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Avatar m tn Algae are a common pest in swimming pools and hot tubs, can also rarely cause skin infections. So this brought me to a few questions. Did any of you guys frequent swimming pools/saunas/whirlpools before PATM? Did anyone here took any Chlorella, Spirulina or any other Seaweed/Algae supplements before PATM? Does anyone here have any skin rashes, eczemas etc.? I know many have sticky skin which is really hard to wash off, could that be caused by an algae?
434240 tn?1216392070 hmmm not sure the exact temperature/degree but I know that hot tubs, jacuzzis, and saunas should be avoided. As for hot bath tub, some say it's not good, some say it's okay I think it just all depends on how much you can take, your body will let you know when to get out. I love taking baths, and somtimes I can't lie in there as long as I want because I can feel my body temp just rising and rising and I just cant take it...but I stay in for about 15 minutes.
Avatar f tn I've read some stuff about hot tubs since that's the temp I like in my bath tub and shower and it said not to let your core temp raise above 102. It had some other helpful info too so maybe Google hot tubs and pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I love hot tubs and hot showers but i havent taken a hot shower since i found out i was pregnant only warm showers and ive been in a hot tub once but i only put my legs in i think the trick is you cant start feeling warm when you do its time to cool down
Avatar f tn It is more dangerous in the beginning of pregnancy and avoiding it then is a good idea. I am 28 weeks and when we go to the pool I go into the hot tub for 5-10 mins and then into the cold pool. The dangerous part of it is because our bodies can sweat to cool down (in pregnancy this process takes quite a bit longer, depending on the woman) and baby can't sweat to cool down.
733888 tn?1233849292 s the reason that they tell you not to go into hot tubs is because of the constantly warm water cerculating in there, there is never a time where they "cool down." Not a risk of infection or anything like that. Well I hope this helps a bit!
Avatar f tn The risk of herpes from a one time protected encounter are incredibly low. we don't recommend any std testing from a one time protected encounter. Herpes is only transmitted through direct skin on skin contact. You can't get it from being in a hot tub unless you are having sex in a hot tub. No reason to think you contracted syphilis from this either.
Avatar f tn You can take bath just not hot tubs or sauna.
Avatar f tn It's only if the water is so hot that it turns your skin red. It can increase your baby's body temperature.
Avatar f tn Saunas, hot tubs, and hot baths are not recommended. From my understand luke warm baths are okay. If you did get in the hot tub and are experiencing pain I would call your OB...
419008 tn?1219536438 im not really sure....but from what i have read no its tubs are very hot and when your pregnant your temp isnt supposed to get that high....they say even in the summer try and stay out of the heat because its harmful to the fetus!! So to be safe i would say no...dont use it....unless you turn it down to what your bath would be luke warm maby should be ok... im not positive on either of that..but i thought you would likee a im sure youll get more...
Avatar m tn ve never heard of this happening in natural hot springs. Unlike hot tubs, there is continuous water flow, so I doubt bacteria could grow to high enough numbers to be a problem. I would guess the operator's warning is a health department requirement that doesn't necessarily reflect a particularly high risk. Herpes blisters and sores may itch and burn, but herpes doesn't cause itching or burning without visible lesions.
Avatar f tn its not reccomended to use hot tubs because it will raise your body temperature therefore making the baby too hot...but i have known people who just lowered the temps of there hot tubs down to like 90 degrees and have been fine. i guess it just depends on what YOUR body can handle...if the hot springs are too hot to sit in you could try just sticking your feet in so you can still enjoy your vacation :) and if you were to get in just do it for a very short time....
Avatar f tn // What about making your shower cooler? Wonder if that would help at all.
Avatar f tn lol There's nothing wrong with taking hot baths while prego..
Avatar f tn It was quite informing and one of the things was hot baths she said they were not bad they were actually good but she said hot tubs are .
12226398 tn?1424524461 lets say you get really hot like your skin feels hot, including your belly, gets hot, would that be bad or would your baby feel hot as well?? Or when your whole body is cold, would baby be cold to? Just wondering if anybody knows about that?
Avatar f tn hot tubs are bad for you for the same reason as hot baths. it can raise your body temperature too much, which will also raise the babys body temp. you can take warm water baths.
Avatar f tn So I got in the hot tub with my husband tonite but when I told my sister we were in it she feaked out and said hot tubs are bad for the baby while pregnant. It wasnt even hot it was more of a warm bath temperature. Is that bad for the baby? Im 19 weeks pregnant and the baby is moving around alot so I know she is doing okay I just wanted to know how bad getting into a hot tub was.
Avatar f tn Hot tubs can also cause blood clots which are obviously not good pregnant or not. Heating pads are harmless, though. I mean, dont put it on high and sit it on your stomach but for your back a heating pad is fine. And works wonders.
Avatar f tn I never risked it but my doctor explained to me that the tanning bed only effects the skin so it is technically ok, just like being in the sun. The problem comes when you get too hot. Increased body temps aren't recommended. That's why no hot tubs.
Avatar f tn I know that you shouldn't go in hot tubs or saunas but hot baths are fine I always look forward to my hot bath relax me.
Avatar n tn I was told you can take baths but you have to make sure the tub your using is just cleaned and the water does not turn your skin red. Hot tubs are a no-no because they stay at a high temp and that can cause a miscarriage but a bath cools down a lot faster so it's fine. But again make sure your bathtub is clean because they can store germs and can get you infected and cause problems.
Avatar f tn Baths, rather than showers, are of concern. Baths, like hot tubs, submerge the body in a constant source of heat while showers are intermittent in that not all of the surface area of your skin is covered at one time.