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Avatar f tn No, see a Dr for proper diagnosis.
Avatar m tn It was hard enough to go to my regular doctor for this so I am having a real hard time going to a different doctor. What could case this rash that is not an STD? And is it possible to treat my self with over the counter meds? The only thing I can think of is maybe it is an allergic reaction to condoms. It looks like little red dots. And really doesn't itch at all.
Avatar m tn Skin rash that usually itch and clears on its own, went to the clinic, as per doc i have eczema & i am taking tretment.
Avatar m tn Has nothing to do with a STD...they have that name for a reason.
Avatar m tn I noticed it because my scrotum looked a little purple in the mirror but with further looking I noticed it was a some what large red rash. Could this be std related? Are there any stds that cause a rash like this? I do feel burning but could be all in my head also.
Avatar f tn Dermatitis or eczema can also be a possibility. Please consult a skin specialist. Go for a complete STD panel. At least this will rule out or diagnose a STD. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn Just recently I start to notice that there is rash/skin coloured spots near the opening of my vagina, lip of the vagina and also some on my anus.. I think for the rash on my vagina, it has been there for some time but I was recently concerned if it is std. It's only within this few months that I noticed there were rash on my anus.. I thought it's because I plug my anus hair which I usually won't, it resulted in my anus being itchy for a few weeks but now it is not itchy anymore.
Avatar n tn I have a ring of itchy bumps around my groin area and the skin on the inside of the perimeter on both sides of my groin have a brownish or darker discoloration, only the ring if bumps and sores have a definite itch. Also the discolored skin often changed from dry skin top a smooth to the touch skin.the ring also seems to be expanding outward onto my thighs and waking it hasn't helped. Was wondering what this might be, any answers?
Avatar n tn So for a couple of months i've noticed small bumps on the left side of the outside of my vagina. Its kinda under some skin but im really worried it might be an std. I've only had sex once and that was over a year ago and it only started in about the summer. I have been fingered since however. Could that have done something? Im going crazy thinking of what it could be. HELP ME!
Avatar m tn Hi, i have had a rash on my penis it was really red at once and then it started to get real flakey skin on it. it was itchy at times. i am also gettin this weird feeling when i ejaculate its likea burning cold feeling cant describe it really i kinda get this in my testicles and its kinda goes down to my bum hole to.. any help what this mite be??
Avatar m tn I had sex with a escort today and it was protected and when I came home to shower I noticed a rash between the scrotum and leg in the crease. It looks a little blistered. Could this be a std? My last sexual exprernce was about 3 weeks ago with another escort but I always wear condoms and I pull my penis through underwear flap to minimize skin contact.
Avatar f tn Skin issues can be many things often not a STD, you would have to see a Dr for an exam.
Avatar n tn You are most likely to get herpes if you touch the skin of someone who has herpes sores, blisters, or a rash and even if symptoms are not present. The first outbreak usually happens within 2 days to 2 weeks of being infected and may be mild or severe. This link may help: Take care and best regards.
Avatar m tn Aside from syphilis, no STD causes a skin rash outside the genital area. That's as far as I can go. Whatever it is is not an STD and not related to the sexual exposure you described.
Avatar m tn My question is - Is there any easy way to distinguish between a skin irritation and a STD (I.e. does a STD rash come and go, is it always severe and well pronounced, etc) Thanks for any help you can provide!
Avatar n tn i have a rash on my side and it seems to be starting on my other side and i have like arash around my groin area but im a very big guy so i think its just the skin rubbing . but i always had a rash around my stomach area since i was 6 and it go and comes. i think it maybe an std but i never had sexual intercuors without protection b sides getting oral do you think its an std.
Avatar m tn sometimes its by my hair follicles and sometimes its not ( its all very strange) Anyways, i was just wondering what this sounds like (besides Hives) has anyone had and STD rash this long? can it be herpes? ( i haven't had blisters bursting, just bumps like bug bites) or HIV? I'd just like some ideas of what it could be, i already have my own i just want to see what others think.
Avatar n tn Hi In the presence of a significant sexual history, an STD has to be considered and tests should be done to rule this out. These pimple like bumps may actually be a yeast infection, a bacterial infection or herpetic lesions. Other differentials may be Fordyce spots and pearly penile papules. However, these conditions rarely present as red bumps. Wash the area with a gentle soap and continue to observe the skin condition.
Avatar n tn Is this a symptom of any STD? And again; Did the groin rash sound more like a bacterial infection rather that an HIV(STD) related rash? Please give me your opinion.
Avatar n tn I went to dermatologist and they said I have molluscum contagious in genital area, i brought some treatment at a local store and I been using it for like 2 weeks so far and i see no progress results, Im re-thinking that it might be something else other than molluscum, I recently discovered a ring worm on the back of my leg and a small one on my back, i also got a rash on my genital that i think its ringworm but i also heard molluscum can create rashes so I don't know what to do at this point but
Avatar n tn well if u never had sex dont wrry about it it cant be an std so jus get some rash cream from your local store.