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Avatar n tn Do you know why you get sleep paralysis? Such as stress, random sleep eppisodes, naps during the day, etc etc. Also, do you get pain in the neck? Like a stricking pain going up your neck, it's a fast but very uncomfortable experience.
Avatar n tn Hi, Sedation is not general aneasthesia. Sedation will put you in a deep sleep state and you will be simultaneously given pain killers for pain relief. General anesthesia would involve paralysing your respiratory muscles and putting in a tube in your wind pipe for artificial ventilation. Dont worry, discuss all this in detail with your anesthesiologist and dental surgeon. All your doubts should be cleared so that you are not very anxious prior to the procedure. Goodluck.
Avatar m tn i constantly am tired...i get sleep paralysis 1 to 2 times a week.... when i wake up sometimes it feels like my dream is still going on, i almost fall asleep in classes, and I have at work. What should I do? My treatment options I was told were beta blockers or basically dealing with Maxalt every attack every time.
1705476 tn?1307657689 Also wondering if it s normal to have throbbing pain during sleep paralysis? It only happens in one body part at a time, most often it's my neck, every couple seconds it's excruciating pain, and if I try to move at all it gets even worse, one time it it was in my head and it literally felt like my brain was going to pop out of my head :s ...
2038180 tn?1329864906 During sleep, the body cycles between non-REM and REM sleep. Typically, people begin the sleep cycle with a period of non-REM sleep followed by a very short period of REM sleep. Dreams generally occur in the REM stage of sleep. Intense dreaming occurs during REM sleep as a result of heightened brain activity, but paralysis occurs simultaneously in the major voluntary muscle groups. REM is a mixture of encephalic (brain) states of excitement and muscular immobility.
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum, yes it can be sleep paralysis. You may be having sleep disorder such as a form of parasomnias. Few of the individuals are known to suffer from parasomnias esp. when they are on non-benzodiazepine sedatives, drug abuse etc. otherwise no definitive cause exists in few individuals apart from stress, positive past history of abuse etc. The associated symptoms with the following disorder are confusional wakefulness, sleep paralysis, nightmares and night terrors.
Avatar f tn this time i didn't even get a chance to close my eyes!!! i read alot on sleep paralysis, and people get that while laying on their backs, and i lay on my sides due to back issues. also, sleep paralysis happens when falling asleep or waking up. i'm not doing either. i don't even have a chance to fall asleep!! i also get sleep starts sometimes. some people call them exploding brain syndrom.
Avatar f tn i have been experiencing sleep paralysis for abt 4-5 years. it has happened about 5 times till now. each times it happened i was lying on my bed and half alseep when suddenly i feel like someone just took hold of me hard and is not letting move at all. I tried to move or to speak but i am unable to do so no matter how hard i try. I also hear a loud buzzing in my ear. But just as suddenly as it comes it goes away after abt 5 minutes. I also have "slip disc; in L5 and s1.
865406 tn?1240131630 When I did go into deep sleep, I woke suddenly in distress, in my case pain. I wonder if the paralysis with me is my waking suddenly out of REM sleep, but then I haven't always been in pain. Do some research, check on your meds whether they could be affecting your sleep. Keep away from alchohol. Make sure you get enough darkness when you sleep, it helps you produce melatonin, a hormone which if too low can increase the chance of sleep paralysis as well as daytime depression.
Avatar n tn Based on what I have researched, it seems that I have sleep paralysis with hypnogogic hallucinations. However, I just want to be certain about some of the symptoms. Sometimes during the start of an episode (as I am starting to fall asleep), there is this intense "electrical"-type buzzing in my head. Also, there is what feels like a violent throbbing inside the back of my head - no pain, just this very fast violent throbbing that feels like my head is shaking apart.
Avatar n tn I suffer from both RLS and sleep paralysis. I also have suffered from waking panic attacks. I'd say I'm a pretty normal person during day time hours, but at night, I'm one of the rare few who suffer from these two things. The sleep paralysis does not bother me as much as the RLS. I have not been able to predict when I will get sleep paralysis, it seems to just happen whenever, probably once every couple of months.
Avatar f tn The pain is kinda similar to the pain i had when i got facial paralysis..
Avatar m tn After a year of suffering upper abdominal pain on my right side, coupled with breathing difficulties through moderate exertion(jogging, lifting moderate to heavy objects), and the inability to sleep either flat on my back, or on my left side, positions I had slept on for fifty years, and when trying to sleep in my normal positions was unable to do so because of a dramatic feeling of suffocation, I was finally diagnosed with idiopathic, unilateral, paralysis of the diaphragm.
Avatar f tn I think this section gives some good examples of clues you may have sleep paralysis and/or some type of sleep disorder whether it's caused by Chiari or not: * Onset immediately upon awakening or just prior to falling asleep. * Inability to speak or utter a sound until your whole body “wakes up”. * In spite of being conscious, you cannot move your arms or legs for a brief period upon awakening or just prior to falling asleep. * Unexplained fear.
