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Avatar m tn ve been having these sudden skin rashes that come about extremely fast and then leaves just as quick. I just had one really bad. It almost looks like a really bad sun burn. They happen at different times of the day. Usually in the early evening to late at night. I've even woken up in the middle of the night with it. It burns also. They don't happen very often during the day. Sometimes it can be more localized and sometimes like the one I just had it was pretty much head to toe.
176260 tn?1333903522 why does soap burn my butt ?soap i use burns the skin around my anus really bad when i try to clean it. when i go to rinse my skin it burn even more like acid on my skin and also my face.what should i do?
Avatar n tn i have a arm pit rash thats burns, itches , and it also peals, as in the skin its pealing underneth the arm pit and i dont know what it is, it can be any thing , either rubbing the arms together that causes irration , or it can be fungal.
Avatar f tn This is eczema a horrible disease that will bother you for life. The doctors can give you drugs that will make the rash better but will also thin your skin. the doctors aren't interested in a cure. They buy a lot of homes with the misery of others. You don't need to waste time with dermatologists. For most people it comes down to an allergy or digestive problems. With adults it is likely a combination. You might be eating something that your body doesn't exactly agree with.
Avatar f tn It itches really bad, it also burns and I get these little white puscules that ooze until it dries up. Now I have been to see my PCP and dermatologist and I get a different answer from both of them. Along with the rash I have started developing painful boils that come and go. Not only do I get boils but my skin literally slices open in the creases of my body. I have been on antibotics, creams and everything under the sun. I get a diagnosis of, eczema, adult acne, peridontal syndrome, etc.
Avatar f tn Everytime I get an itch and I scratch, it burns terribly bad especially my legs and arms. Has anyone experienced this?
Avatar f tn Also when I try to slide the top skin for taking out the top of the penis it seems the skin is too tight for top of the penis to pop out and thus rashes occur on top of the penis skin on the skin tip which looks like stretch marks and Burns and slightly reddish.Inner top of the penis inside the skin is ok and unharmed. Its happening for quite a while as rashes or breakage of skin occurs during masturbation after a while.
Avatar f tn Does anyone knw what rash is this on my skin? I attached a link w pics. Could it be lupus? It burns and itches. Its spreading fast! Please help!!!! [IMG]
1529150 tn?1291848676 You could try using Grapefruit Seed extract to treat a rash. If that does work spray Eucalyptus oil upon it and see how it goes..
Avatar f tn After my 1st chemo treatment of Docetaxel, Carboplatin and Herceptin (12-wk treatment), I developed a red rash on my hands and arms causing skin peeling and pain. Nothing really bad, just sore and annoying. The rash went away w/in 2 wks, but returned stronger with my 2nd round of chemo last week. Is there any OTC ointment that I can use that will eliminate the redness and soreness?
Avatar m tn Now I have notice what looks like a rash on my fingers on one hand a few days ago. Now it looks just like burns that have blistered and burst and two fingers are swollen. they do not hurt and I am sure that I have not done anything to cause it. I am not due back at dermatology till December but has anyone any idea what has caused it.
Avatar n tn All the rash areas begin as small bumps that then turn into larger rash areas. It looks a lot like ringworm, yet the doctor reassured me that it is not contagious, so I am assuming it cannot be? Is it possible to have these symptoms but it not be tinea? The doctor also mentioned that this type of rash is asymmetrical. I share a bed with my girlfriend and do not want to spread anything to her.
Avatar m tn It would be best to consult a skin specialist if the rash does not resolve in a few days. You should get the relevant investigations as advised by your doctor including blood work. Let us know about what your skin specialist advises and if you have any other doubts. Post us about how you are doing. Regards.
Avatar m tn I'm a sixteen-year-old male (duh,scrotum) and I recently shaved my pubic hair and acquired an itchy,dry rash on my scrotum. It's characterized by a leathery feel to it,and the skin is slightly peeling,more like flaking. Also,it burns like crazy when rubbing alcohol is applied to the area.I've never had such a rash before,and I'd really like some help in what it may be,and how to get rid of it.
8130141 tn?1396651309 flakes a liitle bit and is painful and uncomfortable to have clothing touch it. It burns when water gets on it. The skin feels leathery when its touched. I have seen three different dr.s. First one said contact dermatitis and wtote rx for steroid cream. Second dr. Said ringworm/exzema/autoimmune issue. Wrote rx for fungal cream. Third dr. didnt know...wrote rx for more steroid cream and put mr on oral steroids 5 mg 2X a day for a week then once every day after that.
552788 tn?1215141931 Cholinergic urticaria is a subcategory of physical urticaria (aka hives) that is a skin rash brought on by a hypersensitive reaction to body heat. Symptoms follow any stimulus to sweat such as exercise (sometimes called exercise-induced urticaria), heat from the sun (which could also indicate solar urticaria), saunas, hot showers (reaction to water can also indicate water urticaria), spicy foods which may cause an increase in body temperature or even stress due to blushing or anger.
7084576 tn?1392606950 I use palmers too. If I put to much on I get a rash that burns. I believe it's because your skin may be very dry and it gets irritated because it's healing the dry skin.
Avatar f tn One of the effects of elevated blood sugar is neuropathy. That could be the cause of the sensations that you describe. I recommend that you speak with your doctor about an appointment with a neurologist to make sure and then discuss your treatment options going forward. It is also crucial that you keep your blood sugar under control as elevated blood sugar will cause further damage. I hope this helps answer your question.
Avatar m tn I adventually went to the doctor and was prescribed some anti-fungal cream which helped clear it up. Although, I still had one problem. The skin that is revelead on my penis when I have erection looks very red, dry, and chapped. The head, and skin also occasionally burns when I put moisturizing cream on it. I have not had any sexual intercourse for months, and I used a condom, so I can rule out an STD.
Avatar n tn s disease was almost 2 months ago. The rash is definately worse in the sun but also seems to get worse when she is very warm. The rash is itchy and burns when I put sunscreen on her. Our dermatologist perscribed a topical steroid which seemed to make the rash worse and spread. I have many autoimmune issues and am very concerned this could be something like lupus. We return to the Dr. in 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn Thanks Vance. To confirm Can a person be symptomatic anttest negative? Also in regards to transmission is casual skin to skin contact a risk in syphilis. There's so much that says "no" and some info that says maybe.
Avatar f tn Anybody else have exceedingly dry skin that looks like a rash? Mine goes past my wrist on the palm side of my arm and it burns pretty bad after I wash my hands and dry them. Lotion helps the burning but only temporary until I wash my hands again. Any advice?