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Avatar f tn I have Lyme disease and related infections- mold, heavy metals, parasites, liver and Pancreatic flukes, etc.. I have had severe sleep deprivation for over a year now. No doctor has ever heard of someone as severe as me. I have not been able to drive for over a year and am completely isolated and alone. I have lost the last year plus of my life. I have tried all sleep meds, inclluding natural stuff and all drugs that are supposed to make me drowsy.
Avatar f tn It just occurred to me that your sleep deprivation could be causing your audial hallucinations. I encountered these when coming off Methadone & benzos (which I used to help with sleep during detox though they only ended up complicating matters/making it worse.) As you probably know, Xanax is the strongest benzo out there & a dangerous drug. Here's a link: Check out the symptoms re: psychosis, irritability, hallucinations, etc. : http://highpointtreatment.
2188151 tn?1338146649 inability to sleep or excessive sleeping Sleep disturbance is frequent. Usually the patient wakes up depressed at 4 or 5 in the morning and is unable to return to sleep.
Avatar f tn If you find your health professional is not helpful, there is a forum called cpaptalk dedicated to helping cpap users be successful in their treatment. By the way, the oxygen deprivation caused by sleep apnea can cause those lesions that show up on the brain. I have them, kept getting more and bigger ones until I started treating my sleep apnea, and haven't seen and further problems. Maybe you have some other things going on too that can cause you to feel bad.
Avatar n tn i am like that are you on any meds?i have to take mine that one of my anxietys and it sucks.what do u do to help you go to sleep?
Avatar f tn I was experiencing psychosis, paranoia, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. I'm not sure how my mood was at the time. When i went to my psychiatrist he mentioned Schizoaffective disorder but did not diagnose me with it. He told me that since i seemed to be "all over the map" that his diagnosis was going to be a Mood disorder with psychotic features, my original diagnosis was Bipolar 2 disorder.
1454895 tn?1285554431 you're only 13 years old and going through alot right now I'm sure. Sleep deprivation will interfere with your mind and body functioning. Try talking with someone you're comfortable with about this and try to sleep in the meantime; see if there's a difference in the way you feel. Take Care of Yourself.
Avatar m tn I mainly found I had a problem with sleep deprivation but believe it came from stress..
Avatar f tn (They call it Intensive Care Psychosis, from what I understand.) He had insomnia and was barely sleeping, and sleep deprivation tends to make confusion worse. He also reacted very badly to a common medication, Ativan; when the nurse mentioned to the doctor that he got worse after taking it, he changed to a different medication and he improved within 2 days--after he finally slept. Is your father sleeping OK?
Avatar m tn hahaha..... anyway, forgot this; if i am correct i believe sleep deprivation can cause hallucinations aka as delusions perhaps also... now, you state the delusions are gone so this is why i put emphasis on the sleep disorder... could it be although you were diagnosed by a doctor with schizophrenia that you rather may be suffering from a sleep disorder??? not trying to play Doctor, but trying to make sense out of things : ) very logical i'm afraid...
Avatar n tn its been 7 weeks now, taking the seroquel, im feeling much better. long term pain, sleep deprivation, cold turkey can all lead to depression and psychosis i have learned, i stuck with it, im over 8 months off the opiates and hope that the seroquel use will be short term, im keepig to dose as low as possible (i dont take it unless i feel a little 'edgy') i have reduced the dose by 40% in 7 weeks, im hoping continued good sleep and i can be free of the seroquel in a couple months?
1321145 tn?1280556268 Well it's safe to say everyone is a tiny bit schizo because most people will experience at least one thing similar to the symptoms of schizophrenia at least once in their life under normal circumstances (such as sleep deprivation, that can cause psychosis after so long) but it's a matter of the severity and frequency and amount of the features that gets a person diagnosed.
Avatar f tn Stress, sleep deprivation, and a deficiency in vitamin B12 or vitamin D, for example. I experience psychosis quite a bit, and did so when I was in school too, but have developed a keen sense of awareness of it and control. It does not bother me and hasn't caused any problems yet for me (though apparently it can be hard to coax me to go to bed). Most people who know me consider me relatively intelligent and creative, also.
Avatar f tn Some of the worst problems that we bring upon ourselves can be linked back to something as simple as sleep deprivation. So sad. I also had a first husband, who tired to commit suicide in front of me. and it was a terrible thing to be a part of. There is survivors guilt i'm almost sure. If this man is drinking an driving, that can be the reason his family physician would have him committed to a psychiatric ward. It wasn't easy to go in the doctor's office, and request committal of my husband.
Avatar f tn Hello there, it is difficult to say because even in a completely healthy person sleep-deprivation can cause depression/moodiness/even symptoms of psychosis. So first of all your sleep problem needs to be monitored & corrected by a professional. Once it's figured out, things can be taken further from there. I wish you the best.
