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Avatar n tn I think it has to be me -- it stops as soon as I sit up, and there have been occasions where I've awakened, lain completely still, holding my breath, and the moving bed sensation continues. It only happens at night, only in the bed, to the point where I'm about to buy a Sleep Numbers bed at some expense so I'm on a solid bed foundation that I can't make move. Is there a special type of sleep disorder doctor or clinic I should be seeing?
Avatar n tn Does he experience any other symptoms? Does the leg shaking occur anytime else other than at night? Does it only occur when sleeping? Your husband's symptoms do not suggest a definite condition that could be causing the leg shakes because it is a non-specific symptom. Leg shakes could be caused by many conditions including endocrine disorders, physiologic tremors exacerbated by stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, restless leg syndrome(RLS), and periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD).
1322152 tn?1282511146 What i meant by "everything was fine and normal" i was referring to the fact i wasn't shaking off my bed at the time, i was the one that was,'fine and normal" and me and my boyfriend are going through a rough time right now but i didn't think it was necessary to include that in my question.but thanks for the replying to my comment.
Avatar n tn This may be an odd question -- I first noticed this a couple of years ago, but seems to have gotten stronger. When I lie down in bed at night, it feels like I´m rocking/trembling back and forth, as if the bed was shaking. The feeling seems to stem from my torso area, and lasts pretty much as long as I´m lying on my back. Now I´ve also noticed this when I sit down in a chair, expecially if I´ve been walking around for a little while.
Avatar m tn jasper Hyperthyroidism I have the following symptoms of hyperthyroidism, as detailed by the Merck Manual, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and the Thyroid Foundation of America ____ My heart feels like it's skipping a beat, racing and I feel like I'm having heart palpitations ____ My pulse is unusually fast ____ My pulse, even when resting or in bed, is high ____ My hands are shaking, I'm having hand tremors ____ I feel hot when others feel cold, I am feeling in
Avatar f tn It's interesting to read your story of the internal tremors. My husband has been suffering with these internal tremors for over 20 years. He keeps telling me and the doctors that it's like parkisons, but only on the inside. All up his arms, and hands. You cannot see any physical sign of him shaking, as it is all inside. He has been to a few doctors and all they seem to tell him is that it is "nerves" Nobody can help him at all.
Avatar n tn Disorders related to dreaming could occur with REM sleep behavior disorders. Here the person acts out the dreams. These disorders can be diagnosed with a sleep study. I would advise you to discuss your symptoms with your primary care physician who may then refer you to a sleep specialist for further evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn 00 p.m. I will wake up at 1:00 a.m. Sometime I can't get back to sleep until 4:30 a.m.
5312547 tn?1367098465 I have talked to him about this and even tried to get him to stop. In the middle of the night, I can hear him rocking and it will actually move his bed or mattress. There have been a few nights we had to share a bed together. All I can say is thank goodness it was a king bed because he would have injured me. No kidding. So I have seen first hand, how vigorous he can rock and how often he rocks.
480804 tn?1208240118 50 pm and she is in the kitchen. She has one set of dentures in (bottom) and she has a plate of food that is eaten. She proceeded to speak to me about some kids getting shot in Orlando and then changes the location to Tampa. She then asks my what city my girlfriend lives in even though she has driven me there and I have told her on many occasions where she lives. The food left in the plate winds up in a plastic cup and then in the disposal.
Avatar f tn Hi, you should consult a sleep specialist and help him sort out this problem for you. Disorders related to dreaming could occur with REM sleep behavior disorders. Here the person acts out the dreams. Your symptoms of seeing things could also be due to sleep disorders “Nightmare” or "Night terror" disorders. Here the person experiences symptoms of bad, frightening dreams which interfere with his sleep schedules.
Avatar n tn I am 42 years old and have been feeling fatigued through the day, difficulty breathing with exercise, or even at times without it...But also, extreme panic attacks. Particularly at night right after I have gone to sleep, I will be awakened by a rapid heart rate, making me feel as if I am going to have a heart attack. I am so frustrated that after all this time, and all the tests they give... they still can not find out what the problem is or at least help me to lessen the symptoms.
Avatar n tn Also in the last few months, I have found that I have the burning/achy feeling in my upper legs/inside thighs and that my testicles/scrotum seems to always feel cold while the rest of torso/groin area is perfectly warm! At night, once I finally make it into bed, these sensations seem to subside but I wake up almost every night with one or more limbs completely "asleep" like paresthesia (as I have come to know the term).
Avatar n tn I have also had hot flashes in the last 6 months (not during my period) while I was at work along with a shaking feeling. I have made an appointment to go to the obgyn regarding these feelings based on my Drs recommendations. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I don't think it's migraines either. These things just don't go away. Today I noticed my hands were shaking. I have been having anxiety attacks for the past three days as well. I got the drugs anyway I could, do you think I could have caused brain damage to myself? Or a neurological disorder? Is this normal for the first few months? I had a CT Scan of my head and it revealed nothing. Neurologist can't find anything either. I just don't feel right you know?
