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Avatar f tn Hello, The symptoms are suggestive of pompholyx. Pompholyx primarily involves the hands and fingers and then may involve the feet. The first stage is acute and presents as itchy blisters on the hands, fingers and toes. Then the chronic stage shows more peeling, cracking, or crusting. Then the skin heals up, or the blistering may start again. The exact cause is not known and excessive sweating can be one of the reasons. To confirm the diagnosis please get an evaluation done from a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn It itches and leave scars or black marks mon my skin around my feet and hands I just want to know what this is because I use my hands alot.
Avatar n tn I get very itchy red rashes on my hands and feet but only when I am going to get my period. Rashes come just before period starts and for the duration of period. At the end of my cycle, lately, the rashes become hard then peel. They are painful and even make it difficult for me to walk on them or hold a pen etc. What can I do? Creams help but for an hour or so. The rashes like I said are very itchy, red, raised and can be quite big.
Avatar n tn I get very itchy red rashes on my hands and feet but only when I am going to get my period. Rashes come just before period starts and for the duration of period. At the end of my cycle, lately, the rashes become hard then peel. They are painful and even make it difficult for me to walk on them or hold a pen etc. What can I do? Creams help but for an hour or so. The rashes like I said are very itchy, red, raised and can be quite big.
Avatar n tn My seventeen year old son has suddenly developed a skin rash on hands, feet, face, and in the joints of his arms. I would like to know what i can do for a cure? On his hands at times they have been like blisters. There is itching and burning. All around discomfort.
Avatar m tn A blister-like rash on the hands, feet and in the mouth usually develops one to two days after the initial symptoms. There is no specific treatment. Treatment is aimed at maintaining good oral hydration. Take adequate fluids throughout the day and acetaminophen if there is any fever. If the symptoms persist or become severe then please consult a physician. Hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries. Kind regards.
Avatar n tn Over the past couple of years, I have developed skin rashes on my hands, between fingers, bottoms of my feet, groin, and most recently my arm pits. I have used anti-fungals with some success, but not much. What can cause this condition?
Avatar m tn hi..... I have odd type skin rashes or swelling..... I live in cold county(canada). I get rashes only in the hands(from fingers to wrist only) that too only if go out only. Inside the house,I'm pretty normal. but once I go out(where the temperature will be in minus) I get rashes only in hands which is not covered, rest of my body will be covered with jackets and winter shoes. so which made me to think. whether this rash is because of the climatic change (this sounds really weird).
Avatar f tn Hello, These rashes can be due to hives in response to an allergic reaction, contact dermatitis or eczema. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps. If the symptoms persist then get it evaluated from a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn I told him it's so bad I want to cut my feet off! It's mostly my feet but, sometimes my hands and fingers. I don't have to be sleeping it starts within a hour of laying down trying to wind down. It has woke me from a dead sleep. The itch is so deep scratching doesn't stop it. Skin always looks normal. Happens 3-5 nights a week. I do have a history of depression and bi polar but, it happens weather i'm happy or not.
218701 tn?1248229855 A few days later my hands started to peel. And yesterday, my feet started peeling as well. The peeling on my feet was severe, a full layer of skin came off the entire sole of my foot. Does anyone know what this may be or what causes it? And does it require urgent medical attention or can it wait 4 days until I go in for my next appt with my OB? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn No STD causes peeling skin of the hands and feet. If that is your only symptom, you can be sure no STD is responsible. Now I have read the question itself. My reply still stands. You have been completely evaluated for all STDs that might have caused your mild genital/urinary symptoms. As for syphilis, very unlikely, regardless of your symptoms.
Avatar n tn I found skin irritation and rashes on my palm and feet so I went to see the doctor and he said these could be caused by Curam antibiotics, so I stop taking these 3 medicine...but the rashes are still there. Now I start to get very worried these are related to syphilis or even hiv because of fever then rashes. The light sore throat does not go away. It comes and goes during the day, and is more noticeable right after waking up. Those like “Athlete's foot” infections, reddish, probably 1.
