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Avatar n tn Hi Doc im curious about some rashes that came up on my skin. They take the form of a pinkish oval shape rash which comes up on my stomach between my thighs on my inner arms and the worst part of it is that it itches alot. I spoke with a doc once and she said it was a skin disorder callled pityriasis rosea. At the moment those areas are covered with those spots but no they are black spots because they are now dried up.
Avatar f tn Hello, A complete clinical examination is very necessary for diagnosing your condition. Are these bumps on the skin or under the skin? If they are under the skin it can be due to ganglion cysts or lipomas.If they are on the skin they can be due to any allergy, inflammation or infection. In erythema nodosum there are red and painful lumps, most commonly on the shins or lower legs, but may affect other areas also.
Avatar f tn I have been having problems for the past few years with "rashes" appearing mostly on my knees and arms. They are circular in shape and red. They itch really badly. They start off small then progressively get larger. After they are "gone" dark spots on my skin are left in it's place. The dark spots stay there. Two or three will appear at a time. Sometimes I will go a few months without seeing one. What could this be?
Avatar n tn However, about a month ago, i noticed my sking around the sides of my body, like under my arms, but above the waist, had dots that were darker that my skin color. They resemble dots you get when you have a pimple and you pop it and it leaves a darker colored spot.
4950316 tn?1394188185 Only 5 days in on triple tx, with Incivo (incideous I call it), and I'm getting rashes inside my arms etc. As my nurse says it's too early for the Incivo rash, is this a Ribo rash? If so, do they last the length of the treatment, or come and go? And when may I expect the Incivo rash to come a knocking (IF it is!)? Also, you talk about Tylenol, which here is Australia it is Paracetamol, is this without codeine?
Avatar n tn What worked best for me with all of the rashes (and the itchy red spots I always called by the nickname ribarash) was Gold Bond Medicated Triple Threat Anti Itch medication in the green bottle with the red top. It made me smell like an old person BUT it worked. I put it on at least twice a day but more if possible. And when the bumps cleared up I stopped and it came right back again. Then I started again and it stayed gone for good.
Avatar n tn My friends have 2 American Eskimos that were getting those same problem spots with rashes all the time and they would scratch till they were bald in those areas. First they were told they were allergic to the grass, so they took them out to do their business in the driveway and didnt let them run around in the yard, but they still were doing the same 6 months later even though there was no longer any grass in the yard, but lots of snow.
Avatar n tn i had a negative test at 4 weeks 11 and 15 weeks during week 13 i stared getting red spots on my arms they are maybe 3/4's of a centimeter the widest...they are in my skin... not under my skin...they occur only between my biceps and forearms..they stay for about 4 hours then go away... they still persist at the moment.. though the fequency between 'erruptions' of spots has slowed... im seriously worried about this...and i know i am feasibly being irrational...but...
2090601 tn?1334518662 Hi, how many people get rashes? Where are yours located and what do they look like? Been itching like mad! Had a week in the sun on vacation, wonder if the sun caused this insane itch?
Avatar n tn what you are experiencing right now is not rashes or white rashes its a disease cause by a fungus virus that makes the white spots you just need to buy wart cream to remove it okey thanx
Avatar f tn I have red spots and rashes on my hands. They are extremly dry and are soo itchy and sore. no cream seems to work. what could it be.
4790067 tn?1359216510 For the past two days I've been getting these white spots and rashes on my hands and nowhere else. I am a massage therapist but I have been for the past 10 years and I have never experienced anything like this. Usually happens after I wash my hands, but I do that all the time so this time I'm worried. When they start small and I rub them cause they pinch and/or itch they grow, but only when I don't touch it, they disappear and won't reappear until the next day (usually morning).
Avatar f tn Hi, I have skin rashes for more than one month. The rashes have the following characteristics: - appear on face, neck, body, long arm - itchy and some areas have many very small red spots, or some areas have - the skin rashes come and go within about 15-25 minutes - become serious when under hot environment especially under sunlight. But it may occur after bathing, feel nervous or sometimes no special reasons. I am vegetarian for 3 years.
Avatar n tn Recently, i've had been having random sudden out breaks of mild or painless rashes orirrated skin. It however last only for a short amount of time, mostly for an hour or two at most. The majority of the time the rash just occures shortly, after i rest my head on my bed. So i wonder if you have any idea what this could be from.
Avatar n tn I have no other side effects, these spots/rashes are quite small and are few, and come and go, however they reoccur in the same place. They cause no pain or discomfort, I just have no idea what this could be.
Avatar n tn I have in the last year, has spots appearing on my shoulders, which have now virtually spread over most of my back. Almost all of the spots, are reddish in colour, and develop "heads" of some sort. They vary in size from very big, to tiny. Also my back now seems to be scarred, because I have so many. Now I also have patches of dry skin on my back and upper arms varying in size from 1cm in diameter to 3-4cms.
Avatar n tn What is causing my bulldog's skin rashes? Her feet/paws in between are all like swollen, her face is red and also around her eyes, ears, back of her ears and her belly have red spots, big and small. Her eyes have mucus or discharge most of the time. Do I need to bring her to the vet? She still eats good but she likes to lay down most of the time. She's not as active as before. I'm worried, please help.
Avatar f tn I have had a sore scalp, itchy skin, rashes, red spots, bruise easily for the past 2-3 months I can't wear any deodorant, go to work, wear clothing without itching & rashe...
Avatar f tn For about five years now I have suffered from abdominal pain, bloating, spasms, fatigue and skin rashes. The gastrointestinologist diagnosed me with IBS. I have tried high fiber diets, herbs, acupuncture all of which offered some relief but never got rid of the symptoms. I don't have the energy I used to and lifting and stretching seem to make the pain and bloating worse.
Avatar n tn I have the rashes and itching also. I use nivea cream and a lotion I got from the doctor that works really good. Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1% lotion. It is similar to what someone else on this forum suggested. The little red spots are still there but not as itchy. Also, lotion down your body after a shower while it is still damp. This helped me alot.
Avatar f tn I have Lupus. I have now developed dry like spots along the eyebrows and nose also on the cheeks of my face. I had been seeing a doctor but when things got better I stopped. I wonder if i should reconsider my decision. When I was first diagnosised 1977 I lost a lot of my hair and now it is very thin. I do not appear to be losing my hair but this rash bothers me. It peels like dry skin but never clears up as I use face cream every night. I'd appreciate a reply.
Avatar n tn I have burning feeling on my skin then red spots comes out, not just on my palm of my hads but all over