Avatar m tn 30 to get my 8 hours - and when I do ...I find that I go into a deep semi-sleep state and gently convulse - like a mini and gentle fit.....very quickly. I can sometimes feel myself shaking. Sometimes I am semi awake and feel this happening - and can sometimes wake myself during it....and get up out of the bed. When I do this I feel like I have been asleep for hours not just 30 mins......and have no strength. Anyone know what i am talking about ?
Avatar n tn I began to fear my bed. I was having 5-10 attacks a night. Some nights I was not sleeping at all due to the constant attacks. The attacks would occur in the second part of my monthly cycle. I would spend hours researching the internet, reading books, and talking to people. When nothing was working I tried hormone therapy. I did this because I read in a couple of books that sometimes panic disorder is a misdiagnoses for hormonal imbalance.
2143567 tn?1342542631 Hello and hope you are doing well. Your symptoms of seeing things could be due to sleep disorders “Nightmare” or "Night terror" disorders . Here the person experiences symptoms of bad, frightening dreams which interfere with his sleep schedules. Disorders related to dreaming could occur with REM sleep behavior disorders. Here the person acts out the dreams. This can be assessed by a sleep questionnaire and therapy is based on the severity of symptoms.
Avatar f tn Last night I had a Sleep Study and the tech told me I stopped breathing several times(for less than 10 seconds each time) and that my REM didn't start until 4 1/2 hours after I fell asleep. I imagine this could be contributing to my chronic fatigue. As an update, since drinking salty broth before bed for a few nights in a row, my BP has been great. Yesterday it was actually 122/86(big difference from 80/60);so I'm not having THAT much salt anymore(don't want it to go too high).
Avatar n tn I went pale, i started shaking, my throught felt like it was closing up...I'm 23, I had to call my Mom at ten at night and explain to her what was happening. And after realizing I was having a panic attack I started to feel better (which Im feeling now). ....haha, long story short...It's all in our head. We have to think positive. And after drinking copious amounts of alcohol the night before...ya, that doesn't make it better at all. So here I am...4 in the morning..
Avatar n tn If I have been awake for three hours after going to bed, and I went to bed at 0930, I know I still have enough night hours left to get some sleep. This reduces my anxiety level tremendously while I'm awake. On the other hand, if I go to sleep at, say, midnight, and I don't fall sleep for three hours, there are not too many night hours left; thus, increasing my anxiety exponentially.
Avatar n tn to smack your lips at a diagonal gesture there's a chance that you'll stop shaking violently. A night ago I had it twice and the second time it tried it and it worked. P.S. You should try and spread this bit of information( if it does work) for better awareness..
Avatar m tn You are taking quite a combo there. I have sleep problems too and take 1mg Xanax at night only. I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions as to what might be more powerful than what your taking, but I can tell you this. Once one gets into the habit of taking something for sleep every single night, then rebound insomnia is likely to come into play. If anything, I would suggest speaking with the therapist about an anti-depressant like Traxedone or Remeron.
Avatar n tn Personally I just realized I have RLS for years Ive sworn there were mini earthquakes shaking my bed that would wake me up in the middle of the night usually accompanied by mild to severe SP, over the years I have figured out out how not to lose my **** over my SP but still wake up with my heart beating out of my chest and have a hard time getting back to sleep because my leg wont stop twitching. I think its entirely possible that my RLS is waking me thus creating the SP environment.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if it is ongoing in my sleep or not, although I do wake up once or twice a night due to my fingers twitching or moving involuntarily , the list goes on. I have seen multiple neurologists, neuroopthamologists , cardiologist, rheumatologists, but don't have an answer. I was back in the hospital last week and they repeated all MRI's - brain, cervical, thorassic and lumbar spine and with the exception of the same two non-specific lesions they found in May '08, everything was normal.
1914355 tn?1323640174 I also have difficulty if I watch something with high intensity right before bed, so I recommend not watching anything other than pretty unicorns and fairies up to 2 hours before bed time, if you watch anything at all. I'm also really bad when it comes to books. Dracula gave me nightmares. And a scene from the The Count of Monte Cristo kept me up all night. Also a video game kept playing in my head a few times. So yeah, nothing too stimulating.
Avatar m tn 30 am on the couch tired as heck but didn't sleep all night cause everytime I try or my brain trys to shut down on its I suddenly get a butterfly feeling in my gut and I jerk awake fast. My brain is shutting down only to awake me in a jerking weird way. Now I can't sleep. I need a sleep study BAD. My heart rate will drastically rise every time my brain trys to shut itself off for sleep. This stuff is scary. I shouldn't feel scared to sleep. Can a upcoming sinus issue cause this?
Avatar n tn My cheeks are flushed most of the time, Im light headed, feel dizzy, feel cold at night in bed and have this shaking feeling inside me at night when I lay down. Sometimes, not often I experience like a heart rush where its beating so fast and my short of breath I think Im heading for a heart attack. This could happen in bed or just watching the TV? To top it all off I have no energy and I mean no energy. In terms of my personality and how I live.