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11717999 tn?1422524984 I become more dark around my armpits, neck, belly, etc. I'm ftm, so I kinda freaked out but I was told it just hormones. Some people skin tones changes. I hope it goes back to my original color once I deliver.
Avatar n tn She does have dry skin in the winter and patches of eczema. I notice the uneven skin tones mostly in the warmer months when she is in the sun more. She tans quickly regardless of how much 30-50spf I put on her, but there are multiple areas all over that do not tan at all, so she has a very blotchy appearance. I have brought her to 2 dermatologists, both of which did not have any concrete answers...both felt it was probably secondary to her history of eczema.
Avatar f tn I get itching really bad on my boobs. Curel ultra healing works for me.
Avatar f tn My baby had a low brth weight but everything else was fine. However my baby now has different skin tones with a distinct dark skinned body and a light skinned face. Could this have been caused by those creams I used and if so what can I do to correct it?
Avatar m tn Do not use any creams or believe in gimmick adverts about getting your skin white and fair - it does not work like that and you could end up damaging your healthy beautiful naturally tanned skin. There are different colour tones in people with white skin and different shades of brown skins. Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.
Avatar n tn The skin on my forehead is completely normal though, so it is very hard to have such a drastic difference in color of skin tones. I have used products with benzol peroxide so I figured I just burned it, but it still persists even when I do not use it. I have visited a dermatologist because I thought I had rosacea, but he said that I do not and said it would go away and perscribed me duac gel.
Avatar n tn I see a lot of different celebrities with their much lighter skin tones, and is wondering if they are getting injections or taking bleaching pills, because there is no way in the world they can achieve that kind of results from using fade creams. What's the secret?
Avatar f tn very dry skin when I use NO lotion my skin will appear very dry and flaky, feeling of something crawling/moving on skin also gives me tingles/tickle feelings, pin ***** feeling on skin at times, rashes or reddish skin tone I normally don't have red tones, larger pores on face Have Tried Didn't Help: Almost all allgery meds none help-Zertec helps at times, creams/shampoos, scabies meds, vitamins Tests Revealed: Low Vitamin D, H.
Avatar n tn Occasional fine scaling of the skin producing a very superficial ash-like scale. In people with dark skin tones, pigmentary changes such as hypopigmentation or loss of color are common,. These spots commonly affect the back, underarm, upper arm, chest, lower legs, and neck. Occasionally it can also be present on the face. Treatments for tinea versicolor include topical or oral antifungal medications.
2026160 tn?1328928087 Overzealous use of products, even if they are the right products, is a recipe for disaster when treating darker skin tones – you can make their dark spots much worse. So, in treating this color of skin, we had to be extremely careful to go very slowly in getting her skin used to products.
Avatar m tn i was also wondering if there was such thing as any treatments offered by dermatologists, such as a skin peal that could reveal my origonal lighter skin under the tanned layer of skin.
Avatar n tn Is EDS possible without stretchy skin or the ability to bend your fingers/joints excessively? I have a lot of joint cracking and odd muscle tones but I can't flex my joints like I see in the photos.
Avatar m tn The formula was organized to be effective for those spanning various ages and skin tones even though you put it to use since needed, you%u2019ll see a drastic improvement inside appearance of your skin color surface.The difficulty with a lot of skin tags available is they are unable to treat skin tags during your own whole skin. On additional hand, when it comes to the product most probably comprehensive and reliable outcomes.
Avatar f tn It could be hormonal changes from starting your period but I would think you should see a dermatologist for the skin, any changes in moles should be looked at to rule out skin cancer.
Avatar f tn Hello, I started noticing a small pinkish patch of skin on my thigh about two months ago. It was about the size of a dime, it wasn't painful, didn't ever itch, and never appeared to be "scaly," as I know some skin conditions can be related to. It has since grown to be about the size of a golf ball, but still has no symptoms associated with it.
Avatar f tn Ever since the tan has been fading I've been noticing different skin tones on my face. I have reddness on my cheeks...its not serious reddness its very very light reddness...almost a pink color on my upper cheek from my nose almost out to my ear. Then here is the worst part, around my mouth/lip area it is very pale! Now is this from past sun damage? All the discolorations? My nose is usually always red at the top too. I've never had this problem before I started to sun bed tan.
Avatar f tn Hello, I started noticing a small pinkish patch of skin on my thigh about two months ago. It was about the size of a dime, it wasn't painful, didn't ever itch, and never appeared to be "scaly," as I know some skin conditions can be related to. It has since grown to be about the size of a golf ball, but still has no symptoms associated with it.
Avatar n tn Try a BB cream.
220331 tn?1199846119 Craniac3 I will tell you that I have used basic products for years and my body scrub actually has canola oil as the base...because my skin is so dry and I seriously think this is what kept my skin and is still keeping some softness to my skin even during the thyroid hell I went through. I don't mean to brag but to be perfectly honest most people I meet guess my age at about 5-10 years younger than I am.
Avatar n tn But I only thought that white people never got it and only other people with tanner skin tones do. but its good to know that I am not the only one. I wish there was a way to make the dark discoloration go away because I never wear tank tops because of it.
Avatar n tn I think that the concealer that you are thinking of is Maybelline Trublend? it is supposed to match 99.9% of skin tones or something like that. Hm, I am not a vegetarian, I was not taking any vitamins when I noticed the changes in my skin. I was on Celexa or Wellbutrin and birth control, cannot recall the brand at the moment, perhaps Alesse. Do you have any autoimmune disorders? I have fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain syndrome.
Avatar m tn Lately I've been noticing a change in my skin. Okay I'm Black and my hands are light compared to my face. The color is kind of riding up to my wrists and to top part of my forearm. My left forearm is gradually becoming lighter and this depigmentation is moving up. I have an area the size of a dime that is lighter than the surrounding skin. It is two shades lighter. I do cover my arms when outside. I'm a 20 year old female. I used to expose my arms as a child until high school.
Avatar m tn 5 months and the whiter skin patch tones are still there. My baby is of asian origin. What could this be?
Avatar n tn As for the cream, that is kind of strong to be using in such a delicate area and it really won't do much good for lightening the skin in that area since it works on the epidermis layer of skin not the dermis. What you are describing is normal coloring as most women have dark skin in the pubic/genital area. The bump could be an ingrown hair or cyst. Again, check with your GYN doctor to be safe.
Avatar m tn You will no doubt benefit from their support but at the same time the negative consequences of engaging in your habit will be increased. If all fails, get advice on skin care. If you have a skin complaint see a dermatologist. (I went to a bunch of doctors and all they give you is acne cream or something along that lines. Most of the doctors won't understand until you explain every little detail of you problem that your having so they can get an idea of whats happening.