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Avatar m tn Originally, there were 2 red sores with black dots (in the center) of my nose that appeared on 9/21/13. Over time, the redness went away and the black portion of the sore expanded. All together, there are 6 large black spots on my nose. There's no itching or pain.
Avatar n tn I looked at it, and it just looks like a little black spot. Sore to the touch. should we be concerned with this? and where could he have this looked at? he is in hard financial times right now, so not sure where to go with this. thankyou for any suggestions or advise you can give us. I have had a lot of experience with skin cancers myself, and this spot is just weird looking and concerns me. thanks again !
Avatar m tn There are some spiders whose bites generate what looks like a blister in the middle with the surrounding skin becoming inflammed. Your finger doesn't look that bad, at least from what I can tell on the picture. I would take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprophen and keep an eye on it just to make sure it doesn't get worse. If it does, then perhaps a visit to your doctor or even one of those miniute clinics is in order. Take care.
Avatar m tn i hope i can get much help as possible... about a week ago i've started with a skin rash on my penis head from oral sex, while my partner had a very bad infection in her throat, after a couple days the rash on my penis head become some sort of ulceration. after that i began to grow around 5 black-center sores on my penile shaft/scrotum, and the outter skin of my penile head within a day or two.
497990 tn?1210079945 Is it painful or itchy? Does it have a center which drains with pus? As this has been around for years already, this may not need some urgent intervention. However, it is best to have this assessed by a dermatologist as this may be some kind of allergic reaction to an unknown trigger. Are there other similar spots in other parts of the body? Any discolorations over the face or back?
Avatar m tn lips (cold sores/fever blisters), nose, chin and occasionally the eyes. It' can be spread if one has an open sore on the mouth and they mess with it or apply medication to it, basically directly touching the open sore and then say touching other areas of the face.
Avatar n tn The skin at the end of the scrotum at the rectum was inflamed and itchy and there was a lump with 2 black spots on it on my testicle sack, just about center between the 2 testicles. No lumps on the testicles themselves, I can feel that it is in the skin only, but definitely a lump and a bit sore and itchy. I have discomfort when I walk. A day later I felt a lump near the head of my penis. Not on the head, but on the ring below it(I am a circumcised male).
1290770 tn?1272079135 My family doesn't have a history of skin cancer, the only cancer history my family has is my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November. I'm 19, I make a point of staying out of the sun just because I burn easily, however a couple years ago I did tan a few times in a tanning bed. I do smoke, and am trying to quit - been smoking for just over 2 years.
Avatar n tn My skin breaks out mostly, on my face, back shoulders upper arms and legs, and center of chest. Mostly red splotches, sometimes with a white head filled cap on them. I have had these type reactions for as far back as I can remember, they seem to get worse as I get older. Please help, I'm very depressed. And need to be able to at least find clothes to wear.
Avatar f tn My husband is type 2, insulin dependent. 6-9 mos ago, he had open sores on one leg. They finally healed with topical treatments rec. by MD. Now he has a 2 inch open sore on lower abdomen. He says it is painful, turning black in center & red swollen around. It is in the fold of skin below belly. Should he be admitted to hospital? He is s/p heart grafts & stents over the last 13 yrs. If he should be admitted, I want to go to Heart Hospital ER.
Avatar n tn These areas do not itch but are sore to touch and are sore period. I feel their presence when simply walking around. What would casae these?? Is it an aftermath from taking the medication for the possibility of lyme disease after I had an engorged tick that left a distinctive red circle around the center of where the tick was engorged? As it happens, the red spots are on the same side that the tick was found. Any connection?? I put some anti bacterial cream on them it it made them burn.
Avatar n tn They appear on my right index finger on the outside, pointing towards the thumb, one is raised, looks like a wart with a brown center. Today, I found a cluster of these brown dots on my left hand, the skin has died in that area so I was able to scrape aways some of the dots, the others(maybe still 4-6 left in that area, I can't scrape off). The ones on my index finger, I definitely can not remove. Is this some kind of fungus?
Avatar f tn I began having an itch on my right thigh about a month ago, which quickly developed into a large itchy rash with bruising in the center. It has since spread to both legs, front and back of my thighs, shins and calves, the top of my feet around my ankles, beneath my armpits on my trunk, and along the underside of both arms. Now there is bruising in places on my legs, mostly on the inner thigh/ hip area.
Avatar n tn along with an internal hemorrhoid that left me with an anal skin tag that has been bothering me for more than a decade now. Honestly, it didn’t bother me at the beginning. But with aging comes with loose skin. I am now in my late 30s and I know that if I don’t have this problem removed, it will become more persistent when I get older. 11 days ago, I decided to have my anal skin tag removed.
