Skin sore that won't heal

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Avatar n tn I've played lots of sports over the years, so I figured I just got injured and it just needed a lot of time to heal. I just wanted to share my story so that others that read this won't think that they are alone. I'm going to my dermatologist as soon as I get home for summer break. Thanks for the rest of these comments! They really helped!
Avatar n tn I went to Costa Rica in November for 3 months. Since I've been back I have these bumps on my legs that wont heal. They still itch. I have about thirteen on my left leg, and 5 on my right, They are small bumps with a dark edge around them. I'm starting to freak out becuase I have been back for 5 months now and they still itch, and some have changed in size. Do you have any idea of what this could be?
Avatar n tn Is it possible the prolonged period of time for one sore to heal could be caused from diabetes or possibly cancer? I find it odd, because that same night, I fell in my dining room. My knee, on the same foot, has been bothering me since. It started grinding when I bend it. It was confusing because I never bled. Two weeks later, in the same foot, my legs began swelling really bad. I finally got the swelling to go away after 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn And red spots exist from past ones that just WILL NOT HEAL. I look after my skin and wash it morning and night, moisturize in the morning, let it breathe over night, eat fairly well, etc. In general my skin is good and heals up fast, but I have had an increase in these stubborn bumps the past month or two. I have not been stressed really or changed any part of my routine. What could be causing this? It won't go away with normal pimple cream like I apply to zits or on it's own.
Avatar n tn Keloids can occur because of the extra scratching that the diabetic will do on the sore that doesn't heal, causing the extra skin to grow. Are your mother's blood sugar scores under control? Maintaining good control will help the sores heal.
Avatar n tn What are the possible causes of bumps appearing almost daily on my skin, they are red and scab over, but take months to heal leaving scars under the skin. And also bumps that get sore and don't heal, they scab up and/or get scally, sweating and humid weather make them worse. All of these bumps are on my buttocks, forearms, shoulders, chest, belly, and in my scalp. (some on my face) Very few from the theigh down, and very few on arm areas not exposed to the sun.
Avatar n tn I went to the local hospital and they said it was an infected bug bite, so they gave me ciprofloxaxcin. I took one pill, but I thought I might want to post here before I continue. The sore that is 4 months old looks dark red- between BBQ sauce color and ketchup color. The blister was about the size of a pencil eraser. The new one is also that size, but the surrounding area of the skin is red, and has a diameter of about 3 inches.
Avatar n tn I have an incision from breast cancer surgery that will not heal. It sounds a lot like your c-section incision, the top skin is over lapping and the incision can not breath. It has been over 4 weeks. My Dr. says to just give it time, but it is getting bigger not smaller.
Avatar m tn Hi, (background) I get a lot of problems with ingrown hairs on my face where I shave. In particular, I get occasional thickened hairs that get stuck in my skin and get very sore and resemble a black dot. I usually can free and ingrown hair with a needle or tweeze one that has formed a plug and after intial irritation and soreness they heal up. One particular area has been causing me problems for about 8-9 months. One day after shaving I discovered a small lump under my chin area.
Avatar n tn Hi, It is good that a culture was done and antibiotic was taken. However, if it continues to open and bleed, an infection may occur. Are there other signs and symptoms present? Anal fistula is an inflammatory tract between the anal canal and skin and usually presents as pain with bowel movement, pruritus and discharge. The opening could be found in the perineum.
Avatar m tn my lips and penis still have small cuts that will not heal. I have had rashes in the areas between my legs and scrotum that have come and gone since the 42nd day but have never cleared up. Also, I have had rashes in the genital and *** creases that have come and gone. The rashes look more like folliculitis bumps, although one 3x5 mm area gets especially red and mildly painful and sends pain down my leg when it flares. it has flared there three separate times.
Avatar f tn I just want to know what I can do to help this skin heal-- should I stop using the ointment and let the skin have a chance to breathe or dry out? Or am I not using the proper coverage? If you know of something else that could be causing it, let me know.