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Avatar m tn I have a reoccurring cyst on my nose and it's very annoying. It's usually a small bump that's flesh coloured but every so often, it'll turn into a large red annoying bump. I'm just making sure this is just a cyst. Is there anything I can do to make it not do that, or make it go away completely? Also, I have a tube of Fucidin cream. Would it be safe to use on my nose? Or would getting benzoyl peroxide help more? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn Contact dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to something applied to the skin. Herpes infection, either a cold sore (Herpes simplex) or shingles. Most of the time shingles occupies a larger area than a cold sore, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Both of these should be treated with an antiviral medication. This is particularly true if the tip of the nose also has blisters.
Avatar n tn I had a condition like this and it had been affecting my nose for almost 2 years. The skin around my nose was flaky and dry and in the colder months, the skin around my most turned red. I went to my doctor so he could check things out and he took a sample of the skin around my nose to send it away for testing. When the results got back, I returned to my doctor to find out that i had a staff infection around my nose.
Avatar n tn Hello! I'm 14 year old boy. I have problems with my skin. I have an infection, but i don't know, what kind of infection it is. I have red spots on my face and in places these spots are surrounded by a small wall. Skin is sometimes dry (especially with some creams) and desquamates. Sometimes it's more ruddy and sometimes less. It's on my cheeks, nose and chin. I had it on my head too. Or i think, that it was the same. I had there red spots, but not anymore.
Avatar f tn Sounds like herpes and looks like herpes, believe it or not it can travel to skin on the nose and eyes mouth the face really. Do the research and see if it fits either of your situations. Good luck. Also, if it is near your shaving area, it could be folliculitis. It is infection in the folical area and shaving can cause it too form and you need a specific medication for it.
Avatar n tn The other end is thick and about twice as long, and peristalsis can be observed through the skin. They come out of my ear canals and the skin of my face (mostly in front of my cheekbones, jaw hinge and nose areas, (usually following a brief but intense blast of pain,) and look like tiny dark blue specks.
Avatar n tn Hello, Horizontal line on the nose can be due to hyperpigmentation of the skin due to excess deposition of melanin or due to atopic allergies which causes the individuals to push up the nose. Treatment involves hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment. Please discuss these options with your dermatologist before using them.
Avatar n tn it is most concentrated on either side of my nose (not just ON the sides of my nose but on the cheeks near my nose as well) and in between my eyes and in that immediate area of my forehead. could you please tell me what might be causing this and what i can do if anything to remedy this situation. thank you.
Avatar f tn If I understood correctly, he said there was some special kind of skin right where the skin of the nose meets the fur and that it's prone to bacterial infections... so the little spot was an infection. He said you can sometimes try to treat them with antibiotics, but it's generally not worth it. So... no nose cancer!! Yippee!!
451075 tn?1210258648 I forgot to initial HSV-1 outbreak was on my lip. Now I have occasional outbreaks on my lips, nose and hands.
Avatar n tn It could be a sinus infection. Do you have the symptoms of runny nose along with the sore throat? Even if you don't have rhinorrhea (runny nose) still could be sinus. Check the lymph node, if the swelling is less than an inch, then you needn't to see the doctor. See the skin colour above the lymph node, if the skin is red or pink, it means that the lymph node is loosing the battle against the infectious agent, you better get yourself checked then.
Avatar n tn I believe I have a fungal, ringworm type infection on my face in the nose area on sides of nose and the skin doctors I've seen so far seem to want to just pass it off as rosacea or dermatitis and I need to know how to get tested for this and get rid of it, as I have this now for 3yrs. and it is spreading and different cremes I've tried are not working, please help!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/467210'>Dermatitis Or Fungal Infection?</a>.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to get syphilis this way, and can syphilis live on intact skin (on hands), or does it die immediately like on other surfaces? I'm really freaking out and I don't want to somehow spread it to my family. Thanks to anyone who can help me.
7536698 tn?1391732481 I have had them for about a month. They do not itch. They are mostly on my upper lip by my nose and on my chin. The size is about a dime to quarter sized. Should I apply Neosporin or hydrocortisone? Is there some where I can post a picture?
Avatar f tn intermittent redness on tops of cheeks w/itchiness, intermittent dry red patches on forehead, intermittent redness on bridge of nose w/excessive oil production. Severe dandruff on his head, sideburns & beard. HIs face becomes aggravated after shavng and sometimes acts up just from washing w/water. Large amounts of dry skin in his ears. Also, 10-20 tiny whiteheads from his upper neck to his forehead. Most of these whiteheads form above his lips and on his cheeks.
Avatar f tn com/allergies/sinusitis-and-sinus-infection#1. Please update us on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn s itchy ing more not as red I have had cold sores before on lip but is this possible on nose tip I also googled and seen something could be herpes simplex and I could die I am so worried I put some Zovirax cream on it since I had it for lip so worried
Avatar n tn For about a year or so now I've had this dry skin on both sides of my nose. The dryness usually goes away after I shower and apply lotion. As of late it's been getting worse and showing up shortly after I apply the lotion and the skin is now staying an irritated red color. I have also noticed that it is spreading on one side onto my cheek. It does not itch, but is more irritating and embarrassing than anything. The skin feels rough-like to the touch and obviously dry.
Avatar n tn Last six months impetigo has been virtually un controllable around her mouth, nose etc. She is now on her third anti-biotic for impetigo. Have been to two dermatologists, general md. and infectious disease specialist in Boston. We have tried vinegar wraps, anti-bacterial soaps, prescription topical creams. Poor kid is miserable from condition and bad looking face....
Avatar n tn the infecting source causing enlargement of lymph nodes. The infection can be from the draining skin or the organs. You could see if any of the draining areas have any evidence of infection, like tonsils, the skin, tooth abscess or an ear infection. Infections like tuberculosis can cause lymphadenopathy. It would be worthwhile to see if other lymph groups are enlarged namely, axilla and groin, these can be palpated. If persisting consult your doctor for an evaluation.
Avatar f tn I have a irregular flat spot with an ice pick scar on the tip of my nose. It resulted as a removal from actinic keratosis from a Derm. I had a scab for about 3 wks that dislodged while taking a shower and made it bleed. I pushed the scab back into place and the healing was irregular. I went back to the Derm after 8 wks and showed him my skin had healed lumpy with an indentation. He repeated the procedure and now it's been another 8 wks but my skin isn't back to normal.
Avatar m tn asian men getting skin infection on nose dutring flu ? can anyone tell me why this is ? Im a westerner ,but I never heard or seen this until now. My friend has it and he's chinese. Is there a cure ? When I saw , I said to him -it looks like a very nasty sunburn , but he tried to convince me it related to his blocked nose during his flu sickness.
Avatar n tn Also, what are the risks of additional scarring? I am getting the procedure done on bumps on my nose. Here is my story: I plan to undergo electrocauterization on my nose soon. I have a few bumps on my nose, roughly 1 large one, 2 medium size ones, and 3 small size ones. At first, I believed this bumps were hypertrophic acne scars. I thought this because the bumps appear exactly on the same location where I had pimples.