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Avatar n tn I've been to a doctor before and took the medications, but then my skin peeled off. My dad suggested taking vitamen C and putting listerine on my scabs. It sometimes stings, though it's supposed to, goes away for 2 months then comes back. When I go outside in the morning to dig, it sometimes itches. But then in the evening it burns. Please tell me why?
Avatar m tn People who are overweight have even more trouble than slim people because of skin-on-skin contact. So if you need to lose weight, and even if you don't, sugar feeds yeast/fungus, so eat healthy with lots of veggies and lean meat and no sugar or simple carbs. Sugars like that just feed yeast.
2090601 tn?1334518662 There was someone else I don't remember who ill have to check my emails that had a rash similar to the pimple like sores I mentioned and they are the ones that told me to Do thats and that isb the only thing that helped for that kind. But I've had a few different kind of rashes. All have had to be treated differently.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had red bumps that look almost just like mosquito bites that occasionally itch in early pregnancy or at all during pregnancy?
Avatar n tn ) If it gets bad of course go to the doctor, asap and make sure it's not worse. But if it's just the red tiny dots that itch like crazy = riba rash most likely. Just pretend your a kid and have the chicken pox and get yourself a fudgicle as a reward after you put on the calamine LOL! Good luck Lady!
Avatar n tn Your symptoms don't sound like any STD. You clearly have a generalized skin rash; as someone else commented before me (shown below), it sounds like it could be an allergic reaction to something--and from your description, peanuts sound like a good bet. But lots of other, non-allergic conditions are possible. Most likely this isn't HIV, and the risk of catching HIV from any single episode of vaginal sex, even if the partner is infected, is very low.
Avatar n tn You don't have herpes. Your latest (IgM) antibody test was falsely positive. Use the search link for 'herpes diagnosis' and 'IgM' to see many discussions on these points. The IgM HSV test is sometimes useful in diagnosing herpes in newborns, but it is useless in adults. Only IgG testing counts, and yours was negative. For sure you are not infected with HSV, either type 1 or type 2.
Avatar f tn hi hun i cant use condoms they make me itch really bad, im not saying have unsafe sex lol but try and different brand or pull out type thing.
4790067 tn?1359216510 I did recently started taking collegial silver (to boost my immune system) but I assume if I was allergic to it, the rashes would be all over my body not just my hands. I'm providing a picture that I hope helps you understand and advise me on what to do.
Avatar n tn I think they are getting bigger with time or periodically. They don't itch or ache, or feel hard/different on touch. Maybe slightly dry, but that may be just the skin on that location. I include photos to show you what they look like. They are on both feet, but on my left foot they are more intense and occupy larger area. Images: http://img829.
Avatar f tn althlough I understand these tests are not always reliable. PLEASE... Do you know of any rashes like this that do not itch? Could it be eczema if it doesn't itch? What about Lyme without other symptoms? I plan to start her on antibiotics today because I don't want to wait any longer if it is Lyme. I appreciate any input you may have. Thanks.
1816180 tn?1316993945 In April of 2011 I noticed a itch that I didnt think too much about at first. Then after a month, this itch became too much. I called my doctor in June, I think, thinking I may be allergic to something and he prescribed me some Atarax 10mg. This did absolutely nothing but make me sleepy. A couple of months ago I got raised bumps on my stomach, back of thighs and inner thighs. I was itching so bad I would scratch the skin off of any of the areas that are affected.
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning with spots on my upper arm on the inside they don't itch small about half a centimeter some a little smaller. I got sick the day before with sore throat and haven't been eating much but drinking plenty of water. I am 21 years old have a 8 month child.
960785 tn?1248648696 He said that I had gotten to far into the scatch-itch cycle, prescribed meds that over came the problem 2-3 mos. Now these hives have returned Do I need tranquilizers?
Avatar n tn On my lower legs I have little patches of red dotted looking little bumps and some tiny red dots that are not raised but are under the skin. At the same time I also have a different kind of rash (hive like) mostly on my back and stomach. This one is real itchy and the ones on my legs don't itch. I know this can be from cryo which I tested postive for prior to tx but am now undectable (which I've heard can be false). I cleared at week 11 for the HCV as well.
