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Avatar f tn I have got little dry patches on my breasts, they look a little like a rash as they are all small, red, slightly raised blotches...its just excema/psoraisis. Most folk get dry skin while pregnant, thats the only place I have got it though.
Avatar f tn It could be a heat rash, even though it's winter. Our bodies are a lot hotter while we are pregnant. Or... Have you changed washing detergents, perfume, anything like that?
Avatar f tn Ive been getting bumps on my chest and shoulders they dont look like acne and I cant pop them and they just go away after a while ...
Avatar n tn Before the birth I had a skin rash covering my whole body which became extremely sore, itchy and painfull. All the doctors that treated me did not prescribe any drugs due to my pregnent condition. After the birth the rash subsided. 3 weeks later it is now back and covering my whole body. It is red patchy, and is raised from the skin. My skin is sore to touch, and has become tough and dry. As I am presently breast feeding this is causing extreme discomfort.
Avatar f tn I am a 34 year old female from Georgia. My severe itching started 8 years ago while I was pregnant with my son. The itching spells have come and gone since, only getting worse over the past couple of years. For the most part, the itching begins after I shower or take a bath at night, and it effects my upper arms and upper legs. I have been known to have itching spells just out of the blue, with no water involved.
1706625 tn?1343065313 i have been noticing for last 2 days i have bad itching on my feet, legs and thighs,back and sometimes my face, it is at night mostly, and sometimes ill get lil red bumps. like flea bite looking, but i have no animals at all.....also have been very tired lately more than normal, i feel like itching is under my skin, at first i thought maybe because i used bar soap instead my norm body wash.....but i have used that soap for months now from time to time for my face.....
Avatar f tn I thought the rash was getting better Tues afternoon and I was happy and relieved, but Wed morning when I woke the rash had worsened again and my skin was burning! I took myself to hosp and they told me to increase the steroid tablet to 8 for the next 2 days and if no better, then to go back to my own doctor. It is now Friday afternoon here and I have made a further app at my doctors as rash is still there and moving to different places and I am also bruising!!!
213739 tn?1215489609 I'm wondering how this is going to affect the baby as I know it's like the chicken pox. I did have a friend have them while pregnant and he doc, said it wouldn't affect the baby but I know these first few weeks are such a crucial time. Her doctor told her that the problems occur if you've never had chicken pox and you get chicken pox but your body has already built up the antibodies to this. I'm wondering if I should go to the ER???? HELP PLEASE...
1554910 tn?1297433511 Types of Pregnancy Rashes Pregnancy rashes can be anything from prickly heat or friction rash to dark patches on the skin that do not itch or large red or white blisters. 1. Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy Called ICP for short, this rash is associated with liver bile and can be dangerous to both the mother and the fetus. This rash is invisible, yet the itching is intense. This rash is caused by liver bile backup forcing deposits beneath the skin.
131073 tn?1252454452 Whats the Season that you went through most of your pregnancy in? 12. Before becoming pregnant did you have sensitive skin? 13. Have you been diagnosed with arthirists? 14. Have you been in alot of stress during your pregnancy? 15. Have you put any chemical in your hair while being pregnant? Such as dye, perms, etc? This concludes the list of questions.
276983 tn?1308577648 It actually kept me up for a while. There is absolutely no rash or redness that would indicate an allergic reaction (plus I haven't used any new detergents or soaps recently). It didn't seem to bother me as much today during the day, but shortly after I got home from work, it started up again (mainly on my back, feet and hands). It's the strangest thing... my belly has itched on and off for the past few months, but I know that's from the skin stretching.
Avatar f tn Pityriasis rosea is a common human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and itching. Topical and oral steroids are needed. Water, sweat, and soap may cause irritation and should be avoided in the disease. Topical zinc oxide and calamine lotion are useful for pruritus.
Avatar n tn I want to use Ivarest because I've used it in the past but don't know if it is safe while pregnant. I have a call in to the doctor but they have to call back and that could take all day and I wanted to pick something up on my lunch break. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!!
Avatar f tn Its so confusing because there have been so many women who have gotten pregnant while using a birth control contraceptive.
Avatar f tn Many women report less severe symptoms during pregnancy, while a few find that being pregnant makes their psoriasis worse. Finally, there are certain conditions unique to pregnancy that may cause you to develop very itchy rashes or to itch all over without a rash How can I get relief from the itching? It depends in part on the cause.
Avatar f tn I am 31wks pregnant with a rash that has persisted 2.5 months. The rash started with what I thought was an acne-like breakout, I assumed it was preg related and treated with all the normal pimple creams and washes. After a week or two I decided that it was a rash and treated with 1% cortisone cream, it became slightly better but still would not go. My OB gave me some Amlactin lotion to try, it dried my skin out but no relief.
Avatar n tn Any contact with the area feels exactly as if I'm touching raw tender skin (probably less painful) and the discomfort seems to be just skin-deep. There is never a rash or injury of any kind, and I can't trace it to any kind of lifestyle thing, activity, detergent, etc. It's been going on for years, never lasts more than a few days, and is never more than mildly annoying.
464067 tn?1297302032 hi everyone i have a problem for the past 5 or 6 weeks i have been itching quite alot im not sure its anything to do with my pregnancy i never had it with my other kids but i have heard some women have a rash which is very itchy while pregnant but i dont know its getting to the point my leg is starting to bleed because its that itchy i have been itchy on my stomach to which is now left with scratch marks has anyone else had this if not should i see my dr about it i just dont want to make a fussn
11641934 tn?1421957710 Anyone else experiencing very dry skin while pregnant? I've been getting rashes on my belly and boobs so I made a mixture of pure coconut oil, raw shea butter, vitamin e oil and palmers solid cocoa butter. Can I say BEST THING EVER!!?? Yes, best thing EVER!! The rash on my stomach has already gone away.
Avatar f tn Hey yall okay so im.10 weeks pregnant always had beautiful skin and all of a sudden this past weekend I notice the side of my forehead breaking out in a rash and not its my entire forehead like really I don't understand where it comes from?!
Avatar f tn I had a pup rash when I was pregnant with my first , it's a horrible rash that you only get while you are pregnant. I was miserable! I tried everything possible to relieve it and the only thing that somewhat helped was calamine lotion (it's in a pink bottle) I would cake this stuff on my belly which was where I had it the worse and let a fan blow on my belly! The only thing the doctor told me that would cure the rash was when I delivered my baby. Sure enough after my csection it went away!
Avatar m tn Hello I have a small rash at the base of the head of my penis where the skin crumples up when my penis is flacid, I am circumsized so i do not have foreskin. It is circular but not perfectly circular, it is reddish in color, it is painless and does not itch. I seems to stay moist in apperance tends to get whiteish color build up if im out and about or working for long periods of time. I have not expierenced any pain or discharge, and no buring on urniation.
Avatar f tn There are no blisters but she can usually feel clear liquid seeping from her skin the night before she wakes up with a spot. Please, any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn she advocated doing the permethrin cream, but I sure hate to do it while pregnant - particularly if it is not scabies. We thought perhaps it might be dust mites in winter clothes but it seems awfully intense for that. IDEAS?
Avatar f tn Wearing baggy clothes can always help prevent discomfort when you’re pregnant, and especially if you’re prone to skin rashes such as PUPPP. The sun, heat, warm water, and clothing can aggravate the rash, so staying cool is essential to help contain the itch and other symptoms.