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Avatar n tn Do Skin Tags resemble warts? I have two growths on my inner thigh - at my groin that resemble warts; however, I am able to stretch them a bit off of the skin (would warts do that??). Does anyone else have skin tags near their groin area? Are they common to experience in your 20's? I have been married for ten years, but have heard that hpv can show up later... Any input would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn it has not grown but the color has become darker. I am pretty cofident this is a skin tag because it is a piece of skin on my groin area. The color is almost a dark purple and i have become concerned. Should I be?
Avatar n tn Now I also had a skin tag on my left groin area, it looked exactly like a flap of skin there. I have a few on my back too. I went to the dermatologist and she said it was a skin tag and said she could freeze it off if it was bothering me, which I did. It hasn't come back, there is just a small bump where she froze it.
Avatar n tn I went to the derm, and he said that because they were in the groin, and because of their look, he thought they were Skin Tags. The 2 in the left groin crease are a few mm apart and are quite small. One of the 2 on the right side looks like a flap of skin too, but different looking from the ones on the left. The other one on the right side is the questionable one.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been wondering about skin tags. I have a small one on my neck and one under my right arm that came up about 3 years ago or so. In the past month, i have had four small skin like tabs appear in my genital region. The four skin tabs are not on my penis,shaft,or head. They are on my right leg about 1 inch from the crease to my groin region. They are not next to each other in a group but are one, two and three inches apart from one another.
Avatar n tn They are smooth and pink and shaped like a finger or thumb and maybe 3 to 5 mm long, they are very pliant or moveable when you touch them as were my skin tags. My questions are 1. Can skin tags grow in the vagina or on the rectum? 2. Do hpv warts look like other warts; can you easily tell them from skin tags? 3. Do you think that my first dermatologist was wrong? 4. What do you think these are based on my description? 5.
Avatar m tn ok i had sex with a girl last summer an she said she had skin tags down in her vaginal reagion, alot of them , an now one started showing up under head of my penis, 6 months later , an i cut it off or squeezed off it grew back phew weeks later , then couple showed up on the bas of my penus an around my groin reagon both grew back sometimes would tak a week sometimes month but im currently in iraq an its april still have them i was wondering if they were tags or waurtz cuz ive had sex with my ne
Avatar m tn Over time, this has built up what I think are skin tags. I now have two 4 inch long skin tags. These haven't been too much of a problem until recently. I think I've developed jock itch. During the day, it's not a problem, but in my sleep I'll scratch and sometimes scratch off part of the skin tags. This becomes very painful. My question is what can I do (other than the usual) to get rid of the jock itch, and should I have the skin tags removed?
Avatar f tn None were clustered, 3 were on the right side of sac and 2 on the left. All of which were less than 1mm in size, skin colored or brown and were soft. In my panic I simply plucked them off from my sac and pubic region. None bled profusely (all bled for less than 5 minutes) and seemed to be in areas of friction to the groin. A couple of them resembled flaps and another looked to be forming a rain drop like shape. Is this cause for concern or am I blowing this out of proportion?
Avatar n tn A year or so ago, I noticed a few growths in the fold of skin between my groin and shaft. I had recently gained some weight, so there is a lot more skin rubbing going on down there, so I simply assumed them to be skin tags. They extended up from the stalk, and could be moved around without any pain.
Avatar f tn Hi, A skin tag is a small flap of tissue that hangs off the skin by a connecting stalk. Skin tags are benign and are not dangerous. They are usually found on the neck, chest, back, armpits, under the breasts, or in the groin area. Skin tags appear most often in women, especially with weight gain, and in elderly people. They do not cause any pain. However, they can become irritated if anything such as clothing or jewelry rubs on them.
Avatar n tn A year or so ago, I noticed a few growths in the fold of skin between my groin and shaft. I had recently gained some weight, so there is a lot more skin rubbing going on down there, so I simply assumed them to be skin tags. They extended up from the stalk, and could be moved around without any pain.
Avatar n tn A year or so ago, I noticed a few growths in the fold of skin between my groin and shaft. I had recently gained some weight, so there is a lot more skin rubbing going on down there, so I simply assumed them to be skin tags. They extended up from the stalk, and could be moved around without any pain.
Avatar n tn It's common to get skin tags on the eyelids and also in the groin, but the groin ones tend to be larger and fleshier and more annoying. They're easy to remove: a little anesthesia followed by snipping with a scissors (painless) and electric buzzing to stop bleeding (also painless.) I would see a dermatologist for diagnosis, and I bet you'll decide to take them off. It's optional, but why not? You'll be more comfortable if they're gone. Best. Dr.
