Skin rashes and stress

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Avatar m tn I have been getting skin rashes from my early childhood. These Rashes tend to come mostly during the Summer months of the year. They usually seem like a mosquito bite. They first occurs behind the ear, then around the neck, head scalp and spread to the back. Finally i get them even in my face. They are very itchy . They usually seem to have a cycle like 24 hours. They start by afternoon and get intense by evening and disappear while i sleep. The body gets heated up so much during that time.
Avatar f tn Hi, not sure about meds and rashes. But rashes are associated with a variety of auto-immune diseases. And due to the fact that thyroid conditions are also often due to an auto-immune disease process which attacks the thyroid, people with thyroid disease are also at risk of other auto-immune conditions. I would ask your doc if the rash could be related to one.
1798727 tn?1315739792 yesterday after shaving my arm pit and showering i discovered my arm was cut as a result of the shaving. i however disregard the cut an applied my 'right guard' deodorant under my arm and over the minor cuts. minutes after that i began to experience itches in my back and further all over my skin. i went to work and could barely cope, last night i scratched the whole night through and i'm still itching immensely now.
Avatar f tn I have noticed that the past few months I have developed a skin rash on parts of my body now I am constantly itching and I feel like its the stress of trying to quit Percocet.. Could it be a health condition due to taking too many perc? I take between 8-10... 5Mg, pills a day I am tapering off to 7 and then goinna go from there down?
Avatar m tn After that the itching went away and the skin was slightly dry and I could peel off the dead skin. But I also had some redish marks on my toes and outside of my foot. My second unprotected exposure lead me to massive stress/anxiety filled research on the internet. During this time I developed full body rash that looked like a sunburn.
Avatar f tn Sometimes we can get itchy and burning skin from diabetes and some blood disorders and from dry skin. The skin dries as we age. You may even have an allergy to your soaps, perfumes and detergents. Use non-biological washing detergents and only use fabric softeners suitable for sensitive skin. Don't use perfumed and harsh soaps. If your rash does not go away, go back to your doctor.
Avatar m tn I know people, including myself, who break out in hives because of stress. Our minds and bodies are connected and stress manifests itself in so many different ways. When I went for a job interview awhile ago, I was so stressed out that my face broke out in itchy, red hives and everything was swollen. I looked like Pumkinhead. After that, I took an anti-histamine to try to control it - and it made me feel like falling asleep till I found the non-drowsy kind.
416210 tn?1202824991 Can severe stress and panic of being HIV infection cause rashes? If possible what kind of rashes are seen with this kind of situations?
Avatar f tn I know how that is!
Avatar f tn s mostly my head that is itchy but so is my body. I have no hives or rashes or scaly skin. Dermatologist gave me a medicated shampoo and said it could be dermatitis. It doesn't help at all. Already went through 2 bottles of it. I am beside myself. Can I have something wrong with me internally? Can stress cause this itching? I take benedry, but it doesn't help. I have cortizone cream but doesn't help. Don't know what to do. Any answers out there???
Avatar f tn The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and itching. Topical and oral steroids are needed. Water, sweat, and soap may cause irritation and should be avoided in the disease. Topical zinc oxide and calamine lotion are useful for pruritus. A dermatologist’s evaluation will be the best. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn I have all kind of rashes on my face! I have always had flawless skin and I have developed all kinds of sores and things on my face!!! I am VERY self conscious about it!!!!
Avatar m tn Hello, Without examination,confirmation of a diagnosis is tough but it can be due to hives Hives (medically known as urticaria) are red,itchy,raised areas of skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. They have a tendency to change size rapidly and to move around, disappearing in one place and reappearing in other places, often in a matter of hours. Many cases of hives are "idiopathic," meaning no cause is known. Others may be triggered by viral infections or medications.
Avatar n tn then after she wakes up from sleep the same process is repeated. The rashes are usually on her back, buttocks and thighs. My daugher is not aware of these rashes and there is no itching at all ! Please help !!
Avatar m tn hi..... I have odd type skin rashes or swelling..... I live in cold county(canada). I get rashes only in the hands(from fingers to wrist only) that too only if go out only. Inside the house,I'm pretty normal. but once I go out(where the temperature will be in minus) I get rashes only in hands which is not covered, rest of my body will be covered with jackets and winter shoes. so which made me to think. whether this rash is because of the climatic change (this sounds really weird).
Avatar m tn hi ...past few days im facing a problem wth my penis . it's kinda skin itchy and my inside skin looks lite red ...and that is the place is itchying ...before few days ago i had a sexual relationship and i did not use condom i wanna know . is that the reason for penis itchy???
Avatar m tn m hoping someone out there who has experience with this problem or have any ideas what is going on. I have this skin problem for 7 days and it appears only at this area which is the left side of my abdomen. This happened to me on the same day when I have GERD. Is it normal to have this skin rashes after GERD or this could be Shingles? Please help.
Avatar f tn I was on the hospital yesterday.
Avatar n tn After the 8 weeks from the exposure brown and black skin rash developed in my back side, neck, and arm-phits. Some time some rashes in red. No itching. I have also white coated tongue. But no flue like sympthem.
Avatar n tn my son is 12yr old he is having white rashes spot on near the eyes and near mustache. applying lotion like hydrocortisom 1%wm but no difference pls advise This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/239889'>Rashes on face?</a>.