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Avatar n tn m still ok, then, 2 weeks ago I developed a pruritic, symmetrical rash on the front of each bicep that cleared up with 3 days of topical cortisone. By this time I'm thinking, persistant oral lesions, symmetrical rash, this is creeping me out. I had a negative RPR 81 days post exposure. Any need to repeat it? Due to see my GP next week.
Avatar m tn By today, it is still painful to the touch and whenever I lift my arm or that part of the skin touches another part of my skin, the rash hurts. It does not itch at all. The redness of both rashes has been gradually increasing as well as it looks even partly yellowish on certain parts as if its scabbing over maybe? (not too sure). It also has some darker reddish lines throughout it, which I believe are just the areas where my skin folds over on the rash.
Avatar m tn I noticed that the rash seems to flare up when I have a glass of red wine. Have you heard of something like that before? The rash is also very symmetrical and when I wash my face with cold water the reddening cools. It is never itchy or uncomfortable really so think the wine theory could definitely be interesting.
Avatar f tn It may not be possible merely on the basis of a picture. Few common differentials for your symptoms are lupus, rosacea and acne. In SLE the malar rash usually starts at the bridge of the nose as a flat or raised redness that may be itchy and scaling. This may be aggravated by sun exposure. This is usually accompanied by other criteria that will fit the picture of SLE. Rosacea on the other hand also may present as a butterfly patterned rash over the face.
Avatar m tn Hi my name is Samir. I have been suffering from an extremely itchy skin rash for at least 5 years. It started on my eyelids, and the doctor prescribed me a cortisone cream, but the problem is recurring to this day. Then 4 years ago, i developed a skin rash in my groin area around my testicles and on the inner thighs and around the anus. then this year, the problem has spread to my lower stomach, underneath the elbows, and the sides of my neck.
Avatar f tn I am female and every once in a while I get this round, red welt around my anus that is painful. I tried to keep tabs on what I ate that day to see if anything sets if off. Usually using a diaper rash ointment on it overnight relieves it, but since it is symmetrical I don't think it is considered a rash. Could it mean more of a problem or just try it as I am.
Avatar f tn I have been sexually exclusive with my partner for the past 8 months. After having an all day sex fest, I developed a painful rash on my chin. I've had skin irritations before because he has facial hair, but never to this extreme. The skin is not only red but painful little blisters have formed. After scrubbing my chin, I noticed after the blisters have popped there is a clear liquid that oozes from the little blisters before they dry.
Avatar m tn About 3 days ago I woke up with this oddly symmetrical square shaped rash. It is located on the underside of my knee. If I don't move my leg I don't notice it, but when it brushed against things it stings slightly. It started as just a red rash, but now its getting darker red areas on the inside. I thought maybe a spider bite, but I can't seem to find any similar information online. [IMG]
Avatar n tn Does anyone develop a skin rash either just prior to worsening symptoms or during ?
Avatar m tn My year old daughter has just had a rash that was totally symmetrical and bright red across her entire pelvis and upper thighs. Would HSV present like that? We called and doctor said put zinc on it for several days and nothing helped. Then many small brown spots appeared almost like tiny little "scabs" thought there was nothing to pick off. The next day it was better though there was vulvar irritation.
Avatar n tn Hello, For this continuous itching, since there is no rash, pain or discharge, get it evaluated from a dermatologist and get a biopsy skin done. This will confirm the diagnosis. Till then, you should keep the area clean and apply some topical antiseptics. Also wear loose-fitting cotton clothing and use an antibacterial soap or mild soap like dove. Avoid any kind of cosmetics and apply calamine lotion. You can take oral antihistaminics to get a relief from itching.
Avatar n tn Alright, first I'll let you know this was diagnosed as ringworm after a quick medical exam at the university health center. The problem is, she assumed a red spot on my leg (which wasn't itchy, or associated with the problem) was the site where it started and to apply the anti-fungal cream there. I was rather skeptical, to say the least. So here's the symptoms (that make me really confused as to what this is): 1. Started with incredibly dry elbows, worse than has ever happened.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, I have a similar problem to the one discussed here, however NOT the same: A few months ago I started developing rash all over my body. At first, there were only small spots on my arms, however after 2 months it started appearing all over my body.
Avatar f tn For a couple years now (don't know exactly when it started) I've had a lump under my skin, just superior to the frontalis muscle. It's progressively getting larger, but very slowly. It never used to bother me until now. For the last few months or so, an area about 2cm to the left of the lump becomes very itchy. Almost everyday now I find that it gets itchy. I've been looking and watching for any changes in the skin (rash, discoloration, etc), however, there's been none.
Avatar n tn I have had a birthmark since childhood right under my right pectoral. (sp?) Just yesterday I noticed that there are a couple very very tiny white bumps surrounding the birthmark. It also seems to have changed from just a mark to that of a type of crater. The mark has always, and still is, just one color. It is symmetrical, and has a constant border. I've been looking at melanoma websites. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you again!
Avatar m tn The rashes started as dark red to purple in colour and have since progressed to a brown and is slowly fading. The rash had no blistering of any sort (initially thought sunburn) and is now starting to become drier than the rest of my skin. Please see the pictures here: (note that the cuts came after the rash, also note that the pictures are recent so it is not so red now!)
Avatar f tn I am a uncircumcised and have alway kept that area clean. Hardly noticeable and skin coloured, it looks as though a layer of skin is missing. I wouldn't call it a sore as I have have had no redness or fluid but It has a definite outline. This depression is about 12mm across and 10mm down from the centre of my corona. It looks flat and doesn't hurt to touch but the skin feels rough.
Avatar f tn By new years eve I was on a 3 week round of prednisone which finally gave me some relief. However the day I came the rash started back up again. I had a skin biopsy which came back as "general inflammation". It test negative for DH, Scabies or any other bacterial component. I went to an allergist who says it is Chronic Hives (even he admits though they have all the hive characteristics they look nothing like hives.
Avatar n tn I noticed when I scratched, it turned bright red and began to feel very bumpy, and the itch only became worse. By that night, the rash was covering the entire underside length of the shaft of the penis (but not the sides or top), both side of the scrotum (but not along the crease between testicles), and entirely surrounding the base of the upper side of the penis. The circumcision scar along the underside of the penis has become very swollen and almost ridge-like.
Avatar m tn t vitiligo meant to have a symmetrical appeareance? The patches were barely larger than 5 cms. I have also now noticed a few really small dots on the head of my penis .All are on the right side . Is this a specific kind of vitiligo? I sure vitiligo has something to do with a persons lifestyle . I havnt been stressing and i work out . i eat healthy focusing on antioxidants and i take amino acid supplements.Could these also be helping me?
Avatar f tn The pink bump is painless and hasnt changed at all. Its even and symmetrical as well. It’s literally just a pink, shiny, raised bump that looks like a pimple. What could this be? Skin cancer??? Im nervous.
Avatar n tn I have joint pain, morning stiffness, numness/tingling and trouble with hands(gripping and locking). I also have had a rash on and off on my limbs and lower back. The last month or so my skin is starting to become very wrinkled. I am only 29 and I am really scared. At first they thought it was MS due to a lesion on the brain and lumbar puncture. But now they think it may be RA but I still dont have a dx.