Avatar f tn what could be the possible result for rashes on the hand, around palm and around feet, below ankle. They comes as bumps with slimmy liquid then dries up and itches very often.
Avatar m tn I am feeling itching on my hands and feet for nearly a month now. This is particularly happens at night. can a medical expert pls advise the cause. I am going for an ultrasound this month. really concern!
Avatar n tn I have had recurring rashes on my feet for years and now it seems to have switched to my hands. Please help!!!
Avatar n tn She said that the other patches were dry skin and the peeling hands and feet were because of sweaty hands and feet. It has been 4 weeks since this began and her hands and feet are still peeling. The spots on her hips that looked like the pictures of the pityrias rosea have healed and are now just white spots. But she keeps getting new rashes that come and go. She now has a rash on her shoulder that looks a little like hives but has a blister in the center of it.
Avatar m tn It appeared to help my penis, but I began getting rashes at all extremities. Chest, shoulders, wrists, palms, top of hands, arms, biceps, top of my feet and arches of my feet. I also had a sty, but it is now going away. I stopped taking the meds..(2 weeks now), but the rashes don't seem to be getting better. I am out of the country, but return home in a couple days, and have an appointment with a dermatologist.
Avatar m tn Slozem. For 5 months I have had various rashes,itching, treated as excma, but with no success. Can the medication be the cause?
Avatar m tn I was doing my hands, feet and groin with it, figuring i could be touching my feet and infecting the rest of me.
Avatar n tn hi all since feb ive had rash that comes and goes on the head of my penis pain in groin and underar mostly on right side pain near hips sharp pain at tip of penis head tingels in hands and feet worse when i bend over small white blotches under skin that i thing is caused to blood flow now recentyl ive had head spins when standing up from bending over and itching hands feet legs arms well almost all over body had headache in the mornings that have now gone the only thing i can not work out is i
547836 tn?1302836432 been on Interferon treatment for 30 weeks already and these rashes started to appear around my joints and on hands and feet. they are dotty red and itchy, no scaly skin, happens after i get a fever and take a Neupogen and Tylenol. didn't have a problem with rashes before. photos are linked: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn But the others, my doctor cannot identify. The back of my hands, my feet (esp pinky toes), knees and elbows have a non itchy , red rash. The ones on my pinkie toes hurt because I have to wear shoes, but I really can't feel the rest of them. Benedryl doesn't do anything except ease the itching of the injection site rashes. I really don'ot want to get shuffled from specialist to specialist , only to be told...uh we don't know--which is usually the case. I am thinking maybe viral arthritis?
Avatar f tn did anyone get a rash on their legs & feet? It doesn't itch, it looks like little red freckles, I have tried to find this as one of the many side effects to the injections,but no luck.
Avatar f tn starts with swelling of my vulva, which is very painful and seeps a clear discharge, then I breakout in a rash all over my body, which itches intensely! and my hands have completely peeled and my feet are peeling now, the last few days my tips of my fingers feel like the skin is thickening....
Avatar m tn sounds like scabies they attack the feet ankles hands fingers and elbows and they look like tiny blisters or skin colored bumps. Im not a doctor but in college I caught these pesky critters along with all my roommates its very contagious and you can only get rid of it by getting proper meds from a doctor . look up pictures and see if they look the same.
Avatar f tn You need to avoid such activities which will trigger the event like wearing tight clothing (affecting areas of constriction), sitting for prolonged periods of time on a hard surface (affecting the buttocks), an extended period of walking (affecting the soles and feet), or carrying heavy bags of groceries (affecting the palms and hands). Anti-histaminic and/or Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist (may be added if not controlled by antihistamines) will help to relieve the symptoms.
Avatar n tn I also started getting headaches and back pains with some unusual coldness in the middle abdomen and cold hands and feet. My doctor ordered me to have the tests of vitamin b12 which came out to be very low.I started getting b12 injecions twice a week for four weeks I have been taking them.I also started getting tiny rashes on my head and with red in colour. To tackle the cold hands and feet and unusual cold in the abdomen, my doctor precribed me bralix tabs 7.5mg (clidinium bromide 2.