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Avatar n tn Congestive gastropathy with 4 band stopped bleeding. He is a diabetic patient taking insulin. Blood tested in National University Hospital Singapore where Hepatitis C Virus genotyping ( Type 3, subtype 3b) detected. Immunology report shows ANA : Negative (Sample value: 3.79 U/ml), AFP = 6.94 ng/ml. Patient in general has no complain and maintaining normal life.
Avatar m tn s Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS), in close collaboration with researchers at the Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN), provides hope for a new personalised treatment strategy that could use a patient's own blood to treat the infection. This could help treat millions of people living with chronic infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. These findings were published in the August 2013 issue of The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2.
Avatar m tn SPH RESEARCHERS in Singapore are developing a treatment which could eventually lead to a cure for chronic hepatitis B (HBV), the leading cause of liver cancer in Singapore. Present medication can control the virus but cannot cure the infection.
Avatar m tn Not all hbvers need treatment, but they do need regular checkup so that when the tests reveal treatment is needed, then you should start treatment. Whether treatment is needed depends largely on your ALT, viral load (hbvdna). Finally, get a good liver doctor.
Avatar n tn and the left eye has been cured by laser treatment...and the right eye had some critical problems so she had an operation in her right eye in Singapore last year...even after that operation she is having problems in that eye...and there is non-stop headache ......and the eye remains dirty even after washing it thoroughly .............She is using optical glasses for her normal eye power....What do u thing what should we do now?
Avatar f tn i was rejected with my two job application for Singapore because of my vdrl..but my TPHA is always negative..i dont have any sexual contact.According to my doctor maybe its because of the chicken pox i had when i was a kid,why my vdrl becomes always reactive..Do you think its possible..?But its almost 16yrs since i got chicken pox..How come it happen that the bacteria is still on my blood.?I cant apply in Singapore because they are very strict when it comes to vdrl..
Avatar m tn In the real world this is such a low risk event. Hsv does transfer from skin to skin contact while being massaged in. For this to happen one of them at least needs to have hsv. Then they need to be shedding the virus or having an outbreak. Then it needs to be transferred and massaged in. You can always ask they wear small shorts. This won't ruin the experience and will help.
Avatar n tn Started to feel better but then a month later after being treated with antibiotics for a throat infection i developed thrush in my tongue. This resolved with treatment. By this time it was 2.5 months post exposure and i had a negative elisa test in singapore. Another month later i got a chest infection and very swollen occipital lymph nodes down one side of my head. DR tested me again for hiv which was again negative (this was elisa test too. 3.
Avatar m tn Hi Dr, I have a few questions and need your expert opinion. I was in Bali on holiday and had two risky encounters. First was a broken condom Jan 7, I withdrew immediately and changed. Second was Jan 9 and I had one maybe two sessions of unprotected sex. Both girls were CSW and I am uncircumcised. Jan 19 I had a duo hiv test and came up negative (in Australia/Sydney). Jan 24-25 I was in Singapore and had two unprotected vaginal sessions with a CSW.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctors, Exactly one month back (09th July 2011), I went to a Thai massage parlor and done my body massage, after 15 minutes of body massage service, I was asked for a special service (just a hand massage), I accepted it and that lady started using her hands, but after couple of minutes I asked her to blow (without condom), she didn't accept it easily, but she pulled down my penis skin and verified something, I pulled it up again to normal (there was no cuts in my penis) after 2 minute
Avatar m tn hi, i have a mole in my genital area, went for biopsy and they rules out as benign keratosis, aldara cream was given and after a few applications the skin became red and sore. recently i had protected sex with condom with a woman, but the sore skin is at the base of the penis where the condom doesnt cover......will i contract syphillis by this manner? there are no chancre on her vagina.....i am just afraid of the juices.
Avatar f tn Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Tablet and Viread Tablet, are they the same in treatment wise? I went to CVS store, it cost 1000 USD to 30/300mg for Viread Tablet. is it too expensive? The staff there told me generic tablet is not available. But why I see it online as I said earlier? What happens if I take brand and then switch to generic like a year later? Will the generic medicine do the same? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Around four days ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a CSW (met in bar) in Singapore. She was from north vietnam and probably in her early twenties. Initially she insisted on condoms (worried about getting pregnant) but we ran out and the last session of sex we had was unprotected (probably lasted 15-20 minutes). It was vigorous but she was well lubricated naturally throughout. Washed penis gently with soap water after. We also performed unprotected oral on each other.
Avatar f tn There is some experimentation going on in both Singapore and China involving treatment of Parkinson's with stem cells. To date there has been one document successful outcome. Look up the Singapore research. At one time they had a physician at Harvard Medical School who was the point of contact for the experimental protocol.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for your information. Have booked appointment with National Skin Centre (Singapore) and waiting for consultation.
Avatar m tn The only thing you MAYBE could have gotten is some skin to skin std. Even this is Very low risk. I would not have worried about it if I were you. You would know if you got Syphilis because there would be a lesion that is not painful in the infected area.
Avatar m tn I moved to Singapore some 6 months ago and started noticing this condition where my entire skin turns palish yellow. It doesnot stay that way however and it goes away after sometime especially after eating certain foods. During the initial months, I could not sleep properly, body used to heat up, chills and all that and I use to get up in the middle of the night and take a shower to cool it down. I went through series of blood tests, urine test, liver test and kidney test and all came out fine.
Avatar f tn I am looking for a hospital for treament, maybe in Singapore, France or US. Anyone can give me an advice. Many thanks :).
Avatar m tn No, as I said above.
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Avatar f tn Yesterday I am business trip in Singapore,when I get on the taxi,I felt my hips suddenly stabbing pain,but I looked around my seat find nothing.