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Avatar n tn is there something i can do or some medication i can take for these horrible night sweats? i have been diagnosed with necrotic cirrhosis,i no longer drink,and am currently taking furosemide and nadalol.i am also on a 2 gram sodium resticted diet.and for anyone who sees this, PLEASE STOP DRINKING NOW! THAT STUFF WILL KILL YOU!
Avatar n tn We are used to the Hypo induced sweating at night but recently he has been experiencing terrible night sweats which are NOT related to a hypo. He has been waking up drenched, and going hot and cold and we are both losing sleep - with full time jobs and young children this is getting tricky!
736293 tn?1316521442 i am also having night sweats for the first time within the past week and it's driving me nuts, i'm always hot and waking up all nasty and sweaty. i have the air on like 68 and still burning up so idk whats going on either, but i guess it's normal.
Avatar n tn I haven’t been bitten by anything other then the dreaded North Caroline Fire Ants as far as I know. During these episodes I sleep on average of about 3 hours per night which is causing problems with my job, driving safety, as well as causing problems with my marriage. If it’s linked to the Nerve damage at least that’s something I can learn to deal with, but if not I’d really like to know of something I can suggest to my Doctor that it could be, maybe something he’s not looking for.
Avatar m tn I started getting night sweats after I came back from Iraq a few years ago. They have showed up off and on since then when I am under stress or anxiety. I usually would wake up in panic and so on. I am on Zoloft and I take an Ativan before bed because lately I have been having major panic attacks during the day, and my mind just races with thoughts I can't control.
636136 tn?1228647980 Having night sweats from the shoulders up, it happens once every month but lately it's been alot, what can I do?????I cant sleep and I am very restless and no one gets the rest!
Avatar n tn Dear Kelley Night sweats can occur from several causes such as tuberculosis, thyroid problems, anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder etc. Eventhough night sweats can occur in anxiety disorders, I would recommend that you first consult your physician for a comprehensive evaluation to rule out any medical causes that may be contributing to the symptoms and then consult a psychiatrist for adequate treatment.
Avatar f tn I don't have a definately answer on your night sweats - but may I ask ? Why did you have thryoid surgery on a beign nodule?
703031 tn?1398966907 I am a 33 year old female and have recently begun to experience night sweats. (approx. the past 6 to 8 weeks). Some nights I sweat enough to soak my hair and pillow and a portion of the sheets. Other nights, I wake up soaked from head to toe where I need to towel off and change my sheets. Should I contact my doctor and make an appointment? I hate going in for something that is "completely normal" My room isn't hot at all.
Avatar f tn I don't skip nights with my sweats it happens every night.. Recently I have been having papilations that last longer than they use to, one episode had me shaking my head to catch my breath. I have been to the doc several time had my thyroid checked and all the doctor told me was I may just be a person who sweats a lot I had never had this problem before this past year could I be going through menopause?
Avatar n tn I have been having terrible night sweats for 4 months. I can't tie that date to having started any new medications. I have tried to research all the medications I am on and to date have not figured out which one is causing the night sweats. Do you have any ideas for additional resources where I might be able to find an answer? Or do you know if any of these medications cause night sweats? Will they eventually go away or is there any treatment?
Avatar n tn I am 39 and for the past 12 months have experienced alot o anxiety,body is very hot at night, can't get to sleep or hotness wakes me, as ell as the hoteness i have palpatations and feeling iam going to faint.
382594 tn?1266614213 Has anyone on Paxil experienced night sweats? I've been taking Paxil for about a month and 1/2 10mg a day and in the past week I've woken up drenched. Any input on this? Thanks!
4916067 tn?1360978562 GIGI sweats at night also.. Her belly is damp to the touch when she wakes up in the morning and it's not pee. She sleeps in bed and I would know if she peed. It's strange.
411101 tn?1202279186 For the pas few weeks i have been having nights sweats at night. I am so sensitive to warm rooms where if i am too hot i can not sleep therefore i always keep my room cool. when ever i wake up and i am cold, so i know my sweating is not from hot inviroment. I also been experincing tingling in my left arms and going down to my hand and fingers. It feels strange. I have also been overly fatigued too.
