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Avatar n tn Enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes is commonly caused by an acute infection. The infection could be in the genitourinary tract. There are times when even with resolution of infection, these lymph nodes remain enlarged. Other conditions that can present with enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes include lymphomas and carcinomas. It would be best to go back to your doctor for further evaluation. Take care.
Avatar n tn Decrease in tears, dryness of eye, conjunctivitis, palpebral edema, stye, lacrimal sac infection, eye strain, refractive errors of eye like near or far sightedness etc can all cause blurry vision. Consult an eye specialist. Commonest cause of dry skin and facial rash is acne. It can also be contact dermatitis due to some cosmetic, lotion, soap etc that you use. Stop the things that come in contact with facial skin one by one and see if there is any improvement. Consult a skin specialist.
Avatar n tn In that case, you must see an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) as soon as possible to make sure there is no viral infection of your eye. Impetigo, a bacterial infection, usually caused by Staph aureus. This infection is highly contagious and needs to be treated with antibiotics. And there are many others. I recommend a consultation with a dermatologist as soon as possible to determine the cause of your rash. Disclaimer: Dr.
Avatar n tn It is spread by skin to skin contact, however many people have no symptoms but their saliva is loaded with it. A researcher told me that one co-worker was asymptomatic, but whenever they wanted active virus for analysis they swabbed her mouth. First you should see a doc for a diagnosis to make sure that is what he has. Plus always see doc if something like that is located near the eye. It isn't easy to determine who your son could have got a skin issue from.
Avatar m tn I now have what appears to almost look like welts not right under the eye they are lower almost near the cheekbone and both eyes have a swollen type blotch and they feel like dry skin on top of the redness when you run your finger over them and it is itchy sometimes. The skin on my eyelid is also scaly dry and red and itchy.
Avatar f tn patches on my beige coloured Asian skin. The spot is like a random patch that was first visible under the right eye. I now see similar patches, near my mouth, one on my nose and may be other places on my chin and cheeks. No one else seems to notice them, its just me, Either I am completely freaked out or I am looking too close and seeing what others do not. Either ways, has anyone noticed similar condition? Does anyone know the VERY FIRST signs of Vitiligo. I am 34...
Avatar f tn my right is very dry especially near the tear gland region near the inner edge of the eyes),it doestn't produce any tears... i think that some serious infection is there, because i got lot of chemical irritation before... even when i cry of this, my left eye produce tears, but my right eye's inner edge region(near nose)doesn't produce any tears at all, only the outer edge of right eye produce some.
Avatar m tn My skin near rectal area is turning into red color and peeling off ,severe itching near the rectal area unable to sleep at night can i use terbicip (Terbinafine and Hydrochrolide Cream ) cream for my problem.
2110469 tn?1335291083 under my left eye hurts like near my cheek bone and im a hypercondria and im sceard its somthing bad like trigmanal nuarliga or somthing like that i dont know what it is reply if u can help thanks
Avatar n tn ve had mild irritation in my eyes. (The location seemed to be near the nose in the right eye, but has spread to the bottom of the right eye and now near the nose in my left.) I saw the opthamologist two days ago and he diagnosed punctate keratitis and seemed unconcerned. He gave me about 3 days worth of antibiotic drops (the name escapes me) which will be done tomorrow. I haven't noticed any improvement.
Avatar f tn Thank you for the advice. I used Gentamycin eye drops and hydrocortisone cream on the skin area which is about 1 inch or so under my eye. The swelling is not as bad as yesterday. I had the Gentamycin eye drops from after my surgery. This seems to reoccur and I don't know if allergies play a role or not. Also started taking an antihistamine.
Avatar f tn I am at my wits end. I have been getting eye infection after eye infection for over a year. At first I went to my regular doctor, then my optometrist and now an ophthalmologist. At first they were every 3-4 months, then monthly, and now they are occurring two weeks apart. Ophthalmologist thought it was my contacts but I've been wearing them for decades with no problems. I switched to dailys anyway and got an infection a week later.
788259 tn?1301588171 The 2nd day my face started to swell near my nose and progressed up toward my eye, just under the eye lid. It is also creeping down toward my neck, feeling a numbing and sometimes a tingling sensation as well as some itching on the skin. There is no rash but it is really painful. The doc seems to think I have shingles but can't be sure but he did give me an anti-viral. Do you think the doctor could be right?
Avatar m tn The dog is vaccinated so you can't get rabies. You can only get rabies if you are bitten by an animal who already has rabies. Just clean it up and put a little neosporin - antibiotic ointment - on it. Cat scratches are actually dirtier and more dangerous that dog claws.
Avatar f tn t in an office) he thought it was a skin infection. She has always been healthy. She is a manchester terrier mix. Can you please tell me what you think. Is it tumors?
Avatar m tn For a few years, I've had these small dry bumps on the skin beneath my eye like it shows in the picture. I also have some discoloration at the skin on the corner of my eye, where it's a bit pale and white. I'm mostly concerned about the bumps, but if someone has a suggestion for the discoloration too, I'm all ears. :) P.S. I wear glasses, if that's of any help!
Avatar m tn Also, I have had a problem with the skin in between my eyes at the top of the nose... sort of near the eye brows, just below them... kind of in the corner by the nose area. This has been red for a really long time.. sometimes I put hydrocordizone on it and it keeps it under control.... but it never goes away. If anyone has ever heard of these issues and could offer some help, I would be very grateful. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have these tiny hard granules just under my skin, I got one out with a sterilized needle and tweezers, it was white, hard as a rick and about the size of a grain of sand I have like a cluster of six on right eyelid below eyebrow and along the inside edge of my nose, and have about ten in same place on left eye...I don't have oily or dry skin, rarely wear make up, and never use lotion on my eyelids, they r extremely
Avatar m tn The kind of kisses we might give to a child or in your case a parent is so very unlikely to expose another person to sufficient live virus to infect someone else. Yes, if she was having an outbreak near her eye, she could also be shedding from her mouth but I doubt that you would get it that way. I hope this provides you with some reassurance.
Avatar m tn Pain this time was quite manageable. Looking at my eye in the mirror I can see that there are small flaps of skin (or conjunctivita - whatever the graft material is called!) hanging off the graft edge near some of the sutures on the bottom of the graft just under my botom eyelid. I'm just worried this might cause complications.
1010773 tn?1272011003 My skin is dry skin and frequently I have skin deceases. Major issue is fungal infection near my lips & legs. Is there any permanent solution on good tablets to solve this issue.
Avatar f tn The clorox bleach on the shelf fall down to my face and my eye...I washed my eye with the tab water like 15 minutes but my eyes are red...The eyes aee not plain and my vision is fine.How should I do?
Avatar m tn Basically a doctor told me I had some sort of eczema on my eyelid and I was to use some hydrocortonise cream. Of course being silly I decided to use it and soon noticed my eyelid started to change... I stopped using the cream and went back to the doctor to which he then told me to just moisturise and it just by fine. My eyelid still wasn't okay though....
Avatar m tn yes I do think it does look like a Vet needs to see this, its swollen, meaning there is an infection still there under the skin and its too close to the eye to fool around with any longer, if this infection should get into the eye he could well loose his sight.... he will probably just need an antibiotic and some eye drops...very inexpensive to treat now before it gets much worse. btw don't let any Vet talk you into injection antibiotics...
Avatar f tn Hi and thanks for using the forum. The redness around the anus is not uncommon and is not a sign of infection. If you are having pain, swelling, or drainage- these would be symptoms of infection. Hope this helps.