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Avatar f tn well it's not like a normal rash it's like a rash, but not raised into little bumps that you could feel.
Avatar n tn a few days ago i noted a medium sized patch of red raised bumps in the middle of my back the rest of my skin still itches alot but the bumps arent that itchy they are however a little bit tender to pressure, wearing a bra has been very very uncomfortable, cortosone cream has not been very much help gold bond medicated cream is helping a little but not much.....what is this and what do you reccommend ??
Avatar n tn Im getting these raised bumps on the side of my elbow that itch really bad. One of the bumps has a bumps has a black center which could just be the hair follicle. My legs itch and around my knees have been itching and developing bumps that have went away, but the ones on my elbow are getting bad. I also have two bumps on my hand now that itches. I have been using cortizone cream but it only helps for awhile.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 16 and has raised bumps that are sort of red but only on her forearms and hands. She had one on the palm of her hand. They itch but not like insect bites.
Avatar n tn i have few slightly raised bumps on my hand and arm. I am worrying that this might be something else. They look like red rashes and I don't know what causes them. It doesn't look like an allergy coz they don't appear in groups, they eventually go away but now, they came back. They don't look like pimples either. What could be causing these red bumps?
Avatar m tn Hi, No idea what this is -- but recently noticed that there were tons (like maybe 300-400) 'raised' bumps on chest. Reason didn't notice it before was because they are close to the skin color, and you can only really notice them when you look at them at an angle. Any idea what that is, and how to get rid of it? Incidentally, there also seem to be a bunch of tiny brown spots that also seem to be spreading at maybe a rate of 4-5/week. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I don think my rash was HIV related, it was itchy with raised bumps that quickly dissapeared, but the itching all over the body, does beginning stage/ARS cause a symptom of itching?
Avatar n tn Hives (medically known as urticaria) are red, itchy, raised areas of skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. They have a tendency to change size rapidly and to move around, disappearing in one place and reappearing in other places, often in a matter of hours. Many cases of hives are "idiopathic," meaning no cause is known. Others may be triggered by viral infections or medications.
Avatar n tn Had a rash appear in the following areas simultaneously: Rash consisted of raised goosebump like rashes that stuck around for a week, and dissipated after 2 weeks approximately. When you ran a finger over it you could feel the bumps about 20-30 of them. Did not appear to contain pus, although a few of them crusted. Was not itchy nor irritating. Location: Arm creases both sides, was more severe on my right arm crease at the elbow joint.
Avatar f tn I have an itchy blotchy rash on my back, with several raised bumps (there are no blisters/heads to them). The whole red area is about the size of the palm of my hand, excluding my fingers. It started a couple months ago as a couple bumps where my bra strap is sewn into the back part of my bra (note:not a new bra). I really thought it was just the bra that was itching and tried several different bras (new & old).
Avatar n tn Some bumps go away after like 1 hour but some bumps stay and size decreases to like 1mm small raised pimple without puss. My skin is also itchy on scalp, forhead arms and neck. after about five days I noticed there are three of these small pimple like bumps in my groin area as well. These bumps specially comes after i have a shower. after the shower my skin starts to itch a lot. Today in the morning i noticed there is also flaky skin on my palms. Can it be the HIV rash??
Avatar m tn ve never seen before, it appeared yesterday and consists.of red slightly raised bumps of 1mm to 2mm-3mm across. My skin surrounding the bumps isn't red or inflamed and the rash isn't itchy in the slightest. The bumps have stayed mostly confined to an oval, almost circle area but I think (can't recall) the area has gotten slightly bigger since yesterday. One or two bumps have appeared on my inner forearm on the same arm now - a fair bit further down than the rest of the rash.
Avatar f tn I have in the past 2 months started to get a raised rash the skin appears red and dry on my face and on my hands. It is on my lower cheeks and on the back of my hands. It is raised and small bumps are gathered in areas. They are itchy and if I scratch at them too long the bumps break and there is clear liquid under them. It does not appear any where else on my body and it has not been spread to anyone else in my family.
Avatar n tn about a yr ago I started getting small skin colored raised bumps on the inside of my left ankle and sometimes a stray one on the top of my foot. Now and then they seem to grow in numbers and then decrease. Scratching them off just creates a small scab.
Avatar f tn It was raised with a few bumps. Now as a week passes by, the raised rash turned into a bloody mess UNDER my skin that then turned into a flat all dark red moist scab still under my skin.
