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Avatar m tn it's been a week that my skin is sore to touch on my scalp. I shave my head and it feels as though i have scraped it with the razor but there is no sign of any soreness or bruising. Interesting to see so many people have suffered it for so long and yet no one knows the answer. Has any one reported this to the NHS?
Avatar n tn I know my body's immune system is low again when my skin feel sore to touch. I would then expect to have fever from viral infections. There are times that only certain areas of my body like for example the left side skin of my left leg or arm feel sore to touch. I believe that this happens when my body is trying to fight the virus in my system. And so I double my dose of Moringa Oleifera vitamins every time I feel like having colds and fever.
Avatar n tn But skin is definitely sore when you even lightly rub over it. Have not found any answers or ideas to what could cause it. Has started in the last week and it comes and goes.
Avatar n tn hi my partners skin is sore to touch.
Avatar f tn I have several health issues but the one I want to ask about right now is does anyone know what causes me to have sore spots at various places and various times in my skin?? It feels like the skin gets sore and tender to touch. It will usually be like maybe a six inch square spot that gets sore. Right now it is on my left side halfway between my waist and underarm. It is strange.
Avatar m tn I started going to the doctor in 2001 and my issues were bones hurt and joints sore and lock and muscle cramps sore and lock up and my skin is sore and cloths hurt. Back pain none stop. I've been told ok what pain meds do u want. I'm like what do u mean Ur the doctor u tell me what's wrong so I can be fix I'm a government contractor who protects people I need to be able to shoot move and communicate. He then know I was not a drug addict.
Avatar m tn Extreme sensitivity to skin and heightened painful response to pressure could be due to fibromyalgia, post herpetic neuralgia caused by shingles and chicken pox. Certain other conditions which cause the skin painful to touch are chronic fatigue syndrome, deficiencies of vitamin B1, B2, B6, migraine, and tactile defensiveness. Tactile defensiveness is caused by midbrain defect. Post spinal fusion may be responsible if certain nerve roots are damaged or entrapped.
12773 tn?1328916786 To me, the tx flu-like symptoms include my skin being sore to the scalp as well. The sore skin doesn't always occur for me every week tho, just from time to time. I am fortunate enough to have a hot tub, it seems to be the best therapy for me & I use it every day. It helps me SO much to soak for 10-15 minutes. It helps me with the sore skin, joint & body aches, stress & just plain relaxation. If you don't have a hottub, try just soaking in the bathtub.
Avatar f tn From time to time the skin on the side and back of my head gets very sore and tender in about 2 or 3 inches round spots. no rash or sores. usually only hurts if you touch it or sometimes by laying on pillow. I have been told the area gets pinker than my normal skin. What could this be?
Avatar f tn The following day I noticed that a patch of dry skin had formed on the outside of my penis about half way up. This area was a little red and quite painful to the touch. I applied some moisturising cream and it seems to be improving, however, when I examine my penis now I can see what look like tiny red cracks and it is still a little sore but improving. SO...
Avatar m tn Many are flat, many are raised up from the skin, etc. I have one on my neck that recently formed red around it and it hurts to touch. Consensus on other sites is that it is most likely cancerous. I'm going to see the doctor soon, but I would like other opinions. Thanks.
Avatar m tn is it likely you contract syphilis on your hands from touching a sore? no it is not. the skin on the hands if thick and not as vulnerable to infection as the delicate genital skin is.
Avatar n tn I see a specialist May 15th and I hope to GOD that he can fix it. I find it very hard to walk or even touch my skin I did find a warm bath helps to get my body all at the same temperature not sure why it feels good but once my body cools down it comes back.
Avatar f tn I have a lump under the skin in my bikini area sore to the touch what could it be
Avatar n tn i've only been sexually active with one partner who is free from stds and i have had no other symptoms common to any stds that i know of. the swollen part of red skin is sore to touch. what could it be?
Avatar f tn my friend was massaging my back and touched outbreak which at the time I thought might be boil or infected hair pimple. It was very sore, but not herpes like to me. Well it is herpes, do I need to worry about telling him? Should I offer med like valtrex?
947967 tn?1325349853 Im on week 5 of treatment and for the last 2 weeks I have had soreness on my outer hip to the touch. Also tenderness of the abdomen to the touch near my injection sites. Is this normal? My outer hips feel as though they are bruised but there is no signs of bruising.
Avatar n tn However, it hurts bad in the morning when I first urinate but as the day goes by the pain decreases and even comes to a hault. The tip of my penis is red and sore to the touch. Also I have a lump and really sore area in my pelvic region on the left side of my body. Any idea of what I may be experiencing?
Avatar n tn Hi, I have quite an odd problem...about a year and a half ago or so ago I got into shaving with cream and a brush (im a guy). I got on well with this combination but one day I decided to use shaving SOAP instead of cream. Being new to the whole thing I didnt really understand how I was supposed to use a soap with a brush and could not produce a lather so I started rubbing the shaving brush on my face very roughly to try and produce a lather.
Avatar f tn From time to the the skin on side and back of my head gets very sore. There are no open sores or any rash but is extremely sore too touch. only last a few days but will some times move from back to side. Doesn't not hurt unless I touch or sometimes when pillow touches..
Avatar f tn But today when I checked on the area, it was still red/pink in color and sore to touch, and comes generally more irritated the more I touch and prod at the area to examine it. Upon further examination I realized there was no breakage in the skin, just more of a red and very slightly raised line that seemed to run along some vein. I have no itchiness, or other sores anywhere on my body and have never experienced anything like this before. Is this some sort of fungal infection? What should I do?
Avatar m tn Its always on my right front thigh and the skin looks completely normal but gets sore to touch and then clothes rubbing makes it sore as well, I cannot say its painful its just really sore. It comes and goes maybe once every couple of months and last a couple of days. Obviously this is not normal, has anyone got any ideas what it could be?
Avatar f tn what is it when your skin is sore to touch? round your thigh and the upper back part?
540479 tn?1213897729 For about 2yrs I've been having poor circulation in my hands and the whole left side of my body gets sore. The skin is so painful at times it hurts to touch, put on clothes, stand and even lie down. I've been to my physician several times about this problem. She's run blood work and even recommended I go to a physical therapist. None of these things have gotten me any closer to a diagnosis or any treatment. I'm still in pain every now and then.
Avatar m tn The pain doesn't feel very deep either, it is just on the skin it started off on my leg now its move to my belly and side. There is nothing to see at all.
Avatar m tn when i got in the shower the skin near the head of my penis on the shaft was sore and red and seemed to be swelling a bit in one area looking a bit like a blister. There are no white dots and the blister is about the size of a dime, but not well defined. It is not uncomfortable unless i touch it. is this cause for concern?
Avatar m tn The skin under my left eye has been swollen, very bright red and sore to the touch. My eye itself is just fine, just the skin under the eye. It started about one month ago, lasted about one week, started to get a little better then came back even worse. I went to a doctor and he thought it might be a skin infection, although I got the impression that he really didn't know for sure.