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Avatar n tn I have patches of dark spots on my chest that are spreading like a V-shape from the center of my breast to my shoulders, does anyone know whats going on with my skin? Also I've never had any skin problems in the past.
Avatar n tn I have red spots on my chest - some are getting larger and look like they could burst. I have these on my chest and arms and stomach. What is it??
Avatar n tn Recently, I've noticed these weird blackish/brown spots on my chest. Here's the thing about them: They come off - either in the shower or just by rubbing them. I'm wondering where they are coming from - they look almost like mold, to be honest, though I'm assuming that's impossible. It usually happens when I've sweat a decent amount and maybe go a day-plus without a shower. I also sometimes use shampoo on my chest hair, arm pit hair ... is it possible this is just clogged pores?
Avatar n tn Two years ago I started taking Cilest and just about month or two later I started having some problems with spots on my chest. They come up as white spots and then transform into red ones. They are not ichy or anything like that and very often i get them on my forehead and around eyebrows. I heve been seen by at least 4 doctors and none of them can help.
Avatar n tn but they always disappear after few hours. they are not raised or anynthing they are just reddis spots. And yesterday on my right side of chest appeared several those patches on cca 5 cm place. They was very small max 0,5 cm each but they covered like 5 cm of my chest if you understand me. and then after 1 or 2 hour disappeared again. Do you know what can it be pls ?
Avatar f tn I just started having these white spots on my chest and upper arms. They are probaly from years in the sun and tanning beds but if so is there anything I can do to get rid of them / or lessen them? I took some pics but can't figure out how to download on site?
Avatar m tn Around late winter i started noticing red spots on my chest and around my clavicle to the back of my neck. they are a light red and can be from the size of an eraser tip to a dime. they dont itch or hurt or anything, they just look gross. also i am sunburned right now and since the area of the 'rash' is red the spots have now turned white. whats wrong?
Avatar n tn in the last few days i have developed 5 red spots on my upper chest, there appears to be no head on them and they are not sore or itchy just 5 red spots basically, any idea what they might be?
Avatar f tn Im 24 and 39 weeks pregnant also. I have a few white spots and its on my hands and one on my leg. They are all tiny and yes its the same thing as if someone gets dark spots. I make fun of myself for having them. Im due Sept 3rd. When are you due?
Avatar n tn hello there, my son has white spots on his back and now spreading to his chest. he also had athlete's foot two years ago. is it fungus, eczema? how to treat it please. i have used Travocort and it helped slightly.
964307 tn?1247256206 I have had these spots for 7 years. It started on my back then went on to my chest neck face and now stomach. My doctor said it was a fungus but nothing more i have no idea what it is. Someone please help me....
Avatar m tn It was just 1 few days ago and now there are more than 15-20 of this spots and keep on appearing. Also they are appearing only on my right side of the body. Also the 2 spots on my palm and wrist is brown while the ones on hand is different color (i cant tell if its purple or light black) while the others on my chest and stomach area is definetly black. Most of this spots are different in size and shape.
Avatar f tn Recently, I've developed dark spots on my chest, torso, bikini area and on my left buttocks. I've been exposed to the sun alot recently as well and only noticed these spots after a holiday where I went to alot of outdoor activities. I'm not sure if it's something harmful as they don't itch or turn red or anything, they just popped up and I didn't notice they were spreading until recently. Any suggestions on what it could be? I'll post some pictures.
Avatar m tn It has grown from 1 to now i have more than 8 spots. The weird thing is that its all on the right side of my body from hands to chest to stomach. Does anyone know what this is.
Avatar f tn They started on my stomach, arms and back, they have been on my chest back and front of legs, top of hands, neck, twice on my ear and top of my feet and butt. Never have appeared on my face, top of head, palms or bottom of my feet. I just have no idea what it is. I have been to many doctors and dermatologist. Have been to family practice, internal medicine, and even infectious disease and rhumatalogist. Nobody can figure out what it is. I have had labs done and a biopsy.
Avatar n tn one of my family members has white spots on his chest.. they are on the sides and one is a small round and the other one is just scattered... but no one in my family had any diseases as such... so what could it be?? and he is dark skinned and i dont think its because of the sun....
Avatar n tn I also have bigger spots on the underside of my forearms, and a couple spots under my armpits, a couple spots on my shins and one on one of my breasts. So because it's mostly noticable on my hands and arms, I'm not sure I want to go through the risk of treatments. Trying to weigh the pros and cons right now. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Are these just normal occurrences of the skin? What could cause them to appear? They are only on my arms, except for the one on my side (which seems to be fading as well.) PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!
Avatar n tn Hi I started to notice spots on my chest and was wondering what it could be. I'm only 22. These spots have been around for at least a year. Just wondering if anyone can identify this or advise me. Images post-shower: Note - the thing in the middle is a mole. I'll upload more images on request.
Avatar n tn I have recently developed numerous ( as in 10-20) spots all over my chest and neck. they are red dots (look like pimples) and the skin is peeling a little on a few of them .they dont itch or burn but im not sure what they are....