Skin rashes with fever

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Avatar n tn And after a day the problem of her skin rashes just disappeared. So it all seems it was the new detergent that was causing the problem! Thanks a lot for the help.
Avatar m tn I have this rashes, it started off with small circles, every time when i get up in the morning it grows bigger and it goes all over my body. it will look like big patches. it itch alot. took injections but still wont go away. what kind of allergy is this and how can i make it go away?
Avatar m tn Hi, i had a sex with several prostitutes , 5 to be precise, all were protected, first intercourse was in January 2012 followed by severe itching in my lower abdomen area ( Legs), last intercourse was happened one month back , i have visited a skin doctor for some opinion about skin Rashes in my Leg & Back (Spinal Area) he advised me of TSH ( due to Skin rashes & Hair lose)& wrote an ointment to apply on the rashes & itching has stopped but their are some rashes which have become
Avatar f tn This is really scaring me because after 7 months, it seems like i have a flare up. This time with muscle achiness, fever, headache and swollen lymph nodes and stiff neck. I was looking at the symptoms of valley fever and it looks close. Before I had the flare up, there was a sand storm here in our area which after exposure to that I also experienced flulike symptoms.
Avatar f tn Non itchy red patch appear randomly around whole body, large cluster red bump or small patch behind thigh and around body randomly sometime itchy sometime not, single skin colour or red bumps far apart from each bumps around forearm, arms, thigh and leg, and small itchy bumps on index finger.
Avatar n tn You need to post your question on Doctors Forum. They charge $20 fees. The best way to know if you contracted HIV is to get tested. However, the chances are less. usually for men its like 1 in 2000 exposures.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with jock itch since september 4th, I have had an exposure to someone who is hsv 2 positive on the 24th...I have had no symptoms of fever, swollen lymph nodes, but i have had podrome like symptoms.. itchy opening to my penis, tingling, leg pain, swollen testicles) I have taken a blood test(igg herpes 2select ab) six weeks out and my results were (..016) I also did the full std panel including the urine tested all of results came back negative.
Avatar f tn I dunno whts wrong wid my skin!!! I get Rashes frequently....I m well aware tht I m allegric to dust therefore I cover myself with scarf when I m outdoors bt all in vain. The worst part is I've an oily skin therefore I cant apply moisturizers even during winters coz I get pimples. I m fed up of my skin...pls tell me what to do!!! :( I m 16 yrs old...
Avatar f tn Itchy rashes "all over the body" are sort of rare, carce. Usually rashes are localized to specific areas, like sweaty area such as armpits and backs of knees or whereever skin folds over, or to the back, or hands and feet, etc. Can you actually see a rash on her, or is she just scratching at some itch that you can't actually see? Does it look like it's possibly insect bites? Did it start in one specific location?
Avatar m tn It is true that flu can cause a fever with a rash but usually only in children. Even though influenza rarely causes a skin rash in adults, it isn't impossible for it to happen, especially if the person has a history of skin rashes caused by allergies. On how long the rashes will last, it depends on the types of allergies you have.
Avatar n tn And I still had the fever, dizziness, etc that came along with the fever. Late morning I woke up with the fever still and as I jumped into the shower I noticed that the rash had spread to my entire body. It wasn't itchy, but irritating like a sunburn. The problem was I hadn't placed myself in direct sunlight (because I easily burn and tan). By the afternoon everyone was commenting on the fact I was so red. My head felt like it was on fire.
Avatar n tn Hi, Do rashes have to be accompanied by fever to determine ist HIV? If i dont have a fever, n i only have rashes, does it mean I have a lesser chance of contacting HIV?
Avatar m tn i had protected sex wid an infected person on 1st week of aug.. which is abt 2 months ago.. n now m developing some pink rashes on my skin. i've had it in my childhood too.. but this time i had a fever for 3 days too... so m scared if i got infected..
Avatar m tn i have no skin rashes and my body appears clean as usual. however, i do feel slight itches but no rashes or changes in skin. Please help me and tell me that my headache and mild temparture can be a symptom.? my throat is fine and no other symptom i ahve right now... i went to the HIV screening centre, they recorded my history, they will conduct the CPR after i complete 24 days post exposure period.
Avatar n tn i suck penis of all without condom and get inside my anal with condom in this 3 years i get tested for hiv 3 times and negative all time but 2 week back i got in anal without condom from one guy who is most reliable( i think so) but 2 weeks after i developed high grade fever for a day, tonsillitis, no skin rashes, no any lymph node enlargement , but blood picture show netrophilia and total wbc around 11700 me afraid, am i get infected from hiv?
Avatar n tn If any person infected HIV, when the ARS Skin Rashes appears in hier/her body. How many weeks it will take to go on. This is a symple question I would like to know, If any expert person known about this question please answer.
172826 tn?1423422956 She said that he may just be fighting off something viral but to keep him hydrated and said that i could alternate tylenol and motrin which i have been doing or that i could give half the dosage for tylenol and half the dosage for motrin which will help with the fast increase in the fever(e.g went from i believe 101 to 104 in 30 minutes monday) She said to keep an eye on him regardless but that other than keeping an eye on him and treating the fever there was nothing else she could do.
Avatar f tn eli does NOT have the rash and brett does not appear to be in pain, itchy or running a fever. nothing has changed. i use the same laundry detergent i did when he was born, he's been drinking the same milk for the past 6 weeks and no the only new food introduced to him was yogurt 3 days ago. his pedi is on vacation this week (i already tried to call her) and the "nurses" there have no idea what it could be.....
Avatar m tn Hi sir/madam,on december 5th 2014 i had sex with an prostitite it was protected but i had some small wounds on my testis skin after the intercourse the condom touched this wounds for some seconds.
Avatar n tn I found skin irritation and rashes on my palm and feet so I went to see the doctor and he said these could be caused by Curam antibiotics, so I stop taking these 3 medicine...but the rashes are still there. Now I start to get very worried these are related to syphilis or even hiv because of fever then rashes. The light sore throat does not go away. It comes and goes during the day, and is more noticeable right after waking up. Those like “Athlete's foot” infections, reddish, probably 1.
Avatar m tn On April I developed skin rashes on my groin. It went away after I consulted with the dermatologist she said its eczema so I moved on. But after 1 week, all my lymph nodes area became tender and painful. In the first 2 weeks there was no swelling, after that my armpit glands swelled followed by both sides of my neck. They are not visible. They are big as M&M peanuts. They are painful/tender. My CBC is normal. Mono is negative. I will get tested for HIV but any idea first?