7948950 tn?1421656329 I do believe we have had someone mention the sleep paralysis, but that is not as common as sleep disturbances,,...which could be sleep apnea. Chiari alone can cause sleep issues, fatigue etc.... Pain can also cause fatigue..... Talk to ur Dr about these issues and deff have a sleep study done, u can have one done in ur own home which gives better results and is over 3 nights....look into NovaSom...ur Dr should be able to arrange this and INS should cover it as well.
Avatar f tn However I will try to provide you with some useful information. Sleep paralysis can occur in several different sleep disorders. One being sleep apnea. I mention this condition because it is associated with a severe headache. Sleep apnea is more likely to occur in overweight people who snore but can occur in anyone. Symptoms also include snoring, daytime sleepiness, and lack of concentration. Untreated, sleep apnea can cause many medical problems, and with treatment many symptoms improve.
1323737 tn?1294318391 When I am awake, I consciously try to cool down, relax and de-stress, but I am helpless when I am asleep because I don't know what I am doing. Over the last few months I am also suffering from Sleep paralysis. This has happened around 10 to 12 times in the last 6 months approximately. I can draw a line between the above symptoms and stress, but I am not sure how to deal with it.
Avatar f tn n the past, I have had many different episodes of sleep paralysis, so I am fully aware of what happens during most episodes. However, a couple of nights ago, I went to bed late and after about an hour and a half of sleeping, I had sleep paralysis but with a very scary symptom. When I found myself in that "in between" being awake and asleep condition, as usual, I couldn't move or speak.
897400 tn?1303332748 Hi, welcome to the forums, your symptoms are suggestive of rapid eye movement (REM) related parasomnias involve the intrusion of the features of REM sleep into wakefulness (eg, sleep paralysis). It is a type of sleep disorder. Few of the individuals are known to suffer from parasomnias esp. when they are on non-benzodiazepine sedatives, drug abuse, sexual abuse etc. otherwise no definitive cause exists in few individuals apart from stress, positive past history of abuse etc.
Avatar m tn Also. I do not have any chest pain..eye pain..or any other pain besides that pain in my head. I have not gotten a catscan or mri done. Im afraid even if i do.. They will come back normal and I will still have these strange fazes.
Avatar m tn I have just recently been diagnosed with partial paralysis of the right side of my diafram, This began 1 week ago with extreme and severe pain in my left shoulder, folllowed the next night by the same pain in my right shoulder, and realizing a shortness of breath when on my back. The following day I could almost not breath on my back. After 5 days in the hospital and every test possible, they found the problem in the diafram. I have further tests for my lungs this week.
1595354 tn?1297281300 Hi, from time to time I have began experiencing sleep paralysis and ,although it's quiet frightening, so far I have coped with it. The problem is that lately I feel strong pain during the paralysis. In addition to the common symptoms, my body starts aching and the pain in the ears is especially strong. It starts with a sensation similar to that experienced during change in altitude but progresses quickly and sometimes the ache is excruciating.
Avatar f tn I wanted to ask if the might have any relation with each other? because i had this sleep paralysis after i started having pain in my back. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/293211'>Sleep Paralysis (SP)</a>.
488264 tn?1226523907 Sudden Adult Death Syndrome has I believe been connected on ocassion to sleep paralysis, maybe from the sheer panic involved and the partial or even complete paralysis of the muscles involved in breathing. I have struggled secretly with this all my adult life, and only recently as it got so much worse brought it to the attention of my doctors. I do believe had I told them about it years ago they would have dismissed me as neurotic or something. WHY is this condition so poorly researched?
Avatar n tn Weakeness off and on in the left leg only, Sleep Paralysis (short duration), Funny sensations in the chest(cardiac evaluation fine). Feeling of lump in throat and extreme visual disturbances off and on, Zig zaggy lights, flashes of light,light sensitive its like the light stays in my eyes, blurred on occasion. sometime my face feels like its melting and my legs feel like someone has poured lead in them very heavy. My joints ache and hurt when I wake up and I can hardly walk.
Avatar n tn Close to 2 hours after my last drink while i was dancing, i discovered a very sharp stabbing like pain on the left side of my chest. As soon as this happened I rushed outside and my friends followed with a glass of water. After a couple of minutes with this pain, i also started getting a shortness of breath followed by me getting dizzy and my body had started shaking. My friends immediately rushed me to the nearest hospital.
Avatar m tn Common symptoms after stroke could be unconsciousness, loss of vision, headache, eye and neck pain, seizures, paralysis, gait disturbances etc. It needs some days to recover completely as it depends upon severity also. Investigations like CT angiography, MRI, CSF examination (presence of blood) are essential to reach at diagnosis here. Neurosurgery is the mainstay of treatment that may be suggested by a neurologist after examination. Hope this information proves helpful to you.