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8793709 tn?1409594060 the shampoo actually does more harm than good for a babies hair and my kids have sensitive skin like me and I used that lotion on my face one day and it burned so bad had my face so red after washing it off immediately. That's when I decided it can be good in babies skin....Burt's bee's, honest, and aveeno baby are good, gentle baby products in my experience....
Avatar f tn Hmmm....well I have SUPER dry itchy skin myself. Some of it is psoriasis (dry flakes on the skin that build up and can be scratched off) but I do get it in my hair and it doesn't flake there. I use a prescription foam medication that clears it up within days. You would have to see a dermatologist to have that specific medication but a regular dr can diagnose if that's the problem. Also, my entire life I have had super dry skin.
Avatar f tn I was wondering wha brands (diapers, wipes, baby wash, bottles etc) some of the mothers are using?
Avatar m tn I have some vaseline body and face lotion for dry skin. My question is applying this lotion on my penis safe? I dont want to do any harm to the sensitive part, my glands. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Cold packs, anti-itch creams and lotion, or over-the-counter antihistamine medications may help provide relief. Pruritus or itchy skin may be due to dry skin, irritation, or infection. Moisturizing regularly may also help. If it persists, have this evaluated further by your doctor for proper management and to rule out other medical conditions such as diabetes, infection or hormone problems. A complete medical history and physical examination will help with the diagnosis.
Avatar m tn If the lotion helps, it could be eczema...which is a broad term for a skin irritation, like psoriasis. My children have eczema and when lotion wont take it away and it becomes reddened, I have to use a hydrocortisone cream. They have many brands over-the-counter, like Cortaid, that might help. Just don't use them for an extended period of time. Once the redness goes away, use an uncented lotion, like Curel intensive therapy for extra dry skin, after every shower.
Avatar n tn He seemed to think it was a type of acne and has given me minocycline. If I do have KP or chicken skin is this an effective medication? The bumps are very hard to squeeze and if they are squeezable a very small amount of white stuff comes out. which resembles a fine string. Any ideas? Diagnosis?
5649814 tn?1374828875 They Say That Bio Oil Is Really Good But I Just Use Any Kind With Extra Moisturizers Like Aloe Vera Lotion To Keep My Skin Moist I Have stretch Marks EverywHere As Well From My First 2 But Your Tummy Itches Because It Is Stretching. That Why You Have To Keep It Moist.
Avatar n tn HI, Dry skin is common and may result from the loss of moisture from the skin. You can use a non-soap cleanser and apply an emollient liberally and often, particularly after bathing. Try to avoid using strong deodorants that may add more harm. If it persists, a stronger prescription medication from your doctor may be indicated. Take care and keep us posted.
7122105 tn?1407103099 t like the lotion, it dried out my kids skin out bad, I love Aveeno lotions they work great and they have a really good steroid free lotion for eczema!
Avatar f tn Saw a post yesterday discussing exczema and the different otc medicines that can help but can't find it. Can anyone recommend any good brands and creams I can use on my 11month old. I already use aveeno ( blue top) body wash and oatmeal scrub and the hydrocortisone lotion that his doctor prescribed but nothing seems to be working , just looking for any suggestion ??
Avatar f tn Can anyone recommend a good stretch mark prevention lotion. I'm 18 weeks and my belly is pushing out and I want to not get stretch marks. All the help is appreciated.
Avatar n tn My baby boy is only a week old but he's has a rash on his arms and legs now. The only thing I've used on him was Johnson and Johnson baby lotion. I'm not too crazy about using it in him because of the fragrance but my husband seems to think it's okay and pretty mild to use on him. Have any of you moms had issues with the brand or is it just my imagination? I would like to try an organic brand if natural ingredients. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn About a month after I got the tattoo, when I wash the area (my ribcage) with soap it itchs like crazy and the skin is raised, like an outline of the tattoo. But when I just wash with water it is fine. Putting lotion on still somewhat helps, but it doesnt stop the itching. Can someone tell me what could be going on or what I can do to help stop it? Any info is helpful, thanks.
5222810 tn?1365348020 I have SLE and recently I started noticing after every shower my skin would feel like it is on fire and start itching uncontrollably. Legs, arms, chest, stomache everything is itching. I switched soaps many times, no relief. I imediately put on lots and lots of lotion, have tried several brands of those also. Nothing seems to help and it seems to be getting worse.
Avatar f tn s been severe for about 3 months. I use Dove bodywash, and i put lotion (target brand) on my legs whenever they feel dry so I don't think it's dry skin that's causing this. It gets so much worse after I shave my legs that I've considered not shaving them anymore. I can't wear pants for about an hour after I shower or the itching is absolutely unbearable. Is there a specific topical treatment I could use? Lotions, bodywashes, etc? Thank you so much for your input!
Avatar f tn Unfortunately there really isn't any preventing it although I use a Shea and cocoa butter lotion to help with dry skin and itching. It's a mix between hormones and genetics.
2020005 tn?1628125976 Wow this is concerning. I have always used Aveeno bath and lotion on my baby, her ped told me to since she has excema. I wouldn't know which brands to switch to as her skin is very sensitive to most other products I've tried. I've used it on her for all 9 months of her life, id hate to hear something like this!
Avatar n tn I am having this skin rashes around my lips and around my eyes. It looks white in coulour to me i had it for past 3 months. Actually i neglected it and like a month ago it went away but now it came back i dont know why it gets really really itchy and its spreading under my eyes and lips very fast.
Avatar f tn It doesn't matter.. But I like coconut oil better than lotion.
Avatar f tn Ive been using "cocoa butter lotion before and after pregnancy stretch marks" and it seemrd to work at first but now that im 8 months im getting stretch marks what else can I use im only 17 and want a prettty figure afterwards notna bunch of stretch marks lol