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Avatar n tn Can you elaborate on the appearance of the skin lesion? Diagnosis of a fungal infection would be through analysis of the skin scrapings under the microscope. It would be best to have it evaluated by a dermatologist to rule out other causes. Treatment of hyperpigmentation may include hydroquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid, ascorbic acid, tretinoin, topical glucocorticoids, and licorice extract. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Contact dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to something applied to the skin. Herpes infection, either a cold sore (Herpes simplex) or shingles. Most of the time shingles occupies a larger area than a cold sore, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Both of these should be treated with an antiviral medication. This is particularly true if the tip of the nose also has blisters.
Avatar n tn I am 28 years old lady .ihave lumb under the skin of my upper arm lower arm and thigh , that have no pain what indicate it .
Avatar f tn is this an infection? a small bump under the skin at jawline developed overnight to swollen painful glands, warm, itchy, painful, swollen lump, no fever, some tiredness. next day developed small bumps at this site, around 10, glands are less painful but still swollen. no sign of bite, no center as in a boil, just generalized pink blotchy look, but whole left jaw is still swollen and somewhat painful. the skin is not swollen and red like a bite or boil might be. it's more like under the skin.
Avatar m tn I have a bump under my skin on my left arm, about a centimeter large. It feels like a pebble. Also Have them in these locations. Right arm on the palm side, smaller then the one on my left arm, Something kind of like a pebble under my chin bone My right temple, theres a pebble feeling bump that moves around. the one on my right arm used to ache. not anymore. Should I be worried? is a dermatologist the right person to go to?
Avatar n tn I have a question and it is rather embarassing. I have very dry skin. I can't really afford to go to a dermatologist and if I could I'd be much to embarassed to show my face. I have under my arm pits skin irratation that I believe coems from the type of deodorant I use and scratching. The skin is breaking and it's showing the pink meat of my skin. I'm very embarssed to wear sleaveless or get undressed because of it.
Avatar f tn i have a lump under the skin of the vagina. it isnt on the lips its just under the skin. it is slightly swollen and very painful to touch. it doesnt hurt any other time.. just when something touches or puts pressure on it. I noticed it yesterday so its only been here for 2 days.. not sure if it is related to UTI or Kidney infection? i get kidney infections every couple months and never have any symptoms besides nausea and i never have any symptons for UTI's so i never know when to go in..
Avatar f tn in the last few weeks I have been noticing several lumps (about nickel sized) under the skin on the fleshy parts of my thighs. At first I thought it was just part of the uneven texture of the cellulite, then I noticed they were harder, like little knots. I then thought they might be bites of some sort (we live in the country and get all kinds of spiders and other creepy crawlies in the house at times), but they aren't going away or getting better or worse.
Avatar m tn the most where they occur is just behind the hair under the hair lining and my shoulder and my bum basically...where do they come from?.... Also ive notice where the spots grow its like if the hair hormone is blocked and its just starts building puss....i guess... pls help.....
Avatar f tn This may be a new cyst adjacent to the original cyst. If the cystic lesion that popped contained sterile fluid than it should become absorbed by the body usually without incident. If however the cyst was infected or inflamed it can cause an infection and may eventually abscess. Some abscess can become serious and cause septicemia (blood infection). In either case it would be best to have your cat examined by a vet in case it is the infectious type.
Avatar f tn This is the problem which is related to skin infection .You must take care of your skin by consulting it with skin specialist.
413769 tn?1231387224 I'm quite large chested and I've been noticing lately that the skin under my breasts has become slightly red (which isn't completely unusual for me) and with a unpleasant odour (which is rather strange.) I shower frequently but this seems to be a persistent issue. Could this just be a result of heat and sweat build up? Is there something I can do in terms of treatment at home?
1142551 tn?1264736930 I have a lot of lumps that hurt real bad under my skin on my lower legs. By sight its looks like red splotches and when you run your fingers over them you can feel the lump. And it hurts. However everytme this happens I usually go into flare up mode after. Which *****, cuz I hope this isnt where its headed.
Avatar n tn If the lumps are UNDER the skin as opposed to being IN the skin you should see your doctor. Swollen lymph nodes under the skin can signify serious problems. Take care of yourself.
Avatar n tn I am wondering why when I have a j/o session where a guy might be licking the side of my penis and does not put his mouth over the head of my **** and then brings me to orgasm using a new bottle of lubricant I get infections. They are usually right under the head of my penis, or at the tip of my urethra. When tests are done to find out what the infection is the test comes back unknown infection. What can I do to preveen this?
Avatar n tn Under-skin infection may be from staph or strep. Infection usually invades under the skin if there is any (even slight) skin injury, fissure If it was contact dermatitis (soap, new clothes or washing detergent), there wouldn't be under-skin fluid, I guess. It may help, if you check in google using "staph scrotum", "celullitis", "staphylococcus groin", "streptococcus groin" and related terms.
Avatar f tn Since my last c-section over 4 years ago i have suffered with the most unbearable itching under my skin around the scar and further up my abdomen. Its everyday but not all through the day. No matter what creams i use or how much i scratch nothing eases the itch (apart from maybe heat sometimes) for the first year i thought it had something to do with the recovery but after so long now i think it might be something more serious?
Avatar m tn What creates crawling sensation under skin around temple? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/518030'>mysterious crawling itchy skin</a>.
Avatar n tn It may also be complicated by superficial skin infection with yeast or bacteria. Redness and breaks in the skin may be observed. The area may also ooze or be sore or itchy. A bacterial, fungal, or viral infection may develop at the site of broken skin due to the inflammation. Regularly cleanse the affected area gently with mild soap substitutes and keep the areas dry and exposed to the air. If not, absorbent cotton or fabric, as well as absorbent powders, may help.
Avatar n tn Certain organisms that may otherwise normally colonize the body may turn opportunistic and cause infection. Minor cuts and irritation in the skin may encourage the spread of these organisms readily in the state of a suppressed immune system. Wound healing may also be affected.
Avatar f tn Tingling under vagina skin but no outbreaks!!!is this a sign of herpes?
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