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Avatar n tn I have a bump underneath the skin in the center of my lower lip.(on my face) It looks white around th edges and looks black or dark grey in the center. It is a small bump. You can really only see it when I smile or stretch my lower lip. I have never had this. At first I thought it was a blackhead, but it is too big for that and it is under the skin. It isn't a cold sore, it isn't red and doesnt hurt unless I try to sqeeze the heck out of it. It is a firm bump.
Avatar m tn It's really hard to say what it could be. If you don't recall hitting it on something, perhaps it is a bite from who knows what...spider maybe. There are some spiders whose bites generate what looks like a blister in the middle with the surrounding skin becoming inflammed. Your finger doesn't look that bad, at least from what I can tell on the picture. I would take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprophen and keep an eye on it just to make sure it doesn't get worse.
Avatar m tn Originally, there were 2 red sores with black dots (in the center) of my nose that appeared on 9/21/13. Over time, the redness went away and the black portion of the sore expanded. All together, there are 6 large black spots on my nose. There's no itching or pain.
Avatar m tn I have an occasional stabbing pain in my upper left abdomen and the skin over the area seems sensitive. This started fairly suddenly with the skin sensitivity come a day or two later. the pain is about 4 inches below the ribs and about 2 inches from center to the left.
Avatar n tn These areas do not itch but are sore to touch and are sore period. I feel their presence when simply walking around. What would casae these?? Is it an aftermath from taking the medication for the possibility of lyme disease after I had an engorged tick that left a distinctive red circle around the center of where the tick was engorged? As it happens, the red spots are on the same side that the tick was found. Any connection?? I put some anti bacterial cream on them it it made them burn.
Avatar n tn I had what seemed like a tiny mosquito bite on my ring finger a few days ago I assumed it was nothing but I woke up today and it did NOT look like a mosquito bite anymore. It looks like a little mountain of pus that's about to pop with a black line in the center of it. I'm really scared and I don't want to tell my parents because they would want to pop it.
Avatar f tn After medicines for 3 weeks it went for almost 2 weeks and again red spots with raised mosquito bite like bumps with black dots at center , comes on hips and elbows.
Avatar m tn I noticed a red dot with a black center near my privates a few months ago it will not go away. Do you know what it is?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am really worried about this so I would be so appreciating your instant reply on this If I can save myself before my issue grows up more, Two black small spots showed up on july 2015 , on the skin of my penis root side ,after having sex with my girlfriend without protection and as well anal , ...recently september 2015 , These two small spots has combined to make one bigger spot ; Dry , and black . I noticed it when I was having a pee and I held my penis down and that spot got cracked.
Avatar m tn A few years ago I had a breakout (of some kind), twice actually after sex with my girlfriend at the time, of a cluster of red spots with a black center. Almost looked like thorns within these red dots. I even recall an odor along with this breakout. They did itch slightly but not very painful at all. The girl I was with had a constant problem with bacterial vaginosis.
18471869 tn?1469397785 When I am out in sun and for get to put chapstick with spf my lips are dry and itchy for the next few days, howerever this time it has become dark and scabby on top and bottom lips in the center. I played Volleyball for a couple hours about 2 weeks ago. So I'm thinking this isn't related to being in the sun. I'm dealing with yeast infection and psoriasis issues on my body/groin area as well. Could this be related? 30yo healthy young prof black man!! HELP..
Avatar n tn It originally started further up the side of my cheek and although the center of it has moved, the regions around it are still discolored. If it opens, it bleeds (there is no pus) and there are some tissue like pieces of skin that emerge. The strangest part is that around and inside the rash there are longer white hairs that have grown on my face that seem stiff and dry. Inside the main area there seem to be tiny black dots. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Tiny bumps under skin with what looks like a black center. Doc states stress related, but I'm a washing hand freak, both of which can result in these bumps. Research, suffocate them, don't pick them, or they spread, but putting clear nail polish on the effected area, dead in 30 seconds, but keep it on for awhile. Others have stated that after shower, use Lamasil on effected areas, repeat may be necessary.
Avatar f tn It is a round white spot with a red dot in the center. It does not itch. I am taking coumadin and plavix. Is this a sign of bleeding under the skin? I have also started having red marks, some size of dots and some larger and brown "age spots" on my skin. Anyone have similar condition? I was told to stay away from vitamin K because this effects the coumadin and my pro time. I have read that a lack of vitamin K can cause the brown "age spots" on the skin.
Avatar m tn 3 of them looked like they healed a little with new skin but the farthest one still an open sore and burns a little. the sores are little like 1mm. The sores near my anus itch but i think are healing.
956351 tn?1246927519 I am a fairly light skin women, but my neck is the darkest brown(like black). Over the course of years it has moved from my neck to down the center of my back, middle of my breast, underarm and in the creases of my folded skin(lovehandles.) I have tried using different creams, soaps, lotions and alcohol, etc. My Aunt visited from out of town and scrubbed my neck till it was red. I have has advice from a dermatoglist, but the help was not benefitial and confusing none the less.
Avatar f tn I have hundreds of new moles grow all over and a few new moles that have become supicious along with other skin changes in the last few years. I started to get new white bumps (milia?) all over my face. I get new tiny bright red freckle type spots on skin all over but disapear after awhile. I had new skin tags(stringy pieces of skin?) here and there on torso. I have a few moles that have itched and became inflammed before and those few have become more concerning....................
Avatar f tn It is half an inch, round and puffy, and has an indented center. My arm is no longer itchy, and the bump is only slightly painful; especially under warm water. I want to know what it is and whether medical treatment is necessary.
Avatar n tn One of the bumps has a bumps has a black center which could just be the hair follicle. My legs itch and around my knees have been itching and developing bumps that have went away, but the ones on my elbow are getting bad. I also have two bumps on my hand now that itches. I have been using cortizone cream but it only helps for awhile.
Avatar f tn Resembling sinus-tracts are ice pick scars that are atrophic scars remaining after acne. They are deep with a very narrow skin opening and extend into the dermis. The skin looks as if it has a small, deep "hole" in it. They develop after an infected cyst or other deep lesion causes tissue destruction during the healing process and results in a column like scar. Such scars can be treated with punch excision or punch grafting.
Avatar n tn I immediately noticed a small perfect black ring (it looks like a slice of black olive) in the center of my vision on the effected eye. I CAN see thru the black ring. I notified the dr immediately and he looked at it and said it was remaining silicone that he must not have completely removed. My eye pressure was 30 and I was given drops (Brimonidine) after several follow ups my pressure lowered to the 20's. I was given the go ahead to get a new Rx for contacts.
Avatar m tn A scar-like area that is flat white, yellow or waxy in color. The skin appears shiny and taut, often with poorly defined borders. This warning sign may indicate an invasive BCC. https://www.skincancer.
Avatar m tn I again visited to clinic dr tested for sypsil and hiv test both are negative then he gave me ciprozine 100 mg and doxirine. now penis sore goes but there is black skin at tip and burning at tip what is it or which test I do.
Avatar n tn I have 2 perfectly round bruise on both of my thighs. They are black in color and have gotten bigger.
Avatar n tn Thanks jaegash50 with your reply, I am just following up with what this black mark was in case anyone else has a similar problem. I called the doctor today because that black spot was getting bigger and a layer of skin wouldn't heal over the spot. The rest of the scar was healing up very well, but that spot in the center was really ugly! Anyway, they got me in this afternoon to take a look!