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Avatar f tn I get itching really bad on my boobs. Curel ultra healing works for me.
Avatar f tn My baby had a low brth weight but everything else was fine. However my baby now has different skin tones with a distinct dark skinned body and a light skinned face. Could this have been caused by those creams I used and if so what can I do to correct it?
Avatar f tn Bio-Oil worked wonders for me!
Avatar n tn If the child comes from one darker-skinned and one lighter-skinned parent, he or she might ultimately have the skin tones of either parent. It can take several months for the skin to manifest its final color, or it might not take that long. My son ended up the same color as the day he was born, despite the fact that his dad has a different complexion than I do and in a lot of ways he looks like his dad.
Avatar m tn If you are having other symptoms, you may want to get them checked out- otherwise, people have unique skin textures and tones- I would just chalk it up to that, but if you are concerned (even cosmetically), you can consult a doctor who will be able to do an in person exam and gather more of your medical history in order to assist you best.
Avatar f tn m 31 weeks and have never even had it as of yet. I think it all depends on skin tones and how tight the skin is on whether it's visible or not..
Avatar n tn Is EDS possible without stretchy skin or the ability to bend your fingers/joints excessively? I have a lot of joint cracking and odd muscle tones but I can't flex my joints like I see in the photos.
Avatar n tn PIH is very common among acne sufferers. It can occur in all skin types, although it is more common in darker skin tones. PIH is not a true scar and is the remnant of an inflamed acne lesion. Picking or popping a pimple increases the chance of developing postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. PIH will fade away over time, even without treatment. It can take three to 24 months for PIH to fully fade, although in some cases it may take longer.
Avatar n tn s not bigger the 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch, about 1/4 inch in width, in the middle is lighter skin that the rest of the shaft, and it is outline by darker skin tones on both sides of the lighter skin, almost a bruced color like. When the penis is erect, it alot less noticeable. Earlier in the year, the same thing happen but it went away in a week or so, and this time it has been there for a month and don't know what to do about it. Is it worth worrying about?
Avatar n tn This may help in improving skin tones and may help eradicate dead skin. As for laser therapy, this may be of use also but look for a dermatologist with a good experience in terms of performing laser procedures. Laser therapy may burn skin and cause discolorations also. Bleaching creams may be used also but with close supervision as this may be abrasive.
Avatar n tn It tends to be more frequent in women but more severe in men. It is very uncommon in children, and it is very infrequently seen in darker skin tones or black skin." Some people with hypothyroidism have rosacea and there could be a connection, but, it's not a direct symptom. Why will your doctor not diagnose your thyroid condition? Have you had blood tests that confirm hypothyroidism?
Avatar m tn And 3-4 tones darker than my skin tone. I have tan skin, and the colour of the scar is brownish. Basically it is discolored. I don't know how to remove it. I once went to a doctor and she said this was permanent. That discouraged me even more, because the fact that I can't remove it is just awful. What can I do to remove it? And the big question is that can I remove it. I was thinking of permanent make up or filler injections to hide it? It really isn't caved in or deep.
1403795 tn?1282567667 hope its works for u it is very good for scars and uneven skin tones
Avatar f tn My baby was born in winter, and I had the most adorable off-white velour footed onesie with a hood and long sleeves, and brought it to the hospital. Well, his skin tones looked perfectly crappy with the outfit, like he was sick. My husband had grabbed some green striped average-cuteness pajamas and they looked great on him, he looked healthy and bright. Put him in something you'll be glad to have him wear for a while once you get home, it's not a dress-up moment like a christening.
17413482 tn?1456461585 I've looked everywhere and can't find any skin condition or reaction of any sort that looks like this. I've had this mark for somewhere close to 8 months now. It's located in the inner side of my bicep on my right arm. It's an oval/circle shape with raised and more pigmented boarders. It's a fleshy pink tone, Not harsh in color at all. When I first noticed it it was around an inch and a half wide.
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Avatar f tn very dry skin when I use NO lotion my skin will appear very dry and flaky, feeling of something crawling/moving on skin also gives me tingles/tickle feelings, pin ***** feeling on skin at times, rashes or reddish skin tone I normally don't have red tones, larger pores on face Have Tried Didn't Help: Almost all allgery meds none help-Zertec helps at times, creams/shampoos, scabies meds, vitamins Tests Revealed: Low Vitamin D, H.
Avatar f tn Its helped immensely with my hormonal acne lol the sugar scrubs the dead skin away and the lemon refines your pores and tones your skin, and the olive oil keeps your skin soft. You can even substitute with brown sugar for a finer scrub, or lime or fresh squeezed orange juice. Like i said its worked wonders for this pregnancy acne! Give it a try! Its practically free!
Avatar f tn This is going to be a bit lengthy and complicated. My boyfriend has the skintone of a mixed person. Both of his biological parents appear to be white. His moms dad was black though. So, I assume that makes my boyfriend like 25% black. I'm rather pale. I'm curious as to what skin tone my baby will have. And I'm so worried that if the baby looks white that people will say its not his and suggest a DNA test. :/ Its his, but that could definitely put stress on a relationship.
Avatar f tn My son came out light skinned but in the summer he gets real dark. Im very light skinned nd his dad is dark skinned..
1688492 tn?1346364370 The doctor said they hear fetal tones and this the same thing as the heart beat or what?
Avatar n tn have you ever had your gallbladder checked? Do you have any yellow tones in your eyes or skin?
6430881 tn?1385405084 It's more common in darker skin tones, white people don't really get it so much
Avatar f tn for belly i would suggest sit ups and even skipping tones everywhere and jumping jacks too. for hips i do crunches and it works wonders to curve sides and cycling is good and walking ect. hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Also change in skin tone, uneven skin tone is normal in pregnancy but normally corrects its sslf after you have had the baby!
Avatar n tn In people with dark skin tones, pigmentary changes such as hypopigmentation (loss of color) are common. Topical antifungal medications - containing either 2.5% selenium sulfide or 2% ketoconazole (Nizoral ointment and shampoo) applied to dry skin and washed off after 10 minutes, repeated daily for 2 weeks. Pain while breast-feeding can be due to skin excoriation on the nipple or it could be due to excessive collection of milk. You will have to talk to your doctor about this. ref:http://en.