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Avatar f tn she also has red rashes under her chin and around neck.i always put bibs around her neck and changes it as soon as it gets wet due to her drooling but she still gets those rashes.what can i do to stop the dry skin and rashes?
Avatar m tn Hi all I suffer from sweat rashes around my groin, and I’m trying to identify which kinds, as I believe I’m suffering from 3 different types... The first and most long standing is on my perineum, this never goes or appears to get worse, it’s just a redness, it doesn’t itch and isn’t really a problem other than its unsightly. It doesn’t have a particularly defined edge, no bumps, no spots, just a red patch like I’ve been chaffed, which I’ve not!
Avatar m tn The telaprivir rash is larger that just those small dots and commonly shows up around week 8--in my understanding. I do sometimes get a burning sensation under my skin on my arms and just imagine my body is trying to fight something---and so far winning, LOL! .....Anyway lets not forget about all the people that TX and never get a rash......... I hear you on that one! Even though I do have a rash, I have to tell you it doesn't bother me much at all.
Avatar f tn Up to three years ago this same skin problem happened around my mouth. Then my eye lids and forhead. Everything is usually fine except for the skin around my mouth. It becomes inflamed, extremely dry, if not treated it will begin to crack and peel. After the skin is done peeling, there's a new layer of skin, but then again it'll just dry up and start the process all over again. My point being it will not heal.
Avatar m tn As of now after three weeks of exposure, I dont have any symptoms on genital, thigh, buttocks and neck. But in my mouth below my lower teeth on the skin,I had small dot(1mm), caused very little pain for 1 day and gone.. I had dry cough for 2weeks.. Not continuous dry cough but when smoke is around it will start.. One more thing, I had slight yellowish coloured urine in the morning.. My questions are 1) does this symptom relate to herpes or warts? what do you make of this symptom?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a cousin who we just have recently found out that has been battered by his abusive stepmom and we decided to take him in the problem is that he had a fever and then we gave him paracetamol and then he suddenly had rashes all around his body and then the skin around his mouth becomes red and swollen monthly. We had already brought him to the doctor already but there was no specific answer from him.
Avatar n tn during the last two weeks i have had SEVERE skin rashes which are becoming really intolerable because of the itch and burning.To relieve that i have been taking benadryll and alieve but thats not helping much. Throughout my treatment i really faced EVERYTHING with great courage and perseverance but now with just 6 weeks left i am falling apart. for the skin i apply calamine lotion and petrolium jelly but not to much avail.
Avatar m tn A year ago I developed a rash, similar to teenage zits under the right nostril, traveling down around the corner of my mouth and chin. My rash felt prickly hot and raw. Nothing I used helped, and it just got worse. After about two months, the rash cleared, but it left a patch of scaly skin that itched, but finally went away. Is this a new symptom? I emailed my doctor, she said to use an antibacterial soap, it did help. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn 2 years ago i had a very stressfull situation in august after that i started to experience an allergic asthma symptoms infected sinusis and some scaly patches between my eye brow,above my mouth and around my nostriles, i saw a dermatologist he orderd ketokenzole 2 tab every week for 3 weeks and hydrocortizon cream, i had some skin relief but i needed to use the cream to control the situation, then i saw an immunologist and she said its an eczema and she orderd me a stronge steroid mometazone oin
Avatar n tn Hi doctor I had couple of exposures first-one around 1 month back where a stripper Kissed me open mouth that's it and second one my friend whose status is unknown to me Kissed me Nd gave me BJ this happened 2 weeks back. In both the cases their was no penetration involved But now I am getting small red bumps like patches(boils ) all over my body On my hand , forehead ,stomach I am very freaked out doctor and thinking of that I had already Contacted HIV.
Avatar n tn i have had this dry red skin around my nose for about two years now, it just will not go away. it is now slowly spreading around my face. it does itch, it is uncomfortable and sometimes very sensitive..
Avatar n tn since the birth of my 3 year old child, i have a rash in the middle of my face. its around both eyes and around my nose and mouth. this skin is much lighter then the rest of my face. during summer months the outer edges of my face and neck are a lot darker then this area. i have also now developed 2 small red bumps. the area is not dry and does not itch. i have been tested for lupus and the test have come back negative. may you can give me some ideas of where to turn next.
Avatar n tn Mostly at times on her cheeks or under her eyes or around eyes, but its mostly under her mouth or sides of mouth. No bumps or pimples or anything like that. Just rashing. Over her lip it always bothers her (maybe burns). and I dont see a rash there. She wants me to apply aquaphor on lips and above upper lip alot. Dermatologist said okay to use that. She has Autism and can't communicate well or speak so I dont know what to do. We had ige bloodwork and quick skin test at allery doctor.
