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Avatar f tn You should continue to look for any new or changes in the nodule, any discharges or skin changes near the site. Hope this helped. Let us know if you have any other questions and keep us posted on your health. Best regards.
Avatar f tn Most nodules are benign. Nodules are commonly caused by Hashimoto's. Dry hair is a sign of hypothyroidism, commonly caused by Hashi. Swollen glands are a sign of Hashi, as are rashes, hives, dry skin, IBS, GERD, heartburn, depression, joint pain, foot pain, leg pain, low vitamins (especially D and B12), brain fog, fatigue, weight gain. Sometimes, Hashi can cause hyper symptoms such as shaky hands, anxiety, diarrhea, rapid heart rate, etc...
Avatar m tn A similar condition causing nodules under the skin is Schwannomas. This is also genetically linked. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else. Take care!
1253246 tn?1332076910 I also have latent TB and tested positive on a skin test 6 yrs ago.Could this be the cause of these nodules or does it have to be active tb first?
Avatar n tn My doctor sent me for tests and I was told that I have 2 or 3 nodules on my thyroid. The doctor said several years ago not to be concerned with them because they were small in size. This year I asked about them again and she told me not to worry about them. My question now is since I'm still having pain and it's now affecting my ear should I inquire about them again? I also believe I'm in early stage menopause.
Avatar n tn It is a generalized growth of thick nodules that started on her right foot. It looked like a skin-colored pimple (without the pus or fluid inside) that became thick, grew in size, it spread throughout both her legs to the knees and to both her arms ,and on the elbows. According to her, the growths are very very itchy, so she tends to scratch them. Over the year, the skin over these nodules became thick and became dark in color.
Avatar n tn It is a generalized growth of thick nodules that started on her right foot. It looked like a skin-colored pimple (without the pus or fluid inside) that became thick, grew in size, it spread throughout both her legs to the knees and to both her arms ,and on the elbows. According to her, the growths are very very itchy, so she tends to scratch them. Over the year, the skin over these nodules became thick and became dark in color.
1815074 tn?1318380626 My active 15 year old Dapple Gray TB mare has rainscald across her back and shoulders. Recently she has developed 2 small, solid, red nodules/lumps in close proximity to one another on the skin surface above her hip . They do not appear to be causing pain, discomfort or itchiness to her, however i am still concerned. I have tried betadine wash and quit-itch shampoo in hope that it would cure/minimise both conditions with no avail. Does anyone have any ideas about what it might be?
Avatar n tn my elderly rat terrier has several large long bumps dispersed throughout her body. They are like skin nodules ...and they sometimes bleed when scratched or nicked. they do not seem to hurt her though she sometimes bites the ones she can reach. what are they caused by? they are not bites and she is in otherwise good health.
Avatar n tn I'm a medical student and I cannot figure out what is going on with my husband's skin. He has several (20 and counting) subcutaneous nodules on various parts of his body. They are mostly located on his forearms, over his ribs on his anterior chest wall, and on his ischial tuberosities on his buttocks. Most of them are subcentimeter, but one on his ischial prominence is 2.5 cm.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I had an ultrasound scan on my neck. The consultant said that I had nodules, but they were nothing to worry about. Anyone know what this means, and what the treatment is likely to be?
633795 tn?1222736461 Hi there. breast nodules can both be benign and cancerous. This would depend on the appearance of the nodule on these imaging studies. Clues towards a cancer diagnosis would include a nodule with irregular gritty borders, or a nodule that is associated with a skin dimple. If the nodule has smooth edges, then it is likely that this is benign. However, if really equivocal, a biopsy may be necessary to determine the exact nature of this nodule.
Avatar f tn My neck for the last 3/4 months has been extremely enlarged and the doctor informs me it is thyroiditis. I have also had a ultrasound of my thyroid which has shown a few nodules 1cm in size. They tell me this is too small to perform a FNA so they aren't going to bother. I worry about this all the time. I am tired all the time, headaches, neck pain, loss of appetite, ache everywhere, I have problems with balance, I am forgetful, Itchy skin and depressed.
Avatar n tn I am a 27 year old male and had a TB skin test almost 3 years ago and it was positive, but I did nothing. Then I was going to get another TB test in August this year and I told them about the test I had 3 years ago. They said if it's positive, it will always be, so I didn't get another skin test. Rather, they only did an x-ray. It showed 2 thin nodules, 1 on each side. At that time, they could barely be seen and I was sent to a lung specialist.
Avatar f tn i have been told i have multiple calcified nodules all over my body and one attached to my thyroid.the nodules are under my skin and i am noticing more dr is trying to figure out what to do next...and am seeing a specialist about my thyroid nodule but am scared...can anyone help me please???Thanks....barbara......
