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Avatar m tn I am a 37 year old male, and for the last 5 years or so, I have had a skin condition. For a short time in the Spring and Fall, I get a rash on the inside of my elbows and behind my knees. If I can manage to not scratch it, it basically goes away in that area. But scratching it makes it worse. After a couple weeks, it goes away. By searching the web, I have found a couple conditions that it could be, but I was hoping someone with some expertise could narrow it down.
Avatar n tn I have developed a rash on mu knees, little red spots whcih can be itchy at times but not all the time. It get worse when I itch it and then sometimes will go away in a week and then come back a few days later. This has been going on for quite a while and I am not sure what to do?
Avatar f tn i have had a rash on my arms, under my arms, my lower stomach, my thighs and behind my knees. it has been there for 4 weeks. i thought it was poison oak but have tried creams to clear it up and nothing has worked. now i have red blochy places all over the mentioned areas that itch so bad. i have scabs that itch. it doesnt look like its gettin worse, but its not getting much better. i am so tired of scratching and creams on it.
Avatar n tn The crotch area, behind knees, front of elbows, back, neck, head, wrists. Can you break out in a rash like this a week and 1/2 after starting this Medication?
Avatar m tn I have a rash, by my armpits, crook of my elbow, behind my knees and back of my neck. I also have blisters on the palms of my hands and around my fingers. Now my left wrist and elbow is swollen.
Avatar n tn I have had a extremely itchy rash mostly on my torso (below my breasts, around my waist, armpits, inside of my elbows, behind my knees, etc.) for a few weeks now. There is no rash on my legs. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and he said it was due to detergent. I took all of the steroids (10mg) he prescribed and it subsided. Today, it is back and very itchy! What should I do next? Is there something I can try OTC to get rid of this? I tried Cortizone creams, etc.
Avatar n tn Hello, Back in February of 2008, I developed a skin rash behind my knees and on my right side of my rib cage. This rash was very unsightly and itchy. I would wake up during the night itching. I tried hydrocortisone cream, but it did not clear up the rash. The rash then spread to the inside of my elbows, along my waistline, around my navel, on my shins, and my genitals. Never was there a rash on my hands, fingers, or feet. I went to a dermatologist, but I do not have medical insurance.
Avatar f tn I have "the rash" too. For 2 yrs on the inside of my upper arms and now bend of elbow, behind knees, wrists, forearms, thighs and abdomen. My doctor told me the reaction was coming from the inside out so there isn't a topical solution only a topic relief. A steroid pak worked until 3 days after I finished the meds and I was back in the same position. Spray sunburn relief with lidocaine is very comforting. Antihistamines don't work at all.
Avatar n tn as embarissing as that is its possibly true, I was brought up with poor higen on my part. I also have these rashes on the points of my knees (behind the knee where the leg bends) Once again no pain no itchyness. My only other question is i'v seen "specs of dirt" as if i didnt wash well in thouse area's and the dirt caused this irration and blockage and so on so forth. My question is, could this be psoriasis?
Avatar n tn This summer she has had a bout of fifth's disease and now has the same sun sensitivity and an itchy rash on her arms and behind her knees. The fifth's disease was almost 2 months ago. The rash is definately worse in the sun but also seems to get worse when she is very warm. The rash is itchy and burns when I put sunscreen on her. Our dermatologist perscribed a topical steroid which seemed to make the rash worse and spread.
Avatar f tn I have developed a rash that is very small bumps until I scratch it and then it is very red and larger. This rash is basically on my inner thighs, behind my knees and a few here and there. So I went to the doctor who could not figure it out...told me it was some sort of chemical rash. I told him I have hepc (new doc) so he did blood work. It came back and I have low platelets 89,000 and high triiglycerides.
Avatar n tn Sounds more like athlete's foot that has passed to armpits and crotch, this fungus can also jump to the skin behind your elbos and happens. NOT a symptom of ARS.
Avatar n tn I keep itching behind my knees. there are no signs of rash. I am about to lose it over this..
Avatar n tn I've a rash on my scrotum that I "acquired" about 8 years ago. Basically, the skin becomes red and itchy and eventually, after much scratching of course, the top layer of skin becomes dry, cracks and peels off, leaving reddened moist leasions that then burn and itch. I've had this off and on for about 10 years now.
Avatar m tn These rashes generally were behind my joints in the folds of skin of my elbows, thighs, and knees. Also it was on my behind region as well as my thighs and back. It was a burning sensation and hurt more whenever I itched and also got worse as I presume. The only thing that creates doubt in my mind as to the origin of these is they looked more akin to a nettle rash and the bumps were not discolored other than a red tint.
Avatar f tn no just the emolient to start with it is a light liquid that you put in the bath i do know that there is an emolient cream available but at the moment she is not scrathing her face her main problem is behind he knees.