Avatar m tn After that the itching went away and the skin was slightly dry and I could peel off the dead skin. But I also had some redish marks on my toes and outside of my foot. My second unprotected exposure lead me to massive stress/anxiety filled research on the internet. During this time I developed full body rash that looked like a sunburn.
Avatar f tn Hi My 5 year old has had a rash around his mouth for 2 months, it seems to come and go throughout the day, never completely disappearing though. I have tried eczema creams and general creams, none seem to make it any better. Have eliminated foods I thought may make it worse, doesn't change it. He does have have excessive saliva, he often is chewing on his shirt! What should I do? He doesn't complain of it hurting at all.
Avatar m tn - burning sensation all over skin, comes and goes, moves around, occasioanlly quite distressing - a burning mouth - weird fleeting rashes which pop up and disappear again within an hour or two - muscle fascilculations in legs? This all seems too much to just be anxiety........ doesn't it?? I have to admit, I have been pretty anxious....... and at the moment it's the physical symptoms that are driving it. Could I really just be stuck in some sort of anxiety "viscious circle"???
Avatar m tn Hi Doctors, I had unprotected sex with a woman, it was a one night stand, then 2 weeks afterward I had mouth ulcers all over my mouth, but shortly it was gone. Then I was worried if I had been infected with something, but nothing happened with my genital. Until last year, around June 2010, I discovered an ulcer around my pubic area, and I remember it was bursting with blood and a bit itchy during that time.
Avatar m tn Moreover, recently I'm starting to have rashes on my inner right thigh and its spreading to my scrotum and penis. Are my rashes due to herpes? Assuming she has herpes and that both our gums are bleeding, I'm wondering what are the chances of me getting herpes? Besides, what is the shortest ever time for the Herpes symptoms to appear? Please help!!
Avatar n tn I have no other side effects, these spots/rashes are quite small and are few, and come and go, however they reoccur in the same place. They cause no pain or discomfort, I just have no idea what this could be.
Avatar f tn Does bad teeth cause rashes around the mouth and your skin to peel after you wash your face? And does it cause sharp pains in the right ear and top rightside of head?
Avatar f tn I realise that my eczema gets worse when i get my allergies, it starts with the skin around my mouth getting gradually itchy, sometimes with vesicle fomation on my lips, and the next day my eczema gets worse and my mouth would look darker than usual. Am on mild daily anti-histamines as prescribed by a dermatologist and am using a hydrocortisone cream for the eczema around my lips. I would like to know about the connection between my skin allergies and the eczema.
Avatar m tn It is usually characterized by an uncomfortable burning sensation around the mouth. Itching is not a common symptom.Treatment consists of oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. A mild soap or soap substitute, such as Dove or Cetaphil should be used for washing. Scrubbing should be avoided. Wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin.
Avatar n tn It may present as groups of itchy or tender small red bumps around the mouth. They usually spare the skin bordering the lips may spread on the sides of the chin, then spreading to include upper lip, nose and cheeks. The surrounding skin may be pink, and the skin surface often becomes dry and flaky. The exact cause is not understood may be induced by: face creams, moisturizers, cream cleansers, topical steroid creams or ointments. Wash the face with warm water alone while the rash is present.
Avatar n tn the next day my face was covered in red rashes spreading across both cheeks around eyebrows, under and on eye-lids and around mouth and scalp line. there were a few more family memebers that came with us on the day out but none of them have been affected by anything as such. i was given some allergy tablets by a phamasist but the treatment seems to be working at a very slow speed and the amount of spots havent decreased.
Avatar n tn Around March, I was waiting for a bus to the mall in Syracuse NY and windburned most of my face pretty badly, while my skin healed a red rash around my lips has persisted, first around the bottom lip and then spreading to the top. The rash is in no way irratating (except to look at) and I have tried to cure it by removing several types of food from my diet, and I stopped using chapstick (not an easy feat in this climate).
1132574 tn?1271676066 The last few months it's been in/around my ears. Often when I scratch away large pieces of skin, an odorless colorless liquid seeps out. It's like the inside of my ears got burnt, but without exposure to heat/sun. Just another one of my charming features! Good look with the blood tests. If nothing else, always good to keep an eye out and look for changes over time.
Avatar f tn It's red with tinny little pin head like bumps which sometimes has white stuff in them like a pimple. Or the skin is just red and raw looking and constantly flakes. It right around the underneath edges of my nose sometimes partly coming out from inside my nose. I feel it tingle at times, but I try to never touch it. I have been dealing with this for 25 years and no ointment in the world works. I've tried every gimmick there is out there, even diet change.