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Avatar n tn Since last month I have felt that the skin on the penis has gone very sensitive. The fore skin of the penis is circumsized and I feel rashes and small cuts around the penis just below the head. These rashes and cuts are more pronounced specially after the intercourse, as I start feeling pain and burning during the erosl time. Some time even I see small amount of blood from the rashes (which is created within that 3-4 mins time of intercourse).
Avatar n tn I am a healthy male of 38 years old. I am not circumscises and have fore-skin on the head of my penice. Since last ten days I have seen red colour rashes on the head of the penice and on the inner side of the penice foreskin, it irritates and has little pain. I also see some dead whitish skin accumulating between the head and the foreskin. I started washing my penice head two times a day with water containing few drops of Dettol Liquid, the rashes have reduced but they are still there.
Avatar m tn This happened to me on the same day when I have GERD. Is it normal to have this skin rashes after GERD or this could be Shingles? Please help.
Avatar n tn And after a day the problem of her skin rashes just disappeared. So it all seems it was the new detergent that was causing the problem! Thanks a lot for the help.
Avatar m tn I have been getting skin rashes from my early childhood. These Rashes tend to come mostly during the Summer months of the year. They usually seem like a mosquito bite. They first occurs behind the ear, then around the neck, head scalp and spread to the back. Finally i get them even in my face. They are very itchy . They usually seem to have a cycle like 24 hours. They start by afternoon and get intense by evening and disappear while i sleep. The body gets heated up so much during that time.
Avatar m tn hi..... I have odd type skin rashes or swelling..... I live in cold county(canada). I get rashes only in the hands(from fingers to wrist only) that too only if go out only. Inside the house,I'm pretty normal. but once I go out(where the temperature will be in minus) I get rashes only in hands which is not covered, rest of my body will be covered with jackets and winter shoes. so which made me to think. whether this rash is because of the climatic change (this sounds really weird).
Avatar f tn I was on the hospital yesterday.
Avatar n tn It is important to note that rashes may be due to many other skin conditions or allergic reactions not related to HIV infection. Acute (Primary) HIV Infection This occurs within 2 to 4 weeks after infection, and is a flu-like illness with swollen lymph nodes, fever, malaise and rash lasting about 2 to 3 weeks. It normally has more than 1 symptom, than again, one cannot base on signs and symptoms to link HIV infection. The only way to know if you are infected is to do a HIV blood test.
990616 tn?1249389407 Hi. Damage to the hair follicle during shaving can lead to ingrowing hairs and bumpy skin. Prepare your skin for shaving with an exfoliating cleanser. Use a good quality shaving gel and a clean razor blade each time. Pat dry then apply a post-shave healer. Clinique make an excellent range of cleansers for men, shaving gels and post-shave healers -available online or instore. Eloise.
Avatar f tn I was on the hospital yesterday.
Avatar m tn Even though, in sun light, i feel some part of my leg in reg color as leakage of blood inside the skin. I had used Minexil Gel(Minoxidil 5% ) 2-3 months back and my concern is whether the rashes comes due to the usage of Minoxidil( Allergy). If that is the case, is there any treatment for that? Or moisturizing cream is enough to recover this? Does it shows any symptom of Liver, Kidney or Heart prob? I don't have any other diseases like fever,cold,headache, body pain(except ankles area) etc.
Avatar n tn 1 week ago I developed a rash that started from my bottoms then spread to my arms, armpit, beneath the knees and thighs. The rashes are itchy, reddish and look like mosquitoes bites. Is it hiv rashes? I had no fever or other symptoms of hiv.
Avatar n tn I have rashes on my crotch.It itches all the time.I tend to sweat a lot and the the place i live is pretty hot so that worsens things.Now i have had these rashes for ages.I have been so dumb and have just not done anything about it.It itches and i tend to itch.It sometimes has cuts due to my ithcing.It is a large patch,which is pinkish.Looks like its fungal or is a it a ring worm.I really dont know.What is the best ointment to use.