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Avatar m tn It was just 1 few days ago and now there are more than 15-20 of this spots and keep on appearing. Also they are appearing only on my right side of the body. Also the 2 spots on my palm and wrist is brown while the ones on hand is different color (i cant tell if its purple or light black) while the others on my chest and stomach area is definetly black. Most of this spots are different in size and shape.
Avatar m tn Around late winter i started noticing red spots on my chest and around my clavicle to the back of my neck. they are a light red and can be from the size of an eraser tip to a dime. they dont itch or hurt or anything, they just look gross. also i am sunburned right now and since the area of the 'rash' is red the spots have now turned white. whats wrong?
Avatar m tn I am an 18 year old male and i have dark circle spots on my chest and back. I also have spots on my neck but they're not as dark as the ones on my chest. Some people call it liver spots but i don't know what it is. There's no symptoms to it, it just bothers me. But i do want to know what it is and how to treat it.
Avatar n tn They appear in one spot go away, and show up on another. It is primarily on my chest and a little on my traps. What type of rash does this sound like? I did some research on the internet and it resembles a maculopapular rash. What could cause this type of rash? I could send a photo if you would like to see the rash itself, Could anxiety or stress cause this?
Avatar n tn Recently, I've noticed these weird blackish/brown spots on my chest. Here's the thing about them: They come off - either in the shower or just by rubbing them. I'm wondering where they are coming from - they look almost like mold, to be honest, though I'm assuming that's impossible. It usually happens when I've sweat a decent amount and maybe go a day-plus without a shower. I also sometimes use shampoo on my chest hair, arm pit hair ...
Avatar n tn when i raise the hair around my penis by hand i look similar spots also raised with the hairs, but in the mid area of penis on the skin itself while there are no hair still there are these spots since last 2-3 months that does not itch or redish at all. just want to know when to seek medical help for this thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Recently, I've developed dark spots on my chest, torso, bikini area and on my left buttocks. I've been exposed to the sun alot recently as well and only noticed these spots after a holiday where I went to alot of outdoor activities. I'm not sure if it's something harmful as they don't itch or turn red or anything, they just popped up and I didn't notice they were spreading until recently. Any suggestions on what it could be? I'll post some pictures.
Avatar n tn but they always disappear after few hours. they are not raised or anynthing they are just reddis spots. And yesterday on my right side of chest appeared several those patches on cca 5 cm place. They was very small max 0,5 cm each but they covered like 5 cm of my chest if you understand me. and then after 1 or 2 hour disappeared again. Do you know what can it be pls ?
Avatar f tn Im 24 and 39 weeks pregnant also. I have a few white spots and its on my hands and one on my leg. They are all tiny and yes its the same thing as if someone gets dark spots. I make fun of myself for having them. Im due Sept 3rd. When are you due?
336365 tn?1213319598 They are never on my face. They are mostly on my arms, chest, and neck. Right now I have about 12 spots on me, and tomorrow I will have 5...So they don't stick around long. I am on High blood pressure meds. I was on lisinipril but was taken off it cause I was having problems with side effects throat problems, and the spots. The doctor put me on Diovan about two weeks ago and I am still getting the red spots but my throat is feeling better.
Avatar n tn I have the exact same blotchy white spots on my chest, and i'm also half asian (thai). Is it serious enough to just heal on my own?
Avatar m tn Hi, No idea what this is -- but recently noticed that there were tons (like maybe 300-400) 'raised' bumps on chest. Reason didn't notice it before was because they are close to the skin color, and you can only really notice them when you look at them at an angle. Any idea what that is, and how to get rid of it? Incidentally, there also seem to be a bunch of tiny brown spots that also seem to be spreading at maybe a rate of 4-5/week. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I see some dark spots on my back,chest and on ma face where it gets light at times.. I have use numerous antifungal cream but they not helping.. i use batrafen and ketzol shampoo but the medication for won't help they jus keep spreading ...
Avatar m tn They would fade away in 3-4 days and reappear elsewhere, though everything has been isolated to my upper body – chest, mid-back, and upper arm. The ones on my chest and upper arm are sometimes more spotty than streaky. Nowadays, the streaks are thinner and less red. I've been to a hematologist as well as a dermatologist. Blood tests (CBC, platelets, and sed rates, SMA 12) are normal.
Avatar n tn I still do have a random smattering of small pink spots across my back and a few on my chest which are persistent because I guess I unconsciously pick at them. I have fair skin, which has always been prone for getting spots, I've always had the occasional spot on my back or chest but these are persistant and have been here for a while now.
Avatar f tn Hi. I've been getting some red spots/dots on my skin. Not itchy. It is mostly on my arms, chest, back and upper legs. Do you have an idea what might be the cause and a possible cure? Is there some place where I can upload a photo?
Avatar n tn I have a rash around my neck and on the front of my chest. It started out as little spots but they have grown bigger. The spots are a pinkish color and they have a different texture than my skin. They almost feel softer than my skin. They are not raised at all and they are slightly itchy but not all the time. I am baffled as to how to make them go away and they just slowly keep getting bigger. I don't know if they could be from wearing a sports bra every day or what???? Help!!!!!
Avatar m tn I am 22 and I have this problem since 18, I started working out and since then, I have observed these black spots on my back shoulders, I am brown skined guy, my neck is darker than my face, back lower waist has developed some black spots that I assume to be marks of the chicken pox that I had when I was about 5. The problem is, My chest has these blackish-darkbrowish spots, they are not round they are just random...
Avatar m tn I have attached a picture of the spots i have got. I keep on getting this new spots every day. What is this.
1662720 tn?1302801806 I get pink blisters that pop up on my chest when I get really stressed out.....they dont really hurt, they just itch really bad.....I scrub with rubbing alcohol and then put canfocfanic on them and they dry up and go away. What is this?
Avatar n tn it might have happened one night when i used a heating pad for something, and i rolled over on it and slept with my chest on it, i woke up sweating like crazy on my chest. im not sure if thats when this popped up, but it was within a year of when i first noticed these spots.
Avatar m tn Hello I've been having these spots on my lower chest, upper stomach they get itchy wen i rub them and my skin kinda peels off. I don't know if this has anything to do about it but since I'm kinda big when i lean over i slouch and the area where the redness is at is between my chest and stomach with no air i would assume since i slouch could that be the reason why?
Avatar n tn hi, I've been having these little red spots on my shoulders,my skin seems perfectly healthy, but its like if the red spots where coming from inside and they are not noticeable unless you stare at them. I suspect it has something to do with circulation, since I've been wearing heels on a daily basis, but is it normal? i never had these little marks before is there anyway to get rid of them?..could it be because of the heels? i would appreciate a lot a response:)..thank you.
Avatar m tn About 9 hours after treatment he touched my hand and neck. he had no rash on his hands but only a little on his chest. do i need to be concerned.