629641 tn?1368573178 Hallucinations may also be associated with drug use (particularly deliriants), sleep deprivation, psychosis, neurological disorders, and delirium tremens.
Avatar f tn ILADVOCATE is right, sleep deprivation can cause psychosis in and of itself, if deprived long enough, and it can actually be normal to hallucinate while waking or falling asleep because the brain is trying to make sense of the world while it's partially in the sleep phase.
Avatar m tn Personally I think it will prevent my episodes of depression from intrusive memory I sometimes have to work my way through with panic attacks, mania, intrusive memories of the obscured parts of my childhood, through to being destroyed by psychiatry...sleep deprivation which leads to psychosis like symptoms, they're ignoring me...
1116728 tn?1276800724 Well if you're confusing dreams with reality that can be caused by sleep deprivation and sleep problems and I was told by my psychiatrist it can also be psychiatric I guess as part of psychosis when a person has trouble distinguishing between what really happened and what didn't and then I think it's even worse for someone with both.
Avatar f tn How are you sleeping? Lack of sleep/sleep deprivation can also contribute to fatigue, feeling unusually tired, have to take daily naps. Sleep apnea can make a person feel this way, or wiped out. If you/physician feel your thyroid levels are optimal, have physician monitor water pill/potassium levels more closely, also address possibility of sleep apnea and other disorders which can cause fatigue. Don't give up. Wishing you well.
Avatar n tn Any animal which does not sleep will die eventually, this is simply because our bodies need sleep as much as our minds do and without it we lose control of our mind - psychosis is common in animals and humans deprived of sleep for a long enough period - this is why sleep deprivation is used as a torture.
Avatar f tn He was diagnosed with hypnogogic issues about two years ago, but he believes what he is having is not hypnogogic. He has a long history of sever sleep deprivation which is why we were told his experiences are hypnogogic. Do you know of any medical doctor who has used or included niacin as a treatment for psychosis? Are you doing well and do you use niacin or other vitamins or medications? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Thanks for the kind words, No I'm not positive about the lupus yet, Going to see another neurologist for a second opinion.My doc today said the sleep deprivation, sterioids, and the xanax at night that I have been taking caused me to feel so crazy. Haven't had another eposide - that the lord- of feeling so down and crazy again. But have to stay up on the high doses of steroids for about 3 weeks.
1039200 tn?1314915608 Loss of sleep can be unhealthy for anyone and sleep deprivation on its own can cause psychosis for anyone even if they don't have a psychiatric disability if it occurs for a long enough time. Tachycardia (sped up heart beat), slurred speech and muscle weakness are all listed as side effects of concern as regards Seroquel. However have you had any episodes where there was a change in consciousness before you took Seroquel? If so inform the doctor about this.
Avatar n tn after 7 months i went to a psychiatrist, i was ready to kill myself, this level of sleep deprivation did not sit well with me at all. seriously, i was considering suicide, i had felt so bad and slept so little for so long i couldnt take it. psych meds (seroquel and lamictal) allowed me to sleep 7 hours straight (thankyou god) and calmed to psychosis that was developing as a result of the 7 months struggle.
Avatar n tn I'm small (111 poundsish) and the strong version of Ambien didn't even phase me. The sleep deprivation really made all the sides worse. So, my doc put me on clonazipam. It's really cheap and it usually (not always) knocks me out. I may wake up a few times during the night, but I can usually go back to sleep easily and it'll give me 8 total hours easy. There are other drugs that probably work even better. I recall from my past life that valium was particularly helpful...
Avatar n tn I experience these sensations at anytime, even during periods of inactivity, however I've noticed certain things which appear to act as triggers. These triggers include consuming caffeine, sleep deprivation and exercise. The chest pain from exercising seems to be more atypical from what I know because the symptoms usually do not occur so much during the physical activity but rather after and throughout the rest of the day.
Avatar m tn During exams I had depression, sleep deprivation, stress, bad-diet. And then I totally lost my cognition. And a period of Mania occured. Went to a doctor, said, Schizophrenia. Then I was on some antipsychotic drugs - Olanzapine(Zyprexa) and Zuclopentixol (Clopixol). Then went to another doctor and said it was Delusional Disorder. I have a weird kind of crying. When someone talks about something, I start crying without reason. Risperidone (Risperdal). I was given SSRIs at times.
Avatar f tn DH says he thinks it makes Conner feel better, but I dont think so because im such an emotional wreck lmao. It could be the sleep deprivation, and hormones. But if thats the case....why isn't hubby an emotional wreck? He is going through the same as me, minus the sore boobs and hormones lol. Im even scared to pick him up because I dont want to squish his diaper and hurt his pee pee lol.