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Avatar f tn Just recently I start to notice that there is rash/skin coloured spots near the opening of my vagina, lip of the vagina and also some on my anus.. I think for the rash on my vagina, it has been there for some time but I was recently concerned if it is std. It's only within this few months that I noticed there were rash on my anus.. I thought it's because I plug my anus hair which I usually won't, it resulted in my anus being itchy for a few weeks but now it is not itchy anymore.
Avatar n tn if a person has a herpes infection that is not on or near the genitals is it still considered an std? I was given a needle at the hospital when I went into labour with my daughter I reacted to the needle all around the injection site thought it was an allergy but it recurs OFTEN and is believed but not confirmed to be a herpes infection in the skin. Its on my back so its not near fingers, mouth, or it still considered to be an std?
Avatar f tn No, see a Dr for proper diagnosis.
Avatar f tn i have had a strange rash inside the buttocks for about 3 weeks now. its dry and some what red but not very itchy unless touched. Its also on my pubic bone, at first i thought it was an allergic reaction because im living in a very hot tropical climate plus the shaving. Im getting a bit worried that it might be an STD. What is it, i started taking antibiotics, im in cambodia and the medical service is pretty much non existant. What kind of pills should i be taking or cream? Please help.
Avatar n tn I have a ring of itchy bumps around my groin area and the skin on the inside of the perimeter on both sides of my groin have a brownish or darker discoloration, only the ring if bumps and sores have a definite itch. Also the discolored skin often changed from dry skin top a smooth to the touch skin.the ring also seems to be expanding outward onto my thighs and waking it hasn't helped. Was wondering what this might be, any answers?
Avatar n tn well if u never had sex dont wrry about it it cant be an std so jus get some rash cream from your local store.
Avatar m tn Has nothing to do with a STD...they have that name for a reason.
Avatar m tn Much of it has recovered, ceased to itch and turned into a light brown patch of dead/dry skin by now. The rash did not extend to my genitals and below the pubic region. The only other region where i had an itchy rash was around the area crossing my hamstring and right buttock. Can i enquire if this rash is a possible indication of herpes or any other STD? I did not experience any other symptoms elsewhere and on my genitals, but this rash is quite persistent, although it is fading.
Avatar m tn Herpes is for life brother. You will not get anything from a towel. Skin to skin std is when you have to rub it into the skin. I don't want you to freak out, which it looks like you might already start doing. Most people do not have stds, even prostitutes. Back ion the 90s, I was drunk as all get out and slept with a prostitute and did not wear a condom. Thank the good Father I did not catch anything. So try to relax.
Avatar m tn Psoriasis (skin rash on penis) Last time having sex about 2 years ago No other ailments/symptoms of HIV or any STD I know you or I won't know for sure until I get tested, but does Psoriasis/skin rash on the penis mean I probably have HIV? I just don't know how common it is.....
Avatar n tn I feel like when I recently had sex i irriated the skin since it was kind of raw. Is this a std? How can i make this better? Because it's grossing me out.
Avatar m tn I had sex with a escort today and it was protected and when I came home to shower I noticed a rash between the scrotum and leg in the crease. It looks a little blistered. Could this be a std? My last sexual exprernce was about 3 weeks ago with another escort but I always wear condoms and I pull my penis through underwear flap to minimize skin contact.
Avatar m tn About 5 days later all the skin on my scrotum became flaky and peeled off. Since then have been left with rash covering whole scrotum but nothing else. Also kissed the girl and have noticed a couple of sores on my lips. Any ideas on what std I may have and/or are they related.
Avatar n tn Near my anus, it also looks like a rash - if my skin is pulled apart, there are tiny white dots surrounding my anus. The dots are very small (pinpoint) and lots of them. I have an appointment with a specialist in March - is there any way to figure out if it's a rash or yeast infection or something aside from an STD? Or is it pretty certain that it's an STD? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hi, About 5 months ago. I had a white rash on my penis foreskin(uncircumcised) and I get small cuts which doesn't hurt until i touch them or when i sweat.All this time i have had that dry scally skin shows up some days and it goes away when i clean it with water(even when I wasnt sexually active).I had then non stop for months but just dry skin. But last time had sex with a girl was like about 3 weeks ago.Last week I got the white flaky skin.
Avatar f tn I havnt had sex in about a month but the other day I noticed a rash of pimple cluster under a buttcheek close to the Anus. I have been tested for some std but only the three from urine they do easily (don't remember exactly what ones). It does not seem to be spreading and is not painful. Doesn't quite look like pimples or a rash but something in between the two.
Avatar n tn it's possible to have contracted more than one std at a time. i would get retested, basically have a full std panel done. at that appt you could also show the MD your rash and they should be able to assess if its a mild irritation or something more serious. i suggest you refrain from sex until that's cleared up and you knoe what's wrong.
Avatar m tn Over the last couple of days the left side of my penis directly under the head has been very irritated. There is no rash or signs of a rash, but when it rubs against my underwear it is sore and irritated. Could this be some sort of an STD or is it likely just irritation that will go away on its own. I do not have any other signs that would suggest an STD such as visible bumps, rashes, itching, etc., or buring during urination. But nonetheless, my mind racing as to what it could be.
Avatar n tn Hi, This could be an allergic skin rash.Eczema is a chronic skin disorder that involves scaly and itchy rashes. Eczema is also called atopic dermatitis. Eczema is due to a hypersensitivity reaction (similar to an allergy) in the skin, which leads to long-term inflammation. The inflammation causes the skin to become itchy and scaly. In adults it is comon around the joints. Dry skin often makes the condition worse.
Avatar m tn t have really any bumps, just red, and peeling skin, kind of like when you get dry skin on your face, thats what the dry skin looks like on the rash, do you think it could be a std. as in herpes or something?