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Avatar m tn Hello, A maculopapular rash can be due to eczema or dermatitis also. Eczema is a form of atopic dermatitis. There are certain other non-pharmacological measures which are equally important in treating atopic dermatitis.
Avatar n tn Hi Your rash could be caused directly or indirectly by stress, allergic reactions (hives) heat or sun exposure, bacterial, viral or fungal infections, underlying medical illness or medications. Skin rashes are diagnosed clinically based on the history and appearance of the rash. You should consult a dermatologist so that he finds the exact cause and gives you medications to treat the underlying cause.
4950316 tn?1394188185 The other thing about the nurse saying it is too early is that it does not matter. If you are having a problem with a rash, it needs to be treated. If the rash is a Riba rash oor an Incivek rash, it does not matter. It needs to be treated regardless of which one it is. It is just that the Incivek rash has the potential to cause a major systemic reaction that can be very, very serious.
Avatar m tn hi, i am 15 years old, and i get rashes on my skin if scratched. It usually comes as lines and i can write on my skin using my fingernails. also my body becomes itchy.The dermatologist says that it will be there for a maximum of 2 years and go away. I have been taken pills to decrease the itchiness, which was given by the dermatologist. however these rashes will occur still.
Avatar n tn Hi There could be several causes for rashes and itch on the nose such as hives, insect bites, dermatitis, psoriasis or any allergic reaction. Hives or urticaria is an allergic condition which causes red and sometimes itchy bumps on your skin. Hives can occur anywhere on the body such as the face, trunk, arms, and legs. They are usually allergic (food, medication and insect stings) but may also be due to infections and stress. Many a times no specific cause for them is ever found.
Avatar m tn I have been getting skin rashes from my early childhood. These Rashes tend to come mostly during the Summer months of the year. They usually seem like a mosquito bite. They first occurs behind the ear, then around the neck, head scalp and spread to the back. Finally i get them even in my face. They are very itchy . They usually seem to have a cycle like 24 hours. They start by afternoon and get intense by evening and disappear while i sleep. The body gets heated up so much during that time.
Avatar f tn I have noticed that the past few months I have developed a skin rash on parts of my body now I am constantly itching and I feel like its the stress of trying to quit Percocet.. Could it be a health condition due to taking too many perc? I take between 8-10... 5Mg, pills a day I am tapering off to 7 and then goinna go from there down?
1798727 tn?1315743392 minutes after that i began to experience itches in my back and further all over my skin. i went to work and could barely cope, last night i scratched the whole night through and i'm still itching immensely now. i kno its not any allergy cuz i do not have allergies and it cant be food poisoning based on the food i had yesterday. i need some medical advice please!
Avatar f tn Hi, not sure about meds and rashes. But rashes are associated with a variety of auto-immune diseases. And due to the fact that thyroid conditions are also often due to an auto-immune disease process which attacks the thyroid, people with thyroid disease are also at risk of other auto-immune conditions. I would ask your doc if the rash could be related to one.
Avatar n tn I have been under alot of stress and anxiety for quite a while now. And for the past 3 months I have been getting these itchy skin irritation rashes on my thighs. They are anywhere from the size of a fifty cent piece to a quarter, are pink in color, and are slightly raised. I will find 1 or 2 when I wake up in the morning, and by the next day they are gone. And maybe anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks later I will get them again, and they will be gone by the next day.
Avatar m tn anxiety when you it comes to itchiness and rashes on the skin? I have been extremely anxious and stressed out over a penis irritation and the symptoms have been coming and going for almost 10 weeks. Could my stress & anxiety be prolonging this irritation? Can stress & anxiety create skin problems or at the very least, make existing issues worse?
Avatar f tn For about five years now I have suffered from abdominal pain, bloating, spasms, fatigue and skin rashes. The gastrointestinologist diagnosed me with IBS. I have tried high fiber diets, herbs, acupuncture all of which offered some relief but never got rid of the symptoms. I don't have the energy I used to and lifting and stretching seem to make the pain and bloating worse.
Avatar f tn I really would just like to know what is causing these rashes so I can avoid it and stop the rashes from coming back.
Avatar f tn I know how that is!
