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Avatar m tn I know exactly what your going through because I am suffering from it as well I also have an appointment to see a dermatologist because I might have a skin infection can you please tell me what the names are of the medicine your using to treat it?
Avatar m tn Hi Scabies is not an STD . "Scabies is a transmissible ectoparasite skin infection characterized by superficial burrows, intense pruritus (itching) and secondary infection. The word scabies comes from the Latin word for "scratch" (scabere)." This means that scabies is caused by mites that burrow into the skin. The mites then cause an allergic reaction which leads to itching and redness. Source:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn I am confused what to do , I visited to one local doctor that doctor advised me to take few tablets and said its fungal infection. But when I visited another skin specialist doctor he said its not fungal infection but due to some unknown reason u r loosing hairs from that area so he suggested me two medicines to apply on that portion twice a day for a month and then I can see the result. i dont have the medicine names with me right now will post it later.
1516332 tn?1360765586 Okay...when I get in the car to go home, that's sometimes when my skin begins to itch very badly all over. it especially happens when I get home. it occurs mostly in my armpits, legs,and groin area, and under my breasts and on my arms. There are no rashes, or swelling, just itching, and pain where it itches. Also, sometimes my eyes begin to burn and water out of nowhere. *(this doesn't happen when my skin itches, it's just another things that's wrong with me.
Avatar f tn Hii Ladies,I recently got skin infection on my hips(butox) and Dr. Suggested me antibiotic for 10 days.The name is CEPHALEXIN 500 mg twice a day.Is this safe?? ..I am really worried.I am in pain these days.Not able to sit,stand or sleep.Plz help!!!
Avatar f tn Hii Ladies,I recently got skin infection on my hips(butox) and Dr. Suggested me antibiotic for 10 days.The name is CEPHALEXIN 500 mg twice a day.Is this safe?? ..I am really worried.I am in pain these days.Not able to sit,stand or sleep.Plz help!!!
Avatar n tn just went to doctor again dr. said i it is a skin infection. i am on ciprofloxacin 500 mg. he said could be because of low immune. that is me. im done . it will take six month to test positive without a doubt. i have never been sick before. it hiv, period.
Avatar n tn Rashes on skin are temporary conditions affecting athletes that can sometimes be a warning sign of a serious skin infection.
Avatar f tn I have some kind of skin infection on fingers of both hands. It appears to happen about the first joint of the finger. The skin becomes rough, red, scaly and hard and the skin peels away, making it raw underneath. It is quite unslightly.
Avatar n tn Can you elaborate on the appearance of the skin lesion? Diagnosis of a fungal infection would be through analysis of the skin scrapings under the microscope. It would be best to have it evaluated by a dermatologist to rule out other causes. Treatment of hyperpigmentation may include hydroquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid, ascorbic acid, tretinoin, topical glucocorticoids, and licorice extract. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn So i went to the doctor again because the bumps came back on my vagina, and he stated that i have a common skin infection that is common amoung men and women. I am still worrying even though i got the cream. There are 6 bumps and one of them is bigger than the others and it has white puss inside. I was wondering if it is a common skin condition?
Avatar m tn Skin conditions are tough. Doctors often forget to check for food allergies. This could be a gluten allergy. It could also be related to colitis, so if you have any intestinal symptoms, you need to get that checked out. Don't just let them give you an antiinflammatory cream to treat the symptom. Sometimes dermatologists are either lazy or clueless about food allergies and other causes of skin problems.
Avatar n tn Contact dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to something applied to the skin. Herpes infection, either a cold sore (Herpes simplex) or shingles. Most of the time shingles occupies a larger area than a cold sore, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Both of these should be treated with an antiviral medication. This is particularly true if the tip of the nose also has blisters.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, The real concern is at the time of exposure i had a DAMAGED SKIN / LIP.. so i am thinking that the damaged skin paved way for the virus / bacteria to get in to my system.. Awaiting your reply and keeping my fingers crossed to get the right diagnosis..
Avatar m tn 1. 6 yr old son fell ill with spiking fever of 104 deg and inflammation of lips, hospitalised for a week. 2. Still struggling with some kind of stomach problem, stool with mucous, e.coli urinary infection and loose stools for a month now. 3. Wife experienced nipple discharge for 6 m and also rash on her chest healed withiin a weeks time (suspecting i have infected during sex). Questions: 1. what is this infection i have acquired from the CSW.
Avatar m tn Hi- I have had what appears to be jock itch since about last July. I have used all of the over-the-counter medications known to man, the cremes, the powder sprays, everything. Finally, I decided to see a doctor and he prescribed a stronger creme that still has shown little results and I've been using it for almost 4 weeks. The creme is supposed to suppress the itching and burning and it seems like it almost makes it worse when I use it. Is it possible that this is something else?
Avatar m tn next morning swelling got away but some white-yellowish fluid was seen between foreskin and head, ,,,,,,,and also color of foreskin over head also became more 3 days, skin over the scrotum peeled off ..( no pain)......but i noticed that skin is peeling over foreskin also. and i cannot retract it also, because the foreskin cracks when i try to retract it, and the white liquid is still coming.....