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Avatar n tn Do you know if l-glutathione actually can lighten a person's skin complexion. There are a few skin whitening pills in the market... Not all are l-glutathione. Do you know of other brand? I heard that Japanese scientists were the pioneer for the skin whitening pills. Do you know the history of it? Is it widely use in the United States under different brand in dermatologist offices? Can you point me to the right direction on where I can find research data to back up the claims?
Avatar m tn Does L-Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills really work. Does it has any side effects.I want your important advise on whether I should using them.
Avatar n tn They decrease the level of circulating androgens, reduce acne and make your complexion clear. Birth control pills causing g skin whitening is not correct. Try using natural products like tomato juice, lemon juice, milk etc for lightening your skin. Whitening products available in the market come with their associated risks. It is best to consult a dermatologist or a beauty expert before opting for such products. Do write to us again. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn Can my skin color be completely changed from black to white through surgery, drugs, pills or laser etc?
Avatar f tn There are a few skin whitening pills on the market, some using Glutathione to whiten the skin (as a side affect) resulting from regular use over a long period of time (3-12 months usually). Are any of these pills safe to use, and do they really have an effect of whitening the skin over a long period of time, or are they just another scam for money?
Avatar f tn Please does anyone know where I can buy skin whitening pills I've tried several but they don't seem to work, I've bought them from amazon and used it for 2-3 months wit vit c but my shade is the same, I even broke out in spots once....please any suggestions where I can get the genuine one or clinic that does the injections in the Birmingham area West Midlands england....
Avatar n tn I read about you skin bleaching advise and have been taking the pills on this website. it has been quite effective but i was wondering if long term use of whitening pills cause skin cancer? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Skin Whitening Pills</a>.
Avatar n tn Sorry i forgot to space out to and use.
Avatar n tn Are there no pills medications to fight against melasma ? Bleaching cream not active. Jackson This discussion is related to <a href=''>Complex Hyperpigmentation Problems</a>.
Avatar f tn I have tried many over the counter creams to even out my skin tone, but they make me darker or they don't work at all. I saw some pills online, but I don't think they are safe. Can you please tell me what professional treatments dermatologist use, and if they work?
Avatar n tn from lotions to astringents, to creams to whitening pills...
Avatar m tn want to whiten my skin, and there are some skin whitening pills that the asset is: L-Glutathione (the purest form) 2000 mg Monobenzone powder 500 mg Vitamin C 100 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg Grape seed extract 50 mg
Avatar f tn I would like to warn anyone who thinks gluta pills can whiten the skin. Gluta can never , the only thing it does is keep you active and alert No laziness waking up in the morning. Whitening is fake I have used it for 1 yr 6tabs of 500g aday with vit c and alpha LP Nothing like an sign of whitening happened to my skin but I must say since I started taking gluta Am very fit and easy getting up in the morning, no more constipation aswell.
Avatar n tn that's is most likely not skin cancer at all. it sounds like tinea versicolor possibly. google that term and look at the images. if that's what you have it is a fungal infection that is often times caught in tanning beds. that is absolutely not the only place people catch it, but common. and it is very very common on the chest and back. easily treatable. you'll need a prescription. skin cancer comes by way of scaly sores, weird bumps , lesions etc.
Avatar f tn The brown skin and spots under my arms never itches, however sometimes the brown skin under my belly will itch. It is very unsightly. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I'll also say that many men find this attractive, so do not feel ashamed or embarassed. Skin bleaching and whitening is unnatural and can be very harmful. There is no need for creams or procedures which are expensive and may hurt you. It is normal to be insecure, but chances are, your partner will find it attractive. If not, perhaps they are the problem, not your coloration.
Avatar n tn One of the causes that can be attributed to this condition is due to the regular use of birth control pills that is believed to be a plausible factor in the formation of skin pigmentations in other areas. Another reason for dark skin conditions maybe the presence of a skin disorder, known as acanthosis nigricans, which is a skin disease characterized by dark wart like patches in the body folds; may be benign or malignant.
Avatar f tn Glutathione inhibits tyrosinase activity and like any other whitening pills / capsules it doesn’t just concentrate on whitening of the skin itself, it is also an anti oxidant and anti aging pill which makes us healthy and stress free. There have been no harmful effects seen on the body .It is best to discuss it with your dermatologist before taking any supplements. Hope it helps.
Avatar f tn Glutathione inhibits tyrosinase activity and like any other whitening pills / capsules it doesn’t just concentrate on whitening of the skin itself, it is also an anti oxidant and anti aging pill which makes us healthy and stress free. There have been no harmful effects seen on the body. Vitamin C and its various forms are effective antioxidants for the skin and help to lighten skin. It is best to discuss it with your dermatologist before taking any supplements or using any creams.
Avatar n tn hello...if u tryed glutathione whitening pills, could you tell me about the results and the brand, i have information and instructions about the way u should take care of your skin?? but i would like to use gluta too...i will be appreciated for your reply??
Avatar m tn org/wiki/Skin_whitening There are also whitening soaps and pills available such as those containing glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Talk to your dermatologist about these options and which is suited for you. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn The treatments have to be continued for an indefinite time because the pigmentation can get worse with time. Whitening pills are not effective either because of the specific location of the melasma. It would be best to have it evaluated further by a cosmetic dermatologist. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Hi there,i'm 39 female and had a baby 4years ago before i got pregnant i have a few pigmentation on both side of my face but after i have a baby and taken a birthcontrol pills,i have dark patches on both side of my face,i have tried over the counter whitening cream did not work,/And i have heard about melange treatment and it's very expensive does it really work?
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm 24 female with horrible pigmentation. I have a fair skin according to the previous chart. though I'm not Asian. But after puberty I have like 4 different tones in my body! Face and neck: grey tan Decollete: pale white Stomach and back: yellow olive/tan Legs and arms: pale white I barely expose my self to the sun.
630458 tn?1223263163 Many people ask me (including my boyfriend) if i am using the white strips from crest, or if i am bleaching my teeth!! And yes i have notice myself too the gradual whitening of my teeth!!! I was wondering if it IS possible for accutane to bleach my teeth!!? It is weird but it really does that to my teeth! AND they are even a little sensitive since on accutane.........same sensitivity as if I was REALLY bleaching them with peroxide!!!! VERY strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I have gotten canker sores (HSV1) once in a while when I was young, but in more recent years (I am in my late 20's) they have become very severe (sometimes engulfing my mouth and tongue). Just in the past week or so, I've felt them my throat, making it painful to swallow. It is obvious my throat has something going on, as the skin is looks pale, "bloodshot" and somewhat swollen.
Avatar f tn I use to always wear scarves and long sleeves to hide my skin, although I stopped covering my skin up because it actually made the condition worse (due to heat). I'm 27 now, I had scars from my eczema and my acne but I was diligent with my skin regime. I use sorbelene cream as a body wash, I use emollient creams after showering or bathing, and I moisturise my skin.
Avatar m tn Her marks went from the corner of her mouth to the lower part of her chin and very wide. Also, her skin tone was darker than mine (my skin tone is light brown, I'm mexican and have the average skin tone!).