Avatar m tn Itchy rash is particularly noticeable on face and scalp, neck, inside of elbows, behind knees, and buttocks. There is no known cure for eczema, thus treatments aim to control the symptoms: reduce inflammation and relieve itching. Dermatitis is often treated by glucocorticoid (a corticosteroid steroid) ointments, creams or lotions. They do not cure eczema, but are highly effective in controlling or suppressing symptoms in most cases.
Avatar n tn Any contact with the area feels exactly as if I'm touching raw tender skin (probably less painful) and the discomfort seems to be just skin-deep. There is never a rash or injury of any kind, and I can't trace it to any kind of lifestyle thing, activity, detergent, etc. It's been going on for years, never lasts more than a few days, and is never more than mildly annoying.
Avatar n tn I also have a raised red rash behine my knees that really itches. I had it on my shins first and I used Kenalog and cleared it up. It has not come behind the knees. Any idea?
7469840 tn?1409849436 My rash has subsided a bit, but Doctor reduced Riba dose (at least temporary) as my hemo dropped. He may raise the does again, but have had a bit of a breather from the rash, though it had creeped up to groin. Older rashes are drying out. But the Gold Bond is really helping. Going to take a bath this morning and try to really soak my skin.
Avatar n tn For about 6 months I have been battling these horrible outbreaks of itchy red welting rashes. It started out behind my knees and on the inside of my elbows. It spread to legs, neck, and wrists and chest. I also have had eye problems, constant watering, itching and red swelling. I went to the doctor and she said scabies. Both me and my partner were treated with permitrin(?) cream. She washed everthhing in the house... scrubbed and cleaned. It got better for about a week and then came back.
Avatar n tn I do feel much beter since my circumcsion and I guss my mind was over loaded thinking about my rash on my penis. The rash is almost gone, it is still there under the remaining skin that still covers a portion of my tip. I was hoping surgery would have taken care of it fully. But of course i am still having a small problem. This is not in my mind. Druss, I thank you for your interest in my problem, but I am not sure we have the same symtoms. I had and still seem to have a bit of balantitis.
Avatar n tn swollen/tender lymphondes neck/armpits/groin/behind knees, yest in mouth and penis(started at 26th day analysed by doctor), light rash, a bit temperature going up and down, insomnia) and the most of those had last now 6 weeks started about 7-8 days after exposure. I took normal HIV AB from one lab from another lab HIV DUO Ultra at 27th day and both of those were negative.
Avatar f tn Hi. I woke up one morning and my face was swollen badly. No other symptons. I started with some allergy medicine I had at home & by evening swelling had gone down some. Next morning, swelling was back with right eye almst swollen shut. Swtched to o.c. Benadryl 50mg every 4-6 hrs. Swelling decreased more, itchy rash started on face & neck. Next mornig swelling decreased greatly, itchy eyelids, facial skin horriblybumpy, rash spreaded to chest, back, and upper arms.
Avatar n tn I not only have an itchy rash that is staining my armpit with brown skin (where the rash had previously been)but seems to inflame to the point of some kind of is almost as if my sweat glands are leaking. I must comment that I also have many skin tags (mole like things that I have been tol were NOT moles)and I have had these all my life..but now they even get itchy. I also have a rash in the groin area which is causing similar staining, but the arm seems to be far more itchy.
Avatar m tn Pityriasis rosea is a common human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and sometimes by itching. Initially, a primary plaque, called a herald patch, is seen. Then it is followed by a distinctive, generalized rash 1-2 weeks later. The rash is found in a Christmas tree pattern over the trunk and abdomen.
Avatar n tn About twice a year I have break outs with red scaly patch behind knees, inside elbows and sometimes neck. I usually can get it under control when it starts itching with hydrocorisone 1% and then it will go away after few weeks. Never had a problem at all before tx with my skin. J9art,,,yes I think you should talk to your boyfriend first and see if its true and then if so,,,ask questions.
Avatar n tn I am having a serious problem with a rash that has turned into a wound like skin problem. It started Sunday a week ago. On Saturday I went swimming, took a spa, and steam, came home and worked for 4 hours, showered and went dancing. The next Sunday night I started to develop a rash on my scrotum. The rash looked like red dots and prickley to the touch. Went to the doctor on Monday, proscribed Nizoral powder. Got more uncomfortable and prickley feeling when clothes hit skin.
Avatar m tn Atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis) is believed to have a hereditary component, and often runs in families whose members also have hay fever and asthma. Itchy rash is particularly noticeable on face and scalp, neck, inside of elbows, behind knees, and buttocks, is the most common type. Dermatitis is often treated by glucocorticoid (a corticosteroid steroid) ointments, creams or lotions. They do not cure eczema, but are highly effective in controlling or suppressing symptoms in most cases.