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1540112 tn?1293016134 Hello, It can be due to poison ivy or hives. The rash that results from the poison plants is a form of allergic contact dermatitis. Symptoms include redness and itching of the skin, development of rash and sometimes development of blisters from rash. Once it begins, the rash will usually clear on its own by 14-21 days. Treatment is directed at controlling the itching. Apart from oral steroids, You may take oral antihistaminics like benadryl or zyrtec.
Avatar n tn I contracted poison ivy last summer (a year ago) on my chest and forearm. It took a long time to clear up, at least 2 months. I had a recurrence of the rash in the same exact place on my chest a few months later, which I had assumed was a re-exposure to the urushiol. Again, it took many weeks to clear up. I did not use any cream or medication apart from Calamine.
Avatar f tn I have had this red itchy rash on the inner part of my arm where my elbow is. I first thought it was poison ivy. I've never had poison ivy before so I wasn't sure. I've had this for going on two months. It started as a small cluster of red bumps. About the size of a pencil eraser. It's now the size of a half dollar. The itching isn't as bad. I have used hydrocortisone cream, calamine lotion, Neosporin, and Benadryl.
Avatar f tn I burned some cut brush 4 days ago with poison ivy in it. I have no rash as of yet on skin but I do have a sore throat and some slight chest congestion. I’m worried about my lungs and want to know how long before I’m out of danger of a serious reaction.
Avatar f tn How are you? Contact with the oil of these plants: poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak causes most people to have a rash, blisters, and itching. The symptoms of an allergic reaction to poison ivy, sumac, or oak include the following, from least serious to most serious: itching, red blotches, blisters, fever, headache, swelling of throat and eyes, overall swelling of your body, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Usually the rash is first noticed 1 to 2 days after contact.
Avatar n tn Hello my name is Spencer , i am currently 13 yrs of age and i would like to figure out wat this is i am currently very itchy and i think i have "poison Ivy" inside my nose is there any chance i can die from this horrible itching posion inside my nose i have not visited a doctor yet because my parents say its not that bad but i think so so if there is a helpful Doctor out there willing to let me know if i should go to doctor or if i could die please let me know thank's so much, Spe
Avatar m tn I have finally healed up after swollen and drippy rashes all over my arms and also in splotches on my hands. All the poison ivy rash has dried up and feels fine. However, three nights ago I woke up in the early morning with unbearable itchiness all over the palms of both hands, on the palm-side of my fingers, and in between my fingers. I was able to temporarily relieve the itching by running hot water over my hands for as long as I could stand it.
1540112 tn?1293016134 Not even sure if the first rash was poison ivy. So I broke out in a diffrent rash. It didnt seem to last about a week. But the skin in alot of areas where the previous rash is very dry and itchy in some spots. There is scaring and the skin is darker where alot of the rash was. The second doctor I seen for this does not know what it is. Referred me to a dermatologist. Cetrizine and some kind of fungal cream this time. I give up, I geuss I will just wonder what is going on.
Avatar n tn to add to what i wrote, the rash is itcy, has a yellow/orange oil, and flakes up and scabs just like poison ivy would. i really think its poison ivy, but i really dont know why it would keep showing up. it breaks out, goes away after a week, then i dont see it for 2 weeks, then comes back. i was worried it was in my bed sheets or something, but im also worried i have contracted an std from oral sex. please help!
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? The rash and itching from poison ivy usually get better gradually and go away completely in two to three weeks. Treatment should be continued at least this long because the rash can come back if medicines are stopped too soon. Take your medications as prescribed by your doctor and avoid exposure to the plant to prevent recurrences. If symptoms persists, it is best that you inform your doctor for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I have no fever but a little bit of soreness in my left leg. The rash itches but is not really painful at all. Some of the skin near the rash burns a little but I am not sure if I am talking myself into some of these feelings. I had unprotected sex with a girl I don't know much about in a pool 12 days before I noticed anything. I did some dry humping with another girl unprotected 5 days before (I know it was irresponsible, i normally only have protected sex).
Avatar m tn s anxiety from school stuff and maybe thinking about the poison ivy like what you said happens to you when you think about poison ivy. At my school they have a student health center I can go to during the week if it get's worse or doesn't go away, but I'm hoping it will go away after a few days. I talked to my mom who's a nurse about it and knows I stress a lot and said to keep an eye on it.
Avatar n tn I had mild acne as a teenager up until an incident where I had an episode of very bad poison ivy on my face, neck and ears right before my senior year of high school. For the year following my acne became progressively worse, and during this time I was using some BP. My palms/inner hands also became very peely and would go from extremely sweaty/oily to extremely dry. When I got to college freshman year, I began using clindamycin and retin-a-micro on my skin.
Avatar m tn about three weeks ago i caught poison ivy really bad everywhere on my body.Earlier that night i had recieved unprotected oral the poison ivy is clearing up, but i noticed alot of white bumps on my penis, and it is itching along with my testicles.could the white bumps be cuased by irritation of the skin from the poison ivy, or does this sound like herpes? the dr said they wouldn't test for it unless there was vissible symptoms.
Avatar f tn Feels like Air pockets under my scalp but it secretes an oil type liquid i have had rougjly a month. I had a rash head to toe which was diagnosed as poison ivy, cortisone shot, 2 steroid packs and antihistamine regiment and still barely any change in skin rash, none on scalp.
Avatar m tn I have a rash on both of my elbows. About a week ago, I had poison ivy on my neck, chest, hands, arms, and legs, but not on my elbows. I was prescribed Kenalog Cream, which reduced the poison ivy to basically scars. I thought I was bitten by a bug on my elbow a couple days later, and it went from looking like a bug bite to looking like the attached picture. Some of the raised, red welts have a small dark mark in the center, some don't.
Avatar m tn I woke up one morning with looked like insect/mosquito bites on BOTH of my arms right above my wrists. Over the next few days it turned to a rash that spread up my arms to my elbows, stopped mid elbow, jumped up to my neck, and now i have the little bumps that come before this rash on my upper chest and mid inside thigh. The bumps happen first, then the rash follows. Doc took a look at the rash and said "looks like its poison ivy" and gave me prednasone and levaquin yesterday.
Avatar n tn I put my contacts in this morning without a problem, it was routine. Around nine in the morning though, I developed a poison ivy rash across my face. I've been touching my face all day with my hands, and now that it's night, I can't figure out how to get my contacts out without infecting my eyes.