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Avatar n tn Hi. I'm 26 and I have a light beige skin tone. I have very brownish skin around my eyes. It goes up to my brow line and below my eyes as well. This is not typical dark circles. It is brown rather than grey or bluish. No amount of extra sleep, water, iron, or anything else seems to help. It has gotten worse over the past 8 years or so. I have heard that it could be caused by some sort of health problem. Any insight would be helpful.
Avatar f tn please tell me when someone gets white around the eyes , pain in hands and feet... no one seems to know what it is...
952840 tn?1246299685 i have recently bought some white cockatiels and was unaware they had eye problems as they where in a big flight there eyes are reddish in colour and feathers around the eyes are wet looking can any one give me some advice or remedies they have used i would be greatfull as i don't want it to pass on to the others.
Avatar f tn is there any product or treatment that you can recommend to reduce or lighten the "raccoon" appearance or "dark circles" around your eyes that African Americans and people of darker skin often get as they age? My are horrible! No amount of sleep or concealer seem to help. In the last two years it has gotten noticeably worse. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/239692'>Acne Treatment for African-American skin</a>.
Avatar n tn Lately I have been getting dry skin, especially around my eyes. It's become inflammed and red underneath my eyebrows, and around to the outsides of my eyes. Whenever I put moisturizer on it, all it does is burn. I've tried multiple moisturizers, and nothing is working. I recently bought new acne medication, do you think I could be allergic to it? Or is it just because I need to drink more water or something like that?
Avatar f tn hello guys, my baby has red skin around eyes. if you have this problem, please tell me your situation.
Avatar f tn First of all it doesnt look like a skin disease but rather a benign hyperpigmentation. Have you had irritation around your eyes in the past? Sensitive skin especially around the eyes? Have you been exposing your self in the sun without sunglasses and face suncream? Its hard to apply depigmenting agents in that area. If you are a smoker try to cut down on it and try to take Vitamin C supplements ( not more than 500mg pill ). Did it happen after a pregnancy or a hormonal event?
2064241 tn?1330998044 did the cucumber very soothing but no long term help, using aloe and baby oil now under and around my eyes and on the eyelids.. its helping a little... the skin is actually peeling and flaking only way to describe this is like a chemical burn... if this doesnt get better in the next day or so im talking to the dr. about a dose reduction...
5519088 tn?1369145879 I am wary with using corticosteroid as it permanently thins the skin, and the area around the eyes is already thin. I have also tried Bacroban Cream (mild effect) and Ichthammol Ointment 20% (mild effect). What I believe started this is a multitude of things. For about a year I have been juicing as much as possible, and when juicing I skin a large aloe leave and after blending in the 'meat' I wipe the skin over my hair and skin as a kind of conditioner.
Avatar m tn Hi i am a 27 year old male and recently have had quite sore skin on my lower back and right hand side. It feels like the skin is very tight and quite hot.This area has a few moles, but all moles look small and round. My dad has had skin cancer and obviously this worries me. There is not one particular mole that concerns me but it is more that the area itself is quite uncomfortable. There are also around 15 small freckles which i have not noticed before.
Avatar n tn t have any of these problems until 6 or 7 years ago, but my eyes have always had this dark ring around the iris. What's up with this theory? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/371568'>focusing problems with eyes</a>.
Avatar m tn im feeling a lot better now but the only thing is, is that i noticed( at week 9 that my skin looks odd , specially on my torso. the skin around my ariolas of my nipples look like they have stretch marks that look dispersed(almost the same color as my nipples just a hint lighter),my left nipple looks more affected by it. and i seem to be more red, like i had a couple of beers at night. i feel i turn red only at night. im not sure if im seeing things or the light is messing with my eyes, idk..
Avatar m tn I have got small red spots around both eyes, it has been going on for months. Certain cream can give relief however only for it to return. Seems to be linked to weeping eyes, very red spots appear under and over eye lids as well a son the skin.
535882 tn?1396576685 i have a cold. runny nose. sore throat, but my eyes this morning were swollen . one more than the other and on the less swollen one the eyelid has a bump in it, . any suggestions? , taking an antihistamine, plus eye drops. allergy, eye drops, plus doing saline nose rinse. ice pack, eyes also itch a little. any suggestion?
Avatar n tn Although they are commonly associated with the hand and other areas of the body, common warts may also affect other areas. Filiform warts are more commonly found around the eyes, the face and the neck.But filiform warts are not flat.they may appear to be slightly elongated with a stalk. I suggest that you have her consult a dermatologist. In adults, xanthelasma may present as flat yellowish bumps near the eyes. A thorough examination will be able to ascertain what could have caused this.
Avatar n tn As she was hugging me, it felt like a little bit of her saliva/spit may have hit me in the face around my eyes. I then turned around to see what looked like a cold sore/ healing cold sore on the inside of her lip. If this was infact HSV-1, could I have been infected this way? Why or why not? Thank you for your time.
Avatar m tn Also have sore feeling lips with redness around edge of lips and my legs feel like the are sore with no rash.
Avatar n tn Whenever my blood pressure increases my eyes become very red and sore. My eyes become very red and sore and hives appear on my eyelids. My eye rash started as a bit of raw skin at the outer corners where my eyes would tear, then spread to the fold of my upper eyelids, and now the entire undereye area of both eyes is painful, itchy, red and raw. After drinking alcohol the eye rash becomes much worse and causes me great pain. I have had an allergy test and are only allergic to milk and nuts.