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Avatar m tn Do you think a fungal infection of the skin 3 weeks after possible hiv exposure could be a warning sign of hiv infection?
Avatar n tn I am a type 1 diabetic and was given a 3 day thrush treatment from my Dr. This is the first time I have had thrush that I have had to go to the Dr to seek a Dr advice because it is extremely itchy and red on my vagina and on my inner thighs. The medication has been working but I am now concerned that the redness is not going away. Its been 1 week. How long should I wait before the redness goes away until I go back to the Dr?
Avatar f tn We have always had protected sec and the condom never broke, we did have oral sex but he only had pimples around his mouth (was never a blister filled with fluid) I was single for quite a bit and had an outbreak randomly, I experienced itching to the point of frustration, it would itch through the night constantly, I then found a split like raw thing on my genital area, it looked raw like the skin split.
Avatar f tn I seem to have a mystery infection. If I describe my symptoms perhaps someone could please help me determine whether this is simply a severe case of vaginal thrush and, if so, what I can do to get rid of it!!! • Initially very red, itchy skin in vaginal region. • 3 days later – ulcers appeared around ulcers appeared around area of entrance to vagina & on labia minora – extremely itchy and painful!!
Avatar f tn hi, it sounds 2 me like u may have a bad case of thrush and a urine track infection, thrush can come and go even if treated, its very itchy and sore, u may need an anitbiotic and def some cream to stop the itching and pain, hope this helps
Avatar m tn i dont know if it is my imagination, but i think i have two small (pinhead) size bumps i didn't have ( on the tip of my gllans) before, my partner has about a two weeks ago told me she had thrush infection so i have been puting cream on, i don't know if this could be the causse , but i am losing sleep.
Avatar m tn The infection cleared on the head but just below the head and on the folds of the foreskin the thrush keeps recurring and the skin becomes red sometimes. Since this was happening I got an HIV scare and got so stressed that I developed constipation and fissures. A month ago I also developed seborrheic dermatitis(head,face neck) which is very mild according to my dermatologist. I had dandruff and severe hairfall 3-4 years ago and now sport a shaven head and have had no dandruff since untill now.
Avatar f tn You could try takin probiotics they really help your good bacteria and fight off thrush. You can take 3 a day until the thrush is gone (say about 5 days) then 1 a day to keep thrush from returning. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Superficial means on the skin surface and Candida infection is a fungus that causes Thrush. As you have had no instructions, and your symptoms to be clearing, I agree with you that you should just stick to the 150mg single dose that you had yesterday. If there is no improvement after 7 days then you could take a second dose. Make sure that you have good hygiene and do not use soap. If you are able to get natural yogurt, applying that to the washed and gently dried genitals will also help.
Avatar f tn so i have thrush and tested hiv neg it should go away? Also if i have oral thrush and my kiss my partner she can get it too? We both should get treated at the same time?
Avatar n tn As for the thrush--Sometimes when a person takes too many antibiotics (if the child has been on any) they can kill off the good bacteria in the mouth as well as the bad, thus causing the thrush infection to grow. The more antibiotics you take for thrush, the worse it gets. Antifungal medication such as nystatin is usually a good medication to take. For children it comes in a liquidy solution that taste a lot like bananas. This medication is also called "swish and swallow".
Avatar n tn ve done seems to indicate the fungal infection and the yeast infection share similar sources. It is really itchy but no discharge or any other symptoms. Is it a yeast infection? Could i use the cortisoid cream given to me by my doctor to help the itch or? please help!
Avatar m tn Just looks like red skin within creases of skin....
Avatar f tn Ive then noticed in the last couple of weeks since that on my fore skin ive got these two itchy patches that are on my foreskin . the skin is like white shiny cloudy colour like fish skin . no blisters . I sent photos to a online dermatologist on a app and he said it looked like lichen sclerosis. Because of this encounter I had I'm freaking out about sti's Whenever ive had thrush before and freaked out ibe gone to GUM clinic and they have always told me its a fungal infection .
11129330 tn?1430878608 Thrush is a yeast infection yes can get thrush in your mouth and down below..if you have thrush in your mouth your tongue will be milky white and if you have down below itching and white discharge is the sign of it..its possible to have both at once...i know this coz i had such a job to get rid of it a few years ago..its nothing to worry about and wont cause any harm but should get treated..
Avatar m tn The more antibiotics you take the more likely it is that you will disturb the normal flora etc on the skin and so a fungal infection as a result of eliminating many of the natural bacteria is a possibility. I would just leave everything alone for the next few days and just let it all settle. Try to avoid re-examining etc yourself and just let it rest. If in a few days its still the same then a further visit may be necessary but hold on for a few days.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your help, the Canesten Cream that you mentioned should be applied to the entire head of the penis rite, also can i apply it on the outer skin as even the outer skin is crackin & there is a lot of itching on the head & outer skin of the penis.
Avatar f tn These medications can cause thrush by allowing the fungus to overgrow on the tongue. An oral thrush infection scrapes off and leaves a reddened area compared to a white coating from buildup of dead skin cells on the tongue when scraped with a tongue depressor .It is best to see a doctor and get the diagnosis confirmed. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn Hello, Thrush caused by Candida can cause not only oral thrush but also genital yeast infection. While receiving or giving oral sex, you are always at a risk of transmission of the fungal infection. Hence if your partner is having thrush then until he/ she gets completely cured, you should avoid any kind of intercourse. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn t really see anything on the top of my shaft below the head of my penis but my wife says there is skin there that if it gets wet the skin comes off and there is a smell does anybody have any clues?
Avatar f tn Hello, It can be due to thrush or yeast infection. Avoid intercourse till properly healed because your partner may get the yeast skin infection from you. The best tests involved in the diagnosis of candida are scrapping or swab examination of the scrapings after KOH mounting.The other test that can be done is fungal culture of the scrapings from the tongue of the vaginal swabs. Try to avoid wearing tight underwear and pants. Wear cotton underwear as much as possible and maintain proper hygiene.