Avatar n tn I have had a thyroid ultrasound. I originally had 2 benign nodules about 2 yrs. ago. Several months ago I had another ultrasound which showed that I had another small nodule, however, my thyroid bloodwork is normal.
Avatar n tn 2 months ago i started having difficulty swallowing solid food, went to dr, tsh is .01, t3 and 4 are high normal. had ultrasound, have 3 nodules, each are 4 centimeters. i have lost 40 lbs in 2 mos. only have left thyroid, right was removed in 93. would these 3 nodules cause the swallowing problems. had ged which showed nothing inside esophagus or stomach. i literally feel like i'm going to die, weak, anxiety attacks, dry skin, tremor.
Avatar n tn Let me answer your question this way: yes, you can still be hypothyroid even if your TSH comes back as "normal" (nodules or no nodules). There are two reasons for this: 1) The old TSH reference range was 0.5-5.0. Within the recent past, endocrinologists have adopted a new range, 0.3-3.0. Many labs and many doctors still have not accepted this new range. So, you have to get your actual TSH numbers to see if you really are normal.
Avatar n tn My family has a history of various thyroid diseases. I am a 49 year old female and two years ago I had a thyroid ultra sound and the doctor said I had a >1 cm nodule and several small ones. I had a biopsy on the 1 cm nodule and it came clean of any cancer. A year later I went in for another ultra sound and met with my doctor he said, "The thyroid looked inconsistent but he thought there were no nodules because of the inconsistency of the thyroid".
Avatar f tn I am a 29 yr old female. Three thyroid nodules were found in 2005. biopsy was benign. Now almost six years later i have six nodules, a repeat biopsy has never been done. had a thyroid scan that showed a small cold spot that was never mentioned to me. I got my records and found it. Labs have been relativly normal, T4 free has been low a few times. Since nodules have appeared i have gotten overweight no matter what i do. I have panic attacks for no reason. Skin is terriably dry. Loss of appitite.
1837563 tn?1339907400 So I called my doctors office and asked them what did my mammo say. She said they found two nodules, one in each breast, with Malignancy RULED OUT. I was crying and in a panic on the phone. Its like I was re-living my moms nightmare all over again! She told me not to worry. That MANY patients get call backs all the time. I guess they want me to come back so they can measure it and get a closer look with an ultrasound. I wont know until tomorrow morning. YES. i booked my appt for the next day!!!
Avatar f tn My question is now what? Can these nodules go down in size, and where do these nodules come from? Stress? Overindulging in something? I am fairly new to this "Thyroid Thing" so any help would be appreciated. By the way, I had no symptoms and actually went to see the doctor for a gallbladder issue. It was found on accident, I also have an ulcer- could all of these be related? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Has anyone else had any experience with the following Nodules on the REAR of the Thyroid Nodules which disappear after SIX weeks or so I am now doubting if there were any nodules there in the first place or if the first technician picked up some other swollen glands. Swollen Parathyroid perhaps? I know its wrong to second guess but I've had six weeks of dreading the biopsy with fears of cancer in my head. Now I don't know where I am and not sure how hard to push.
Avatar f tn I've got slightly below-normal thyroid hormones (particularly low T4), but fairly low TSH as well. I've just had an ultrasound scan that found nodules in my thyroid gland. I've read that having low thyroid hormones and low TSH as well is fairly common with lyme disease, but what about the nodules? Any suggestions on what I should ask at the endocrinologist appointment?
940391 tn?1255758976 Nicole I am no doctor - but I have done lots of research on Nodules - from what I have read - most lung nodules are benign. I would not worry - sounds like you doctor is right - beneign lung nodules - I also have many scattered nodules - and if these were going to kills me - I should be dead by now..........mine are also up to 7mm .... small nodules are almost always benign..........stop worrying and enjoy your life. Life is precious - we need to enjoy what we have ........
Avatar n tn I have woken up twice now in the last week with orange/slightly brown splodges on my hands that look a little like I've dropped fake tan on my hands (although I haven't used fake tan in months). These patches aren't changes in the colour of my skin but instead are more like a secretion as it washes off.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend has very small while nodules on her skin, she says this is the way way her skin is and she finds them normal. her skin looks and feels like the skin of a chicken. what is the cause of this, and can it be treated?
Avatar f tn The scan showed 5 lung nodules - one 1 1/2 inches in size. I believe this is classed as the more risky size. She has also had 3 cases of malignant melanomas on her skin in the last 10 years - most recent 5 years ago. I am very worried surely this is liked to pneumonia? She is booked for MRI next week.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have thyroid nodules, according to an ultrasound done recently, 4 of them, all small. I started with swollen thyroid and nausea, then started taking iodine, as per a skin test that showed I had low iodine. It helped for a while, but symptoms came back. Blood work shows tsh w/reflex to ft4 at 1.41, t4 at 10.4, t3 free at 2.7, and t3 total at 94.