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Avatar m tn erythromycin about 3 to 4 weeks later for pimples on scalp about 4 to 5 days after the stopping the erythromycin due to bad stomach upset (going to toilet 5 to 6 times a day) my wrists went very red and sore (worse on right hand) dominant hand and also my hands constant flushing/hot/sore (could not even but hands in jean pockets so sore) Was given antihistamine shot and 3 days’ worth prednisone tablets in ER which seemed to calm skin within a few hours but once they wore off it came back.
Avatar f tn Could be dry irritated skin, use lotion, or calamine
Avatar n tn s going around also stomach bugs , has he any other symptoms like a fever or sore throat?
Avatar m tn Hello, Recently, I've noticed a random sore at the top of my groin. I noticed it just last night. I don't have many partners at all. One I know and trust and have been tested together. With the other,I always use protection. No noticeable sores on either one. It's not a nasty sore, but nevertheless, it still is a sore. If anyone has any knowledge on what it could be then please let me know if i should worry.
Avatar n tn hour after I fell from the horse I went to the GP to get a tetanus shot. I had a bloody nose, skin off my face, hands, belly, back, a very sore ankle and knee and a black eye. He did not even ask if I'd been wearing a helmet, or may have concussion. He only checked my belly because I asked him to as it was really sore, and he found nothing. I felt more qualified than this loser!
Avatar n tn Some times in he shower it feels as though the skin on my hands tightens up and feels like my veins are going to pop out. Ive been told by a Dr that i do have the chance at some point in life of getting diabeties.. just wondering if this could be a beginging symptom or maybe just dehydration or some other problem. My inner thighs hurt even when i walk. Help Please!!
4043310 tn?1355912647 just wondering if anyone feels really tender and senstive around there stomach mine is really tender to touch and very senstive and sore on the belly button am also finding my poo to be very very loose that the minute I wake up I have to run to toilet and if I dont I feel there is way to much pressure on my back and bum I dont get it
5154295 tn?1372284196 Is it normal to have a sore tummy? I'm 11w2d and just woke up this morning and all day I've have a sore stomach like I did 500sit ups the night prior. I'm not super concerned cause I know my body is going through a million changes- but I'm just curious?..
1995033 tn?1334163103 My bf was trying to feel the baby yesterday for a long time (you can feel him on the outside but he stops moving when my bf puts his hands on my stomach) well he wasnt pushing that hard and now my stomach hurts like I did a million sit ups! Is this normal? Do you think the baby is ok?
474119 tn?1273841478 As some of you may already know i have been off heroin now for just over a year, When i did my ct i got incredibly sore stomach pains obviously due to the wd's. However that was a year ago and i still wake every morning at the same time (6.10am to be precise, everyday.) with a really aching stomach, i can not get back to sleep because of this and i have to rise. Once i rise the pain subsides after around 10-15 min.
Avatar n tn I lay on my sides and stomach but it feels horrible cus my stomach hurts more and feels like alot of weight
Avatar f tn 4 days and was wondering if its normal for stomach to feel sore , painful . It literally hurts me to move on my side . At night i cant even sleep cause if i lay on my side it hurts . Its like my stomachs sore ...
Avatar f tn How is baby alive with no amniotic fluid? Dont they need that to survive? Asking bc ive always heard low amniotic fluid was a bad sign.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to get syphilis this way, and can syphilis live on intact skin (on hands), or does it die immediately like on other surfaces? I'm really freaking out and I don't want to somehow spread it to my family. Thanks to anyone who can help me.
Avatar m tn I am on week two of treatment, interferon/ribavirin. Right away I got some sort of skin thing between two of my fingers. It started as blisters, but when those opened it just spread out till now it is an itchy red spot about the size of a half-dollar. Does this sound like Riba-Rash? Or did I just by coincidence get some poisin ivy? Because that's just what it looks like. I called the Pegasys nurse and they sounded a little alarmed and said see your doctor.
Avatar n tn im a 17 year old male. about 5 days ago i noticed 2 small red splotches on my stomach adjacent from eachother. they started quite small (about an inch and a half). i didnt think much of it untill it started spreading very quickly. now a good portion of my stomach is covered and a portion of my upper leg became covered by it. it doesnt feel itchy or anything but it really has me concerned by the rate it is spreading. it is very very slightly raised. it is a pinkish red color.
Avatar f tn I developed a stomach rash in February of 2007 shortly after a viral infection. It consists of tiny red bumps that appear from my chest down to my waistline. At times the rash somewhat clears except for maybe 20-30 bumps. At other times I have 100 or more. They do itch, especially after bathing or swimming. If I scrub them off in the shower then they ooze and get quite sore. It is now July of 2008 and I have continuously had this rash.
Avatar f tn I had this happen when I was pregnant with all my kiddos, I think it is more from muscles and things moving around in there :) I dont think its anything to worry about but if it worries you, you could bring it up at the OB next visit.
Avatar f tn the top part of my stomach is sore. do you think it could be the skin stretching??
Avatar f tn Jus about 32 weeks here & I totally feel u. Sleep isnroughw finding a comfortable position & that doesn't last long. I have asthma & lately my arm's go numbt if I'm on one side too long. Alsot my ribs & side's are very sore. She is super active all the time esp when I'm trying to sleepy. If I bend too long she kick's the crap out of me. My lower abdomen is often sore.
Avatar f tn From time to the the skin on side and back of my head gets very sore. There are no open sores or any rash but is extremely sore too touch. only last a few days but will some times move from back to side. Doesn't not hurt unless I touch or sometimes when pillow touches..
Avatar f tn Anyone else feel like they are getting clumsy? I swear I drop things 20 times a day. Bending over to pick them up is making my stomach so sore. Sigh....I'm over this baby bump.
Avatar n tn My belly feels sore all over but no numbness.
Avatar f tn Hie! Iam 16&i've been having this experience for some time but mostly when its nipple gets really hard,white& cracked.Sometimes it seems like skin is peeling really hurts and it is often accompanied with headaches&stomach problems..Ami sick?
Avatar n tn they dont itch very much, just occasionally, i noticed that i started getting tiny bumps on the outside of my index finger that match what i have on my stomach...i was thinkin it was probable just a soap allergy or maybe exzema...