614674 tn?1221491625 For the past probably 3-5 months I have been randomly getting little spots of rashes. At first I noticed them only at night on both the tops of my thighs, but then the next night the rash would be on the back of my thighs. I've had the patches of rash now happen everywhere on my body and at no certain time of the day, but it happens everyday consistantly. And they itch uncontrollably crazy! And then either the next day or a few hours later it's gone!
Avatar f tn I know how that is!
Avatar f tn In two cases, the red rashes turned into permanent scars under my skin which look like skin discoloration. Apart from that, I have reddish and brownish spots UNDER my skin on my right arm near the elbow which are permanent unlike the rashes which come and go, albeit very frequently. The red rashes worsen after I have a bath. I changed my moistureizer and soap to Sebamed and use Johnson's baby shampoo.
Avatar n tn ihave a rash i have had for 4 months ,i have been given steriods 6 different times and they don't help i itch in the evenings and at night terrbly so bad that i bruse my legs i seen a dermatoligest and he saysits dry skin i am keeping lotion on it but nothing helps can you help me ,could it be a food allergy
Avatar n tn He asked me about it I told him that I get these rashes at least 20 times per day/ everyday that's how frequent they are. The rashes are not raised they are simply red discolorations of my skin that last for several minutes and go away...I can usually tell when I get my rashes because they are always accompanied by a heat flash. He then began to touch it and realized how hot it was on my skin. He noticed that it was even on my shoulders and was puzzled to see something like this.
Avatar n tn I've been using Rogaine for a few mos. I wonder if it could be that - it makes my scalp itch. I'm thinking that it coud be the Avonex or Rogaine or possibly a symptom of something else. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Did they give you any instructions on perhaps certain soaps to use as well, ones that don't irritate the skin. There are many special soaps for folks with sensitive skin but it goes beyond that as well. Sometimes rashes can be very resistent even to treatment if the underlying condition is not treated. So, I think you should start out with a specialist aside from a dermatologist, or even a family doc, internist, etc, and get a complete workup to see if there is something else going on here.
Avatar n tn but still they are not sure about this red rashes..because they come and go ..I really don't know ..why suddenly decreased appetite and also some time in left leg knee joint little pain . Feeling malaise sometime..but i did not have any painful blisters ...sometime tiny pimple kind of spot in shoulder. ..Could be sign of any STD...?
Avatar m tn They are typically clusters of itchy bumps that puff into bigger bumps when I itch them, and are sometimes red and sometimes not. I originally got them on my inner thighs, but they appear also behind my knees, on my arms mostly by my elbow joints and armpit areas, and also up my biceps and triceps area. I also get them in the upper chest, and occasionally on the neck. I apply hydrocortisone, which takes the itching away, but the rashes can take up to three weeks to go away.
Avatar f tn I hadn't had any trouble with it prior to that and I thought I was being cautious (covered up, sunscreen, etc.) but by that evening I had full blown rash all over my legs. For me, it was tiny raised red bumps that itched a little and looked really awful. After that, I was much more careful and didn't get in any sun. I still had some random itchiness throughout tx (in fact I am a month post tx now and I STILL itch) but never had the rash again that bad.
Avatar n tn the scratches could just be you nicking yourself while you sleep or do other activities and not even notice it... that happens to me a lot. usually when you have wounds that itch that means they're just healing.. nothing too serious unless its all red and causes quite some pain which could indicate infection. as far as the red patches i am not too sure. it could be a small reaction to soemthing. i would suggest seeing a doctor about this issue if you think is something severe. best of luck,.
Avatar f tn then I have a trail of red flat pinpoints that line up under the skin and they vary in sizes. Sometimes these itch and sometimes they don't, and sometimes they go away, and sometimes they don't......then there are areas where the skin is actually sucked out leaving a pockmark. It started out in confined areas and moved around my body...this is the most bizzare medical situation I have encountered. I have researched the oak leaf itch mite, chiggers, noceums, etc....
Avatar m tn My wife suffers from a severe condition since she was a little child. Skin rashes that come and go, on her arm, legs, face, all over her body. They are red, ich a lot and and the skin peels off like it was dust. We have spent all the money possible (and impossible) to figure this out. We've been to all sorts of doctors, who have suggested many different causes such as food allergies (lactose, gluten, fruits and the list goes on...), psychological problems, stress, fungus...