Avatar n tn My son sweats very heavily during the first 2 - 4 hours of sleep at night (enough to drench the bed), or even when napping. He stops sweating later in the early morning hours, and his body is usually cool and dry. During the day he runs and plays, eats well, and doesn't seem to show any other adverse symptoms.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much for your response. So I take it as my night sweats are not true night sweats? Is drenching an requirement to be considered a "true night sweat" ? Again thank you so much for your response. I have read the other post that were close to mine, I just wanted a more personal response, and I thank you for that!!
Avatar m tn I am very worried because about a week after the encounter, I developed a fever of 100 degrees F and the very same night I started with severe drenching night sweats. Yes these were the real deal. Soaked bed all the way through. Head to toe sweats soaking pillow, bed sheets right thru to the mattress. Could not sleep in the bed. I was afraid to go to bed at night. This happened every single night after I fell asleep for about 2 weeks complete with fever.
Avatar m tn I am a 40 yo woman. I've been suffering from drenching night sweats for nearly 3 years. They started out being only 1 or 2 times a week, now it's nearly every night. I have to get up to change clothes or put a towel down anywhere from 1 to 5 times a night, as I soak through the clothing and the sheets. I have Hashimoto's and am taking desicated porcine hormone. My Drs. havr checked fsh, lh, and estrogen and they are normal, as is my cbc (with an occasionally slightly elevated RDC) .
Avatar m tn It got markedly worse mid December when I started having drenching sweats that are just now starting to subside. The night sweats really worry me besides interrupting sleep, I think there might be something else going on. To my knowledge, my Dr. hasn't checked other hormones. I also haven't had any weight gain.
Avatar n tn I have tried to get answers from GP's and GYN surgeons on the NHS (I'm in the UK), but none have been helpful in the slightest. I've kept a calendar of symptoms (night sweats is one of several PMS problems I've had, however night sweats is the most troubling for me), yet none even touched it, much less showed the slightest interest in reviewing it. I am moving to a new country next year and will look into what options are available there.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am starting to worry about this now, i am a 17 (turning 18) year old boy and i exercise regularly, Non-smoker, Non-drinker and non-drug user.
798555 tn?1292791151 It is my sleep issues that led me to discover my thyroid problems. I wake up to 8 times a night with night sweats. (completely soaked) I am peri-menapausal, but I have absolutely no hot flashes during the day and no other menapausal symptoms and the doc seems to think that they are so extreme because of thyroid issues. I have been on a long road over the last year and am having my thyroid removed on the 3rd because of size, compression symptoms and inconclusive biopsies.
230948 tn?1235847929 I get the sweats too, I went through the menopause some time ago and have been having problems with my thermostat both before and since. Night sweats mean I take stuff off, duvet, clothes - everything!, chills mean I put more stuff on - layering is the only answer. Your not alone - I find this a pain as the heat problem makes everything else feel worse too.
Avatar n tn I am a 64 year old woman, i have not had one full night sleep for some time. I go to bed when i feel tired and then as soon as i lay down i am wide awake and alert, I have many times got up and read etc till am falling asleep, go back to bed to or if already in, lay down., and again im alert and totally awake . I do not sleep more than 2 hours duration ever, even if exhausted from heavy activity during the day.
Avatar m tn I've been using sage, making tea with fresh leaves which I take throughout the day, (its a bit yuk but you get used to it) and taking menoforce supplement,(pure sage extract) because night sweats are worse than day time hot flushes, I take the menoforce at night, I'm now getting wakened up later than before by around 2 hours a night.
Avatar n tn I have been having night sweats for approx past 6 months. They are bad enough to soak my pj's. I also had an extreme heart rate at last dr visit. I have been keeping a log of my temp for a week now. Seems my temp is fine during the day and before bed, then I wake up maybe an hour into sleep with the sweating and a fever of 99 to 100.5. This is every night. I do have weakness and fatigue, but believe those are due to my liver cirhosis, which started in 2004 when my liver went into failure.
Avatar n tn I was dx hypothyroid in Jun '08 and most of the time now, I'm cold, except for the night sweats. Not sure if the sweats are a thyroid issue or something else - would love for someone to shed some light on it.