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250701 tn?1320974765 I am not exactly the beach or tanning type but I already know how my skin responds to the pool, various sun screen/block, the sun, sweating and most important: to what degree the meds are photosensitive. **photosensitivity is the huge wild card here that is unique to your physiology. All we can do is share how we respond in the conditions you outlined. I have nothing scientific to base this on but you have come so far and to be honest this is one activity I would not chance.
Avatar f tn My husband has had a pretty strong reaction to the sun, made his rash much worse. Stinks because we live at the beach. Be careful.
Avatar n tn I noticed that many people are having the same problem as I am regarding sun rashes; where it is extremely itchy and turns red! A few years back I went to Italy and I got this rash again ..this year I went to Punta Cana..and i almost got the rash until i discovered why it was reacting like this. I do have sensitive skin, although over time your skin becomes more sensitive. I got rashes when I used tanning oil ...and it was bad...
Avatar f tn I am a red head with sensitive skin. I have a lot of outdoor allergies. I seem to get the rash on my arms. It's only come on or get worse when i'm in the sun. It stay on from spring through the summer. it itchy bad. It seem like get's worse when I'm driving and hanging my arm out the window. I don't go outside much and it's not that hot out yet. It's not from sweat because I'm sweating. could you help me I'm going to see an allergist in few week.
Avatar f tn hi i am 27 years old female with weatish to dark complexion i live in southeren part of india( Asia) i am very sensitive to sun i develop redish and very itchy rash with in no time to sun exposure even in mild winter sun.. i scratched the rash and the condition worsened .. i seeked medical help nothing really helped... please help me with this ...
Avatar f tn My Mother has had a skin issue going on for almost 2 years. She started with a rash on her hands and face, was given a high dose of erythromycin and became much worse after being out in the sun. She was taken off the antibiotics after going to Urgent Care and since then has visited her pcp, dermatologists, dermatopathologists (2) who took biopsies, rheumatologists, an endocrinologist and no one appears to know what is going on with her.
Avatar f tn After just a few hours over a few days my rash went away. It is known that psoriasis does not occur where the sun hits the skin. I am almost a year after failed triple therapy and am back to 100%, with no sign of a rash, good luck...
Avatar f tn Hi, Cholinergic urticaria is a subcategory of physical urticaria (aka hives) that is a skin rash brought on by a hypersensitive reaction to body heat. Symptoms follow any stimulus to sweat such as exercise (sometimes called exercise-induced urticaria), heat from the sun (which could also indicate solar urticaria),. The visible hives (sometimes called heat bumps) appear as a multitude of small 2-3 mm welts typically surrounded by patches of red skin.
Avatar m tn I have very fair skin and fair hair, whenever I'm out in the sun for a long period of time I seem to get sun poisoning even when I use sun block. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn Hi there for the for the past two years ive had dry skin spots on my arms my arms are exposed to sun most of the time ii use moisturiser and sun screen but theu dont go they are jus lil circle spots and their white compared to my tan on arm , and ive recently been getting spots all over my stomack my stomack is never exposed to sun and i got a big dry skin patch under my left breast i was wearing a bra on a really hot day and i didnt kno it had came up and the next day the skin had rubbed off an
Avatar n tn t anything that can be done quickly, the best advice which I could give is to cover up and take care in the sun - you will find that you are hypersensitive to the sun during this year and you will get heat rash when it gets hot, so stay covered and probably next year if you don't get burnt it will have gone.
Avatar n tn I do have a good friend who is allergic to the sun - breaks out in horrible rash whenever her skin is exposed for more than a few minutes. Any other symptoms? Could you still be hypo? What are your latest thyroid hormone levels?
Avatar n tn My skin gets unbearably itchy every time I get even the slightest sun burn or even just lay out in the sun. Why does this happen and what can I do to prevent this on vacation in Florida?
Avatar m tn serious skin and mouth reactions. Tell your doctor if you have skin rash, blistering and peeling of the skin, blistering and peeling on the inside of your mouth.' If you develop these skin problems it may affect your ability to walk or surf. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can read the prescribing information at the Nexavar website. I don't see anything about contraindications dew to exposure to sunlight. http://www.
Avatar n tn The small red bumps neevr went away untill I I began using cortezone creme andkeeping out of the sun. Now the bumps are gone and the rash is just light pink bt still visible to me. I dont kno what the rash is was or is going to be. I have had it for over a month ow but it seems to be getting better. My skin is also susseptable right now due to a acne producing medication I am on. Any clues to what this rash is all about?
Avatar m tn I am sorry you are having such a bad time with the rash. Your rash may not have been due to the Incivek. It may be a rash from the Ribavirin. I know the sun worked for Mark but, for most of us, the sun makes our rashes much, much worse. My advice would be to get on top of the rash immediately. It can snowball out of control rapidly. If I were you I would make an urgent appointment with a dermatologist and have the derm doc evaluate and prescribe the meds.
Avatar n tn Solar urticaria may present with a rash few minutes after exposure to the sun. Chemical photosensitivity may present with skin rash after application of creams and lotions coupled with sun exposure. Which one applies in your case? Is your skin condition aggravated by certain lotions and creams applied on the skin? A sweat rash or miliaria is also a differential in your case. This however appears in covered areas of the body. A rash is usually present.
Avatar n tn s disease was almost 2 months ago. The rash is definately worse in the sun but also seems to get worse when she is very warm. The rash is itchy and burns when I put sunscreen on her. Our dermatologist perscribed a topical steroid which seemed to make the rash worse and spread. I have many autoimmune issues and am very concerned this could be something like lupus. We return to the Dr. in 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn Yes, carrying an umbrella in the sun draws quite a number of stares, but I would rather do that than be vomiting and in pain with a rash spreading over my skin because I got too much sun. I just cover up and have plenty of hats and umbrellas and sunglasses.
Avatar n tn I've broken out in a terrible rash from being out in the sun while taking the antibiotic Cipro. My pharmasist might have warned me, maybe I wasnt paying attention. It's been three weeks since I've been off Cipro but the rash is still with me. I work in the food service industry and I deal with the public. I dont want to freak anybody out, and long sleves are out of the question. I've been using Vaseline intensive care for a week but it only helps with the flakiness. Help please??
Avatar m tn Sun exposed areas? The fact that my rash is not on exposed skin threw me off the sun trail a little. A sun allergy is a big drag,too. Even if I don't swim in my pool, which I have curtailed, I still entertain out there. My new plan is to try new med (not Levoxyl or Synthroid. One I am not familiar with yet. I'll receive it in the mail shortly), research more, in particular, the web link you sent and re-check blood test ASAP. Maybe it's all related.