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Avatar f tn Now my new doctor says I have fibro. I dont believe it. I think that my rash and my joint pain have to do with chemicals that i work with or something. The rash on my hand has started to spead for the first time ever. I have it on my eye lid, butt, inter thigh. arm. My doctor doesnt think the joint pain or rash are connected. BUT I do. Are there chemicals that could get into my system and cause so my disconfort?
Avatar n tn A rash may be due to several factors. A virus may be the cause if there is associated fu like symptoms, joint pains, pain in swallowing and eye redness. Allergic reactions to pollen, food, and dust should also be looked into. Dermatitis and heat rash are also differentials. At this point, a complete medical history and physical examination are essential to get a diagnosis. If there is a strong family history of asthma and allergies, all the more that an initial consult is necessary.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor and neither the dermatologist nor allergist knew what it was, so they had it biopsied. The rash and joint pain had seems to all be going away except two nights ago I broke out in a random fever again of 103 that lasted throughout the night. The joint pain has returned as well as the rash. I also have had a persistent migraine each day since this all started.
Avatar f tn My wife has been suffering from joint pain and a rash. The rash will come and go daily on different parts of her body. If the rash is close to a joint, it will cause severe pain. We have had all types of test,all come back normal. Have went to three different Doctors, they make her feel like there is nothing wrong with her. She is crying alot now, and talking about not wanting to go on with life. It is putting a big stress on are family. I do not know what else to do.
Avatar n tn // Pls get your son examined by a physician as all these diseases present with different features and depending on the features, the treatment is different. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I have ulcerative colitisColitis Irritable bowel syndrome Ischemic colitis Necrotizing enterocolitis Salmonella enterocolitis Ulcerative colitis, and about the time i was experiencing a flare up, i noticed this weird rash on my faceFace pain, which the ER doctor called a butterfly rash.
Avatar f tn The one was hospitalized one week later and had to call 911 with chest pains, urination, and rash. The rash spread all over her body. Then she had pain in her lower back, bladder, and had urinary infection which is still bothering her more than a month later. Since my injection 2.5 weeks ago, I have extreme skin irritation, especially to my face which is a problem since I have extreme sleep apnea and need the CPAP mask clamped onto my face all night.
Avatar n tn Hey 18761jones, I am coming off my 2nd course of accutane. The first course I was on 80 mg per day. for about 4 months before the mental side effects made me stop. I was having weird thoughts and could tell I was not myself. The second course lasted about 5 months, same dosage less side effects. IT DID CLEAR MY ACNE, better than any antibiotic or other popular or unpopular treatment. I had tried them all, diets, over-the-counter meds, etc.
Avatar f tn okay how long does the cultavate lotion take to get out bloodstream before i see full signs & symptoms i used for 6days 1x day. also Inoticed other symptoms lately after 2weeks having circles on my hand i started with asymtrical finger joint pain, burning at my wrist and symetrical joint pain & elbow pain & my tongue is burning with clear bumps on 1 side giving face pain & headaches. I have rosocea,raynauds both feet & hands. no redness at joints a little swelling.
Avatar f tn About a month ago I had unprotected sex with my ex who has been highly sexually active(i supposed). I have a discolored blotchy scaly type rash on the back of my hand which is barely visible. Its look black, not red. Its seems to be under skin instead of raised. No fever or sore throat or swollen lymph nodes. I've think I've had joint pain but no muscle aches. Yesterday I've had diarrhea and I'm vomited the other day but I think it was because of something I ate.
Avatar f tn because of joint pain, and tested for low platelets which over time have fluctuated severely. I now have two specialists in addition. I am starting to fear what's ahead of me, because the more time goes by, the more symptoms of Lupus I am experiencing. Aside from the joint pain, there have been some almost unbearable headaches to the degree that I was told to get off of birth control ASAP to avoid clotting, and I am now noticing that I am developing a bit of a "Lupus rash".
Avatar f tn ve been on these meds for years) One med that is fairly new for me (started about 3 months ago) is Serrapeptase, a non-presription enzyme for joint pain that my doctor has okay'd. Any ideas about my joint pain and "new" thumb issue?
Avatar n tn can hiv rash occur alone without any other symptom? How muscle and joint pain feel like and how long the pain last? how does hiv rash look like, how they occur?( one or 2 spot everyday or they come altogether at the same time),what are the ARS symptom usually found on hiv person? and the last question is: can ARS differ from people, i mean you have a muscle pain one day,one week later a rash...or they come altogether at the same time. Thx 4 your reply.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure how to describe but for the last few weeks I've had this on and off very mild burninglike sensation in a spot on my left shoulder at the top outermost part. Like right now I feel it but tomorrow I may not. Literally its concentrated in one spot maybe the size of a dime and its always in that same spot, it does not travel. Its feels like its just below the skin, not deep in the joint.
Avatar m tn If you didn't have unprotected vaginal and/or anal sex. You don't have to test. HIV is not transmitted by friction outside the body. Be well.
Avatar m tn THe dull foot pain gradually increased to tingling sensations in my feet, hands, legs and fingers which turned into joint and muscle pain. joint pain in my wrists, fingers, ankles, and feet...but weird dull pain that would be there one second and then dissapear. this is at about 3 -4weeks post exposre. i really started to freak out now. Oh yeah i also had and still do have little painful lymphnodes in my groin that i can palpate. this might go back to the irritation in urethra im not sure tho.
Avatar f tn d as viral exanthem. Rash, fatigue, migratory joint pain continued. Went back to urgent care on 6/19; still had rash, vague joint pain, but both sides of neck hurt so bad from jaw to collar bone that I'd been sleeping with heating pad on neck for two nights--still very fatigued. Dr was dismissive, did do blood work though (all normal, mono spot negative, strep culture negative). Sent me with 5 days of prednisone and told me urgent care is for life threatening emergencies, not diagnostics.
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Avatar m tn I have been having sudden and severe abdominal pain, some diarrhea, shoulder pain, Mussle pain in my back, as well as chest mussle pain, pain on my heels, etc. I have had a few migranes, nausea, and feelings of being disoriented, or choppy or slurred speech at times.. I described it to a friend as almost like I am coming out of annestetic. I also had a lump on my back, as well as a clump of mussles that formed a knot rather quickly.. I have begun itching.
Avatar m tn Approximitally 42 day after this incident i develeoped what i think was a heat rash running down my right arm and centralize in the elbo joint on my left arm. I was not freaked out until one of my buddies said it could be a HIV rash. I never had a Fever, had brief Diharea this same week, but i live in a small quaters where 10 of the 30 people living with me were sick.
Avatar n tn The rash can last as long has three weeks but the joint pain can go on longer. I have had 3 biopsy on the rash and it never showed anything. Rash creme made it worse. It is coming more often and lasting longer. Any ideas would be helpful.