Avatar n tn I have several bumps on my side that make one big bump size of a quarter raised like a large welt, and a few small other ones on my side and stomach it is only a little itchy but very sore like someone punched me in my ribs. should I go to the doctor?
Avatar f tn I get a rash often between my thighs that I believe is heat rash. The pain from the rash comes and goes but my skin has gotten thicker and darkened in that area now. I also have developed small, painless bumps in the area. There are at least 50 on each leg; they are flesh colored to light brown and raised. They are pimple like but when squeezed, nothing comes out (they do bleed a little when squeezed.) I have had these bumps for several months.
Avatar f tn Today we where in Baskin Robbins I gave him his bottle as he was drinking i noticed he started getting blotchy skin. No raised bumps or anything. With in 10-15 minutes it was gone. He acted no different or anything.
Avatar n tn hello , i hv noticed very small tiny rash near the bottom of my penis and on the skin of my penis last so many days. it is not itching or not red colour but it is of my skin colour i.e. black i.e. colour of my penis. these are very small tiny bumps raised. I am undergoing a treatment of allergy for house dust mites allergy and is on heavy dose of allegra.
Avatar n tn Although my skin is rather pale, so the marks are a tad different in shade, I think I may have dealt with something similar. Are they in an area you usually shave? I used to get raised, red bumps on my underarms that I soon found out were a reaction to the soap-like liner they put in womens' razors. Afterwards, I discovered via my GP that I was allergic to the sulfates in most soap products, and that was the likely cause of my various bumps that eventually occurred all over.
Avatar n tn First of all, the itchiness is beginning to be unbearable at times, And more importantly, it seems that the rash/bumps are now spreading to my right arm as well. I have had it looked at by a doctor who suspects an allergic reaction to something. However, the creams prescribed just don't seem to help. What could these bumps/rash possibly be? What treatment might help?
Avatar f tn s affected mostly my torso and lower backside/upper back thigh area, never my face or limbs. I had raised itchy bumps that would spread all over the area on which it formed. At one point, the length of my torso and almost my entire backside was covered in these bumps, which I had scratched enough for them to bleed a little and then turn into brown, scaly, dried-up scars.
Avatar m tn It is a pinkish rash with raised bumps and some of the bumps have a little bit of a deeper pink or reddish tint on some of the raises. I have never had anything like this. I didn't really noticed it at first, sometimes I have a habit of touching myself there or rubbing that area between where my scrotum and thighs meet. So I didn't notice it, and I can't remember how long ago it started or if it has any relation to my itching anus.
Avatar m tn but neither could identify the rash, i am now waiting on blood and urine tests, the rash is worse the the arches and side of feet/ankles, they started deep under the skin and like u said are starting too itch, I am hoping they grow out?
Avatar f tn The outbreaks occur at least 3 to 4 times a month and last for about 3 days. The rash is a red raised bump on the back of her legs, ususally about 4-6 bumps on each leg and up near her butt. They are about the size of a nickel or quarter. The doctors ruled out ring worm, and say it is a form of eczema. But the cream and ointment they gave me for this eczema has never worked for her. It also seems when these bumps appear, she gets tiny red bumps near her eyes and gets a runny nose too.
Avatar m tn Btw 2 raised bumps appeared on the rash for like 15mins 2 nights ago and i went and hopped in the shower asap and they were gone instantly as soon as i got out the shower. I noticed it was really itching where the thick hair was more so i trimmed down there. My scalp has also been itching since October i was thinking it could be dermatitis down there some how it spread on the towel but i don't know if that's possible... what do you guys think?
Avatar f tn a month or two ago the back of my inner thigh had a 2 inch slightly raised rash appear. It has a red ring around it and normal skin tone on the inside but very slightly raised. I thought it was just a scrape or chaffing rash at first but it hasnt gone away and there are more spot rashes like it appearing on my left thigh ( like little versions of the big one) and just recently my right thigh has started to have little similar spots appear.
Avatar m tn Herpes would not appear so quickly and probably not as a widespread rash as you describe. When you say welts though, do you mean red rash with raised bumps like a mosquito bite? No fluid or anything inside? If that's the case, it sounds like an immune allergic reaction, try some antihistamine tablets and see what happens. Of course follow up with a doctor when you can.