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Avatar n tn My 33 year old fiance started last week with some small hive/rash (red, itchy bumps - like bug-bites but not) on his left toes. They then spread to his left thigh. Now on his torso and his right arm. Two triggers I can think of: 1) we had a mulch delivery last week and something in there is biting him or 2) he's having a reaction to the fabric softener I picked up (smelly vs hypoallergenic). Our problem is we can't decide if they're hives, bug bites, a rash, or what...
Avatar f tn I didnt mean bug bites Hives kinda look like bug bites, If they are dry patches it could be Exima, Or it could be from the yorgut what kind was it?
Avatar m tn im getting these small bumps that look like bug bites all over my body and they itch very bad ,they seem to be getting worse i sprayed bug killer in my house cause thought they were spider bites but dont seem to be what it was,,please give me some kind of clue what could be causing this,,
Avatar f tn Bed bug bite otherwise known as cimicosis rashes come in a linear fashion in rows mostly on exposed part of body.This does not look typical.
Avatar n tn groups of small, swollen sacs or skin rashes. Antihistamine medications may help. Try t keep the lesions clean and dry and avoid manipulation to prevent secondary infection. If it persists, it would be best to have it evaluated by your doctor. Inspect your home if there are presence of bedbugs. If present, a professional exterminator maybe employed. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I would lean more towards the new spots being something other than bug bites (perhaps even a reaction to all the chemicals going on to kill the bugs)- it wouldn't hurt to head back to your doctor and explain what you are seeing now. They will be able to give you much more accurate diagnosis.
11391201 tn?1422188120 They look like very irritated bug bites and ive had so many some have left scars and idk what it is.... anyone else have this problem?
Avatar m tn You might want to check for bed bugs. If you havnt heard of them dont worry, it horrible if you have them but that might be what it is. If so then check you mattress and youll see little bugs. If not then could just be a spider bit its that part of the year where everything starts trying to get into the house. If it gets any bigger you might want to see the doc though!!
Avatar f tn I started to think that they were bed bug bites, but the exterminator found only carpet beetles. I have always been allergic to bug bites and I was the only one in getting bitten. It started to go away over the past few days, but the rash then started to spread onto my neck, my lower back, the center of my back, and across my shoulders. It is extremely itchy, and I do not have insurance to go see a Dr.
Avatar f tn around April, i have a little flea problem but that was taken care. however i keep getting itchy spots or patches, they are not like bed bug bites or fleas, since i get one itchy rash spot every four or three days. By mid May, the spots or patches stop appearing. however on Friday i got two mosquitoes bites on my right leg, next thing i knew i have two patches on my left arm, it look quite different compare to the bites on my leg.
Avatar n tn Now last two days i have a fever. It may be caused by BUG ? We have a bed bug problem in house. Generally the rashes disappearing two or three days.
Avatar n tn I can't tell if what I have is a rash or if it's just a bunch of bug bites? I've counted at least 165 bumps or bites on my body. Most of them are on my stomach, thighs and sides. I have a few on my calves and a spattering of them on my left forearm. They don't really itch, some of them are a little irritated and sensitive to the touch but most of them, like the ones on my stomach are pretty tiny and painless.
Avatar f tn For about a week I have been experiencing a weird sensation, it feels like bubbles are popping all over my body. So I keep thinking that bugs are jumping all over me. When I rub the area the feeling goes away, and I have never seen any bugs are eggs. I also have very small pin ***** "bites". I areas look like very small broken capillaries, they no jot itch. Every day there are more and more. I saw my family doctor and was put on 20 mg of predisone for two days, and Zyrtec daily.
1648969 tn?1304956740 Thank you, he's been numerous times to the peditrician they've thought impetigo (no), allergy to diapers after his skin test showed nothing (not that), the allergist doesn't think it's an allergic reaction. The last time we were at the Ped I think they were just trying to give me an answer and said bug bites.
Avatar f tn It is characterized by intense itching, usually at night and by small insect-type bites lesions on the skin. Diagnosis of scabies is made by scraping the skin and viewing the material under a microscope to see the characteristic mite or eggs. The usual treatment of scabies is topical permethrin. It is the most effective scabicidal medication. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn I have bedbugs in my room,they bite me sometimes. I get rashes from bedbug bites. Sometimes its not itchy only red bump but sometimes it itches. My question is can bedbug bite rash be non itchy?
Avatar n tn A few days ago, I noticed that I have 6 or 7 bug bite like rashes, and they are itchy(they could be just bug bites. However, I never had this many bug bites at once before). A few look like mosquito bites, the others seem like ant/spider bites(hurt when I press them). These rashes are on my hands, legs, and feet. All of these rashes are very small. I also had a couple of new pimples on my face.
Avatar f tn I never saw any true bites on him then. This time it just came on suddenly- felt like 2 or 3 bug bites on his scalp Monday (none on his body) and by wed. he had these large oozing sores. He was on a 10 day round of Cleocin for tonsilitis thru Tues. (The next day he had oozing sores) so I feel this should not be bacterial folliculitis again. I have seen no fleas on him or in the house. The rest of the family has no bites at all. I am at my wits end!
Avatar f tn But a few months ago it started with just an itch in my vag. Like it was really itchy. Then they looked like little bug bites. Got bigger when I scratched them. Now they're hard lumps that create a hard crust in the morning. It doesn't look like any of the other std pictures I a finding.
Avatar m tn A few days later, I noticed some itchy red bumps that looked like bug bites. Over the past week, the small bumps turned into large rashes that merged into one large rash taking up most of my ankle on one leg, plus part of my foot and a bit of my other ankle. The skin turned hard and swollen, and moving my ankle produced small pains in the skin (felt kind of like needles?). I scratched it a little yesterday, and ever since, it's been oozing a clear yellow liquid.
440535 tn?1312368065 My 7 month old keeps getting these red bumps, mostly on his face and arms. I assume they are bug bites, but I don't understand how he's getting them. We use bug spray every time we go outside. I just want to make sure its not something else.
Avatar f tn Hello, One of the commonest causes of presenting such itchy rashes on the legs is insect bites and any arthropod bites. The other possibility is of a bacterial skin infection. You can take some antihistaminic like Benadryl or Claritin. Although the bite may be itchy, avoid scratching it because you may damage the skin, and allow bacteria to get in, leading to infection. Continue using the calamine and wear cotton clothes.
1556657 tn?1294532555 It could be many things, to be safe, I would start with seeing your PCP, have some tests run and then take it from there.