Avatar n tn I also have psoriasis, although it is very mild compared with some cases, so I am used to having to deal with itchy skin, but this is something different. I haven't been anywhere exotic or know of anyone else with the symptoms. I have had some emotional stresses over the past 2 months. Another symptom I am experiencing is a tight chest and difficulty breathing. Does anyone have anything similar and do youthink it is worth visitng my GP?
Avatar f tn Did you have the skin tag removed 2yrs ago? I am in the situation you were 2yrs ag. I am now looking at having a skin tag removed but not sure if the benefits outway the physical embarrassment of having anal tag. What do you think? Would you have surgery again if needed? Or live with the skin tag?
Avatar m tn they look like pimples but itch and they looked like a pimple but in the center of them looked like a small black needle in the middle in each one.. dont want to go to the dr. plz help me worried!! tell me what i should do! please!
Avatar f tn My boyfriends tattoo is about 6 months old and his bumps are much redder and his tattoo is extremely itchy. My tattoo is mainly purple with some yellow and black and his is just an outline with turquoise and black and a tiny bit of red. He has like 12 other tattoos and this has never happened to him either, and it's even stranger that it is happening to the both of us at the same time. We didn't even get our tats from the same place!
Avatar n tn and the soreness began on the left side bridge of my nose about 4 days ago...that side is no longer sore, but now the right side is some one hit me with...say, a candle stick. The pain is right where the bone meets the cartlidge. It is near a part of my nose where I have noticed a little higher than normal cell turnover rate...sometimes seems the skin there flakes one every couple of weeks....but a very small spot, a tiny spot in fact. Gotta be coincidence, though...
Avatar m tn Formication refers to the sensation that resembles that of insects crawling on or under the skin. This can be associated with onset of menopause or hormone withdrawal, or medical conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, skin cancer, syphilis, or herpes zoster. Have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn It seems like a soft lump that moves around with the skin. Last night I applied a warm washcloth to it for about 30 minutes, which made it feel better. Could this be a swollen lymph node, or maybe an ingrown hair? It is located in the area where I shave daily. Any advice would be very appreciated!
Avatar m tn I'll be quick as I need to get back to cleaning:( some things that will get rid of these disgusting freaky invisible bugs. get a prescription for Permethrin Cream 5%. other suggestions are tenting your house/ we've been bombing it but not working as of yet due to when we leave our home they are living on us (the creapy things) a natural and very good product is (look it up on line!
902019 tn?1249865014 Last week I ate fruits having a poisning sensation in blood, skin and digestive tract, felt like I had fire everywhere, literally with uncontrolable shaking for a sensation as cold. And of course my sleeping problmes. The night that I became sick, 7 days ago I ate little pieces of out of season watermelon, banana and a white fruit form Ukraine, like pear kind of taste and feeling.
Avatar m tn I spray the tub down with bleach/water after getting out and noticed when I spray the faucet part some of it turns black (black mold?). Could this be a bot fly? What do I need to do to get rid of it. Now that the dermatologist was no hope (second doc I've seen, first gave me Pemethrin which did not work) I was thinking of ordering some Stromectol / Ivermectin and Green Kleen Green online.
Avatar f tn Day after day I could see the white things migrating up and out of the sore when I washed it. I kept it very clean and covered it with the little round bandaids. The reason I am sharing this is I have no answers to what they are, but I do know it makes us prone to staph infection with the open sores and trust me, it *****. They are so irratating, and were almost impossible for me to resist getting my faitful tweezers out and pulling at the white things.
Avatar m tn i hope i can get much help as possible... about a week ago i've started with a skin rash on my penis head from oral sex, while my partner had a very bad infection in her throat, after a couple days the rash on my penis head become some sort of ulceration. after that i began to grow around 5 black-center sores on my penile shaft/scrotum, and the outter skin of my penile head within a day or two.
Avatar f tn Sometimes feel sharp pain with normal walking Flare ups of itchy skin - right hand only. Feels like pin prick coming through underside of skin FREQUENT diarrhea EXTREME fatigue I'm 44, female, 5'3, 128 lbs, swim 30 laps daily Any ideas? Should this be concerning? Normal?
Avatar f tn I then coughed up a chunk of the composite that was from that tooth on the back side and now when I breathe I can feel air hitting the root in the tooth and I'm sore from my jaws up to my eyeballs with pain and my neck also hurts. I've had a migraine ever since the procedure and directly after the procedure I almost passed out from dizziness after having waited five minutes before standing up.
Avatar m tn I also had a sore in my nose that made the inside of my nose crusty and dry (scab and snot?) and wouldn't heal, it was so irritating. Someone recommended Lansinoh, a pure form of lanolin, used by nursing mothers. It works! First, it moistened my nostril so it felt natural (I used it 2x a day to start) and then my nose just steadily improved till 10 days later its healed. Its over the counter and not that expensive. I recommend it!