 5th grade. These attacks are intermittent and minimal lately and can involve slurred speech and numbness. Persistent visual disturbances---make it hard to read...flashing lights, floaters, visual snow. Mental Fog ongoing--hard to focus, word finding and memory issues. Anxiety Intolerance to bright lights and loud noises Occasional hand tremor Occasional ringing in the ears.