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Avatar f tn t cover your entire scalp skin but honestly there is no evidence to suggest hair colour could cause a problem, but do stay in a well ventilated area because breathing in bleech fumes is not healthy
Avatar f tn Is it ok to wear glued in hair extensions? Im confused and worried cause I just did my hair. Im tempting to remove them now....
Avatar n tn My hair is wayyyy to short. Extensions would just look funny. :/ I feel like its gonna take forever! I look like a boy....
Avatar f tn So I've been feeling so good lately I'm always doing my hair and makeup I've recently put the heels away ever tho I want to wear them I Don't wanna lookin like I'm trying to hard but I wanted to know if it's safe for me to bleach a dye my hair extensions or is it still not a good idea even though it's not my natural hair??
Avatar f tn Thank u yeah was thinking of doing something to my hair with hair extensions but two weeks away from my due date
Avatar f tn i was unlucky and got the opposite symptoms of pregnant women who get the glow, i got acne when i never had any prior to pregnancy, dry skin and my hair got even more dry than what it already was, that and its breaking more, not growing.. just dead, Any other ladies with this problem? if so did you do any treatments on your hair? if so which ones?
Avatar n tn Lucinda Ellery is human hair extensions where as Bloomssbury of London is full wigs. Those names look kinda expensive but look into it - learn and see how good the quality is that it won't look fake on your head. If the hair is extensions it won't look fake because it's your hair with longer added pieces hidden from your own hair roots.
Avatar f tn Anyone ever try OOKISA for thinning hair? I almost signed up for the free trial, but then I saw that I must pay $100 after 30 days. Anyone try this or others for thinning hair? Any suggestions would help. I would like a new hairstyle other than the ponytail. I was also thinking of maybe those clip on hair extensions. I saw the movie, "The Ugly Truth" this weekend and she used the clip on and it looked great on her. Anyone used those?
Avatar n tn Now they make me sick, because I fear I cannot rid myself of them. I had hair extensions put in right before the problem, I also tried on a fur coat, it was old, and I just put it on. Then I had accupuncture, the Dr. put my hair up in a clip of hers.
Avatar f tn a small fall will do wonders.....even the clip in extensions...get curly ones and slip a few in...
Avatar f tn Amazon has some really good quality hair I got 3 bundles for $50
Avatar n tn I know this is very distressing. You might want to look into polycystic ovarian syndrome, thinning hair problems is one symptom of it. There may be some hormone imbalance going on. How is your diet? Are you stressed? Do you get enough sleep? Vitamin and mineral deficiences can cause this. Nioxin didn't work at all for me, and it's expensive. I am sure you would rather not use hair extensions at your age!! But I agree that you should not overprocess it too.
Avatar f tn Hi I lost a lot of my hair 9 months ago due to low iron, vitamin d, and being on lithium and stress. My hair is growing so slowly back and I really hate my hair short, I feel ugly. I used to have long pretty hair so it's quite a change. Some is growing faster then the rest. Over all it's very thin. I just wear my hair up if I leave the house which isn't very often. I have bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.
Avatar f tn I heard they make your hair grow. How much do help anyone see any difference in their hair since taking them?
Avatar f tn I thought that I might have cut out a piece of hair off when I was taking out the thread used to attach the extensions. Maybe a month later, I used a relaxer on the nape area. I might have left it on too long. But long story short... I put a bold spot into my head. Will it grow back with treatment? Help!! I've had it for almost 4 months now!
Avatar f tn Why do I have a bald spot on my left eyelashes? How can I make the hair grow back again?
Avatar n tn Im 4 months postpartum and my hair falls off so much what can i do i get sad knowing my hair is less and less evertime i shower or comb it
4331946 tn?1355816857 I wanna dye my hair so baddd i have medium hair nd always wore my extensions but my hair is fading nd doesnt look good so i can do my hair or nuthing its annoying so i wanted to dye my hair!! Is it that bad my mom is all like NOOOO NOOO!!! U CANT ITS SO BAD NOOOOO! -.
Avatar n tn (thought I was crazy) the cycle stopped for several years, then about a month ago,it began again,after dying my hair. only this time there has been so much loss of hair, so I wear a babushka on my head everyday. I have been on Venlafaxcine for over a year, and came to Google to find some answers. certainly found a lot of people in the same boat.It has to be one of the saddest things to loose (especially being a woman)...I try not to let it control my emotions or go to my head Ha Ha!!
Avatar f tn Whatever helps for u. I dont think it'll harm the bby pregnant women in my family have been perming their hair for years. I'm permin my hair my pregnancy has changed my natural hair texture nd its very difficult for me to deal with.
Avatar f tn I'm 2 1/2 months pregnant with twins. I cut my hair really short right before finding out n loved it. Now that I'm getting bigger I'm feeling so ugly nothing I do helps. I feel like now I look like a fat boy. N it makes me depressed n cry.
627145 tn?1230305626 t ask or warn, they just do it. I feel like they are checking for hair extensions or a weave or something! It seems so intimate and not particularly clean, either. I wash my hair every morning. I'm relaxed and don't need a scalp massage. Is this some new behavior from men? What's it about?