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Avatar n tn But I notice tonight the rash appeared above the sock and imeadately after I took off the socks not before they were removed. It takes several days for the rash and rough skin to mend after it appears. Today was the first time she has wore socks in a week. She has played outside in grass with her sandals and nothing. He also said it can't be an allergy to laundry soap or it would develop else where. I am hoping to find the cause soon because it looks irrating and bothersome.
Avatar f tn She was prescribed econozole - however, many actually get relief from over-the-counter topical creams (apply to the skin where the rash is) for yeast infection. Perhaps your daughter's doctor, pharmacist, or nurse could advise you over the phone if it's worth trying.
Avatar f tn Last night she really coughing but this morning she has woke up with flushed cheeks and a slight rash under the skin on her chest and red blotchy rash on her arms any ideas?
4413671 tn?1354204833 Have them get some wipes for sensitive skin and keep the nose and rash area clean he may need some cream for the rash, what do his parents say about it ?
Avatar m tn unfortunately the other day I did not know i was about to have a breakout... a couple hours prior to noticing a blister my toddler child shared a fork with me for dinner. What are the chances that my child will now have cold sores too? I have been doing some research online and the pictures of children who have cold sores is horrible! Is there any sort of preventative treatment for children to make sure they do not suffer from a painful and horrible breakout?
Avatar f tn The strep test was done because 2 weeks before the petechiae started he had a very bad rash that was believed to be from an allergy. A mixture of hydrocorisone and miconozole was used for about 2 weeks or so to take away the rash along with Zyrtec. The petechiae was not present until he had this rash. Could the hydrocoritsone have weakened his skin in that short of amount of time?
1050611 tn?1253752540 I have a 14 month old toddler and she has developed a rash that is red with acne-like bumps on top. She does not have dry skin. It has now developed on both forearms and no where else on her body. The weather has been quite humid for the past few days around the time it developed. She has had this rash for about 4 days now.
566950 tn?1216658403 has anyone ever seen rash on toddler like this? Has happened 3 x this past year. Child with extensive medical history. It was confined to back, burned without itchiness, and resolved within 2-3 hours. No causative factors, such as soaps, etc. found. And no,...he was not burned or scalded by the H2O. Please help! This child has been having strange symptoms that the docs can't figure out since the day he was born.
Avatar f tn An itchy rash behind his ears, a rash around his eyes and on his face, a rash on his neck and hive like rash on his belly. The rash took a few days to subside. We are in the process of having him tested for allergies.
1151771 tn?1262025120 Hello, From the symptoms initially as it was a red skin rash, so it most likely is due to eczema. Yeast infection presents with red rash which is very itchy. Another possibility can be diaper rash which can occur due to contact dermatitis to the material of the diaper and urinating and sweating makes it worse. Use cotton diapers for some days and expose her to the air for some time after urinating and washing.
Avatar f tn My son has a rash that began on belly and quickly spread all over with worse on armpits and thighs , no new items in house no know allergies and not itchy at all to him doc said type of detmitis especially since he revived a bug bite on cheek a day before.
Avatar n tn My 19 month old son has come out in a big rash all over the right hand side of his tummy and chest and on the inside of his right arm. He was awake lots in the night crying and was sick earlier on today too. Does anyone have any idea as to what it could be as i am worried.
Avatar m tn my 3 year old son has developed a skin rash. He started to develop an itch on his penis and had pimple like dots 3 weeks ago and his doctor said it was normal and give him some onintment which cleared the dots. It has been 3 weeks not, his itch has continue from his penis to the rest of his arms and legs and back of the neck. I put olive oil to keep it from being dry and it appears patches of dry flaky spots developed and looked like it could be eczema.
Avatar n tn No fever, normal appetite, normal behavior (except for the diaper rash that the foul diarrhea gives). As soon as the BM hits their skin, it immediately burns and leaves it really red. I get it off of them immedietely, so I don't know why it burns them up so bad. I took the twin who had the most symptoms to the doctor twice-first time they said it was a viral stomach bug (he did throw up twice). 2nd time-they suggested the same-a stool culture. That was today and he hasn't gone since.
Avatar f tn Pampers leak less than huggies, but if you have access to Organix where you are, that is the best way to go.
Avatar f tn You can't cuddle to much. Believe me you'll regret it if your baby stays in the swing or bouncer all day. I had a rough recovery from s bad tear and a surgery when my daughter was seven weeks old. I didn't feel like holding my baby a lot of the time. Now that she's a feisty toddler, I wish I had cuddled get more. Iwill definitely not make the same mistake with this baby no matter how rough I think things are.
Avatar n tn toddler has raised,red bumps with small,white heads on extremedies, they itch and appear to be insect bites.
502674 tn?1249543704 My daughter is 17 months old. She has a red (sunburn-like) patch about the size of an egg on her forearm. We are clueless as to what it is or how it got there. My husband noticed it first thing in the morning when dressing her, about a week ago. It doesn't seem to be changing, or fading/healing. It does feel very slightly warmer than her normal skin. It doesn't appear to be painful or itchy. It's not shiny, or blistered. She does suffer from dry skin and mild eczema generally.