Avatar f tn Dermatographism can be caused by stress, tight or abrasive clothing, watches, glasses, energetic kissing, heat, cold, or anything that causes stress to the skin. It can be treated by antihistamines or cromoglicate and sometimes steroids, as they prevent the histamine from causing the reaction. As the underlying cause of dermographism is not known, it can last for many years without relief. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn After that the itching went away and the skin was slightly dry and I could peel off the dead skin. But I also had some redish marks on my toes and outside of my foot. My second unprotected exposure lead me to massive stress/anxiety filled research on the internet. During this time I developed full body rash that looked like a sunburn.
701252 tn?1234379289 Scratching tears up the skin and causes more bumps or itchy places, and on and on it goes. Here's something that has worked for me. Of course give the area lots of moisturizing cream. When that has soaked in well, spray some Benadryl spray generously to cover the itchy area well. When this dries it seems to create almost a seal that air doesn't penetrate. Repeat this a couple of times a day, and sleep with a sock on.
Avatar n tn She said that the other patches were dry skin and the peeling hands and feet were because of sweaty hands and feet. It has been 4 weeks since this began and her hands and feet are still peeling. The spots on her hips that looked like the pictures of the pityrias rosea have healed and are now just white spots. But she keeps getting new rashes that come and go. She now has a rash on her shoulder that looks a little like hives but has a blister in the center of it.
Avatar n tn I got tested thru MEIA for hiv 1 and 2 in the meanwhile. was negative after 4,6 and 8 months. But then the rashes multiplied in the meanwhile. I used to feel itchy in the genital areas, and circular patches( around 4-5 ) developed on testicles, which used to go for a duration of 10-12 days on applying a cream called quadriderm, but reappear again. and they r still there. The ITCHING DOESNT SEEM TO END. making matters worse, i started having constant low grade fevers( 98.6-99.
Avatar m tn Docs said, skin rashes may go by age 15 - 16. She still has skin rashes, which sometimes go and sometimes come.
Avatar m tn Skin rashes that come and go, on her arm, legs, face, all over her body. They are red, ich a lot and and the skin peels off like it was dust. We have spent all the money possible (and impossible) to figure this out. We've been to all sorts of doctors, who have suggested many different causes such as food allergies (lactose, gluten, fruits and the list goes on...), psychological problems, stress, fungus...
Avatar f tn I have no idea what this is please help its just getting worse and worse im waiting for blood test results but i've had this for about a year and a half it went away once before and left a skin discoloration but came back again i tried olux steroid foam i took antibiotics im taking herbal remedies as well nothing is helping if anyone can figure out what this looks like please be so kind as to let me know, thank you so much!!! Large Pimply like rashes that itch really crazy!!
1038715 tn?1274311044 God bless all. A stress rash or hives on the skin can develop when a person is under stress. Whether stress or anxiety has this effect on an individual depends on many factors and no two people will react the same. Stress and especially constant daily stress affects the health of individuals in many ways. Often health problems are difficult to link directly to stress, but without a doubt, it does play a role in poor health. Heart problems, high blood pressure, mental disorders, etc.
Avatar f tn if it is stress related, how do i manage this? These rashes are painful and embarrassing,and i don't expect the stress to subside anytime soon (i'm in my 2nd yr of college). Thank you so much!
Avatar n tn Hi There is a common skin condition called hives or urticaria, which causes red and sometimes itchy bumps on your skin. Hives can occur anywhere on the body such as the trunk, arms, and legs. Hives are usually allergic (food, medication, cosmetics and insect stings) but may also be due to infections and stress. Many a times no specific cause for them is ever found. Most cases are mild and resolve on their own. They usually go away on their own.
Avatar n tn my son is 12yr old he is having white rashes spot on near the eyes and near mustache. applying lotion like hydrocortisom 1%wm but no difference pls advise This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/239889'>Rashes on face?</a>.
Avatar n tn Eczema is a skin disorder which is experienced as inflammation of the outermost layer of the skin. The causes are- allergy to soaps, detergents, dust, smoke, medications, sweat and some food. Eczema around eyes can be because of extreme changes in temperature and psychological changes in a person due to stress and anxiety. Boosting your immunity can help in faster recovery. Eat balanced diet, drink lot of water and do regular exercise. Topical application of steroid ointment is available.