Avatar f tn I noticed some white lumps in the groin but paid not attention because as I age I get all sorts of moles, scaly spots, etc. on my skin. Recently these lumps have spread and the last two weeks seem to be growing faster. One group looks similar to cauliflower. There is some itching but no pain. I have tried cortisone, triple anti-biotic and Lotramin. Lotramin helps the itch. I repeat I am not sexually active and have not been active for about 10 years.
Avatar m tn I don't have any bumps on my shaft or anywhere else on my groin...only where the penis meets the pelvis. Any peace of mind or help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have about three dark black growths. They are on the inside upper thing. They are right where the groin area meets the thigh. I had them examined by my doctor & he diagnosed it as skin tags. However I am still worried and need to get a second opinion. Thanking in advance.
Avatar m tn I've had them and they were only two for about 1.5 years and they started off as two little dark flaps that really resembled skin tags but I didn't think much of them as I've gained some weight and haven't been eating that healthy. These are located in the groin fold area not on my scrotum or actual penis. Is it possible they are still genital warts? I am sexually active but was recently tested for syphillis ghon and chlamidya and had everything came back negative.
Avatar n tn The piece of skin is smooth, brownish, or flesh colored for the area in which it is located, and can be pulled away from my skin or stretched. I have had warts on my hands and feet as a child, and this looks and feels nothing like those. I also have skin tags in the normal places on my body, my armpits, underneath my breasts, and one in the groin area that has been there for years. Although they are darker in color, they feel similar to what I feel at the opening to my vagina.
Avatar n tn Skin tags, fleshy outgrowths of skin and fat, commonly grow in the folds of the groin. I doubt that the rubbing caused yours, just aggravated it perhaps. Tags in the groin are often annoying. Burning them off under local anesthesia takes about 10 seconds. Ask your dermatologist. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn They are completely painless (except when I pick at them to the point of irritation). I assumed they might be a rash, skin tags, or acne. Recently, I discovered two more, smaller, actually on the shaft of the penis. These do not hurt as well, and are more flesh colored than the other two. I also discovered two small bumps (flesh-colored, possibly white) directly under the head of the penis. These do not hurt either.
Avatar f tn Skin tag aka focal adenexae are more common in obese dogs and occur in areas where there is friction from rubbing skin together . The armits and groin are common regions for this problem. Skin tags are benign but cam be easily removed if bothering pet or owner.
Avatar n tn I got alot of skin tags on my neck and around my breasts when I was pregnant as well it must be a pregnancy thing.
Avatar m tn Since I always remember I think I used to have a little dark spot on my groin area, nothing special or strange whatsoever. A few years ago I started to notice that the spot began growing, didn't bother me or itch, sometimes a little bit after shaving.. WARNING: Explicit photos.. Please see photos from Sep 10/2010
Avatar n tn it bled a little bit like I'd had other skin tags do but it didn't come loose. All the bumps resembled moles or skin tags I've had elsewhere on my body except for some of the skin tags/moles I have on my neck are a dark brown instead of more flesh colored. At any rate I wasn't really concerned because I just figured they were moles or skin tags or razor bumps. As a precaution I read internet articles (including this forum) & felt relieved as I was sure I had skin tags only.
Avatar n tn This sex partner had other visible moles and the like on her chest, forehead, etc..not sure if that makes a person more liable to manifest skin tags? Regardless of your thoughts on the appearance there...SECOND QUESTION: I'm now slightly concerned about the thought of HPV and oral sex. Let's say that protrusion was, indeed, a genital wart. What is the likelihood that this could spread and generate genital warts in my mouth?
Avatar n tn Hi Dr- Today, I noticed two, what looked like, skin tags in the left groin area, they were very small had the typical flap like structure. Then I noticed, what seem to be 2 bumps in the upper right groin area, in close proximity to the pubic area, however, situated in the groin flap. Bump #1 is larger (larger than a follicle), and it is flesh colored, it has a "hair" coming out of it, and I can also look through the bump and see a shadow of the hair's root within it.
Avatar n tn Hi, I noticed this red slightly raised bump on my groin area and one lower down on my thigh. It seems to change times its red, others its lighter in pigmentation. Also seems to be on the dry side. I am not sure what this could be. See pictures below. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn cream but every few weeks it comes back. on top of it all the skin tags are growing back after all the pain i went through, should i